Bobby Ryan signing or being traded from Anaheim?

Ryan made clear that he isn’t seeking to become the Ducks’ highest-paid forward. Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are both on five-year contract extensions with identical salary cap hits worth $5.325 million. Perry is scheduled to make $5.375,000 million in 2010-11; Getzlaf will make $5,125,000.

“Not even close,” Ryan said of seeking comparable or better salaries. “I completely understand that nobody makes more than Getzlaf and Perry . I have no problem with that. I never expected that. I know those are the two guys and we build from there.

“I also feel like in the past couple of years, I played in a position where I can be mentioned among them.”

As much as he wanted an extension done by now, Ryan said he anticipated that it could take a while and noted that Perry didn’t sign his deal until the first day of free agency in 2008.

“I knew it was going to be a process,” Ryan said. ”I knew that they went right down to the wire with Corey. In that sense I was prepared for that but you can never really be truly prepared for it. It’s tough when you don’t have any sense of security.”

If negotiations go beyond July 1, Ryan could become the target of a substantial offer sheet from a team with significant cap space that’s looking for an offensive upgrade. The Ducks went through that with Dustin Penner in the summer of 2007 and didn’t match Edmonton’s five-year, $21.25-million offer, taking several draft picks as compensation.

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  1. turdfergusson says:

       Sounds like he wants 20 million bucks for 4 years. They should give it to him. He's a pure goal scorer and he seems like a pretty nice guy.


       His market value could go toward rebuilding their cratered blueline. Either way, not a bad spot to be in. The Ducks have a bright future.

  2. broc says:

    Anaheim woyld be crazy not to lock up this guy, especially if he's asking for less than Perry and Getzlaf. He definitely deserves at least a Kessel-like contract… and they have the space.

    I say Ryan gets signed for 5.25 for 4 or 5 years.


    If they keep him.. imagine the line of Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry!! one of the best and all are still very young and locked into long term deals.. pretty sick

  4. inurface says:

    well… whats the hold upp!!!!!!!!

    y wouldnt they want perry locked upp!!!

    whos their gm anyways?

  5. Frank181 says:

    Didn't they have this line this year? and they missed the playoffs.

  6. mojo19 says:

    They did, but I think Richie Sexton was playing on the top line for a lot of the year. I think they need a different coach.

  7. Kev_Leafs says:

    They already have Ryan Perry locked up.

    They are trying to sign Bobby Ryan.

    The holdup is fitting his salary within the Ducks' internal salary cap.  In effect, they have to wait and see what Niedermayer and Selanne want to do, and look at the cost of their other RFAs.

    Their GM is Bob Murray.


    Ya but Ryan is still young, and Getzalf was injured this season.. I meant once these guys are mature and healthy

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