Bobby Ryan to Leafs? Not likely

Scoring winger and potential restricted free agent Bobby Ryan has heard the Maple Leafs trade rumours along with the rest of the National Hockey League.

But the former No. 2 pick overall of Brian Burke when both were in Anaheim says he is still resolved to paddling with the Ducks, despite lack of progress on a new multi-year contract.

“I know the Toronto one is … because of the Burke connection,” the 35-goal Ryan told the Orange County Register. ”I’d be very surprised if I were moved before I signed or before July 1.

“If I were traded, I know there’s places I’d like to go and places I wouldn’t like to go. That’s something that is still out of my hands. But if someone e-mails me another Toronto article, I’m going to lose it.”

Leafs sources say they are monitoring developments in Anaheim, but have had no direct talks.

In the OCR article, Ryan said he was “just kind of worried” at the lack of progress between his agents, Don Meehan and Mark Guy, and Ducks’ management. He assured he’s not seeking the same money as top scorers Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry , both on five-year contract extensions with yearly cap hits of $5.325 million US.

“I don’t want to force (management’s) hand and I don’t want them to force mine,” Ryan said. “I want to get it closed out before hand. There hasn’t been anything that’s gone in the right direction. But there’s no hostility.”

As for other deals this week, the Leafs and other clubs are waiting to see if Dale Tallon pulls down the walls with the Florida Panthers as he’s hinted.

Florida’s expected makeover with their new general manager has set the table for a week of enhanced trade speculation leading to the draft. Forward Nathan Horton’s agent has said he might well be dealt prior to his July 1 no trade kicking in and while Burke would love to land the 30-goal scorer to start the re-vamp of his offence in earnest, there will be other suitors.

17 Responses to Bobby Ryan to Leafs? Not likely

  1. KingVilly91 says:

    No more Scotty N !!!!!!

  2. Kev_Leafs says:

    I'm guessing there's money now to sign Ryan.

  3. number15 says:

    there was always money to sign Ryan…… problem was, the Ducks don't want to pay as much as he is asking for.

    now they also have to try for a puck moving d-man…… Kaberle maybe?

  4. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    Why would the Leafs trade Kaberle for Bobby Ryan? Kaberle is an amazing

    defenceman, one of the best in the league. Bobby Ryan is surrounded by 2
    amazing players in Perry and Getzlaf and still only puts up limited points.

    Screw Ryan we can get way better.

  5. Kev_Leafs says:

    I'm with you – Kaberle for nothing short of Crosby!  Even then, the Penguins should throw in their 1st round pick.

    Ryan has better offensive numbers than Kessel, but both are roughly equivalents except that Ryan is three inches taller and around thirty pounds heavier. 

    If I had to chose one of either Kessel or Ryan to have on my team – I would chose Ryan.  If it was possible to get both on the same team in exchange for a great defencemen one year away from UFA status, I would do it in a heartbeat.

    That being said, there won't be a straight up deal of Kaberle for Ryan.  Anaheim is not that stupid.

  6. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    Really? Did Anaheim not take Jason "No Pass" Blake and Vesa "I don't need to practice" Toskala with their hefty, immovable contracts for Giguere?

    Sounds like just the right trading partner for Burke to fleece. And with Scotty N retiring, what a void for Kaberle to fill.

    And lastly, are we not rich with lopsided deals where a former GM fleece's a former team?

  7. andy_beleafs says:

    Just bringing up an idea… Think Toronto and Ottawa would or even could work out some type of deal involving Spezza? Not saying I'd love him or his $7 mil per but there seems to be a lack  of scoring centermen around. Toronto's depth in D would surely be a part of this with Volchenkov on his way out. Also, I'm thinking of players not named Tomas. ideas? opinions?

  8. Kev_Leafs says:

    The Ducks are a money conscious team – they aren't as rich as the Leafs.  Giguere was owed one more year at a 7 million dollar price tag (despite a cap hit of only 6).  They had signed and were going to go with their younger goalie so that 7 million price tag was going to sit on the bench doing nothing.  Whereas Blake was owed 4 million over two years.  Blake – as a depth forward – plays around 12 minutes a night and might score the odd goal, so the Ducks would rather someone at 4 million a year to do something as opposed to a guy at 7 doing nothing, even if it means a total of 8 million dollars after two years.  These were two immovable contracts traded for each other because they fit the teams needs and the player's purposes.  Toskala was added because it evened off the salary (the end of Toskala's deal plus the remaining Blake salary for last season roughly equals what the Leafs paid Giguere last season), and this gave the Ducks a backup goaltender to sit on the bench, whom they then traded for a cheaper guy that was signed for beyond that year. 

    The only team that will add Kaberle to their roster is a team that thinks they can win the Cup next season, because Kaberle has only one year left on his deal before UFA.  If you seriously think that by trading away Ryan and getting Kaberle makes the Ducks a definite contender for the Stanley Cup in 2011/12 – then yeah, that deal would happen.  Except that is not the case.  In 2012/13 Kaberle would be gone from Anaheim and they would be without Ryan with nothing to show for it. 

    Let's not be so one dimensional.

    I can see why fans of other teams hold Leaf fans in such high esteem.  We are not all the same, trust me. 

  9. Leafland says:

    I really can't see Ottawa and Toronto doing a trade with each other, unless it was maybe picks or minor prospects.  But anything of substance, I highly doubt it.  Spezza is not coming here and Kaberle is not going there.  Brian Murray is probably still seething about last year's draft.

    Burke: You want Kadri?
    Murray: Yeah.
    Burke: Too bad, we're taking him.

    Pretty sure Murray wants nothing to do with Toronto.


    Finally a Leaf fan with some reality… nice to read… have you ever thought about switching to the dark side and cheering for the greatest NHL in history..the Habs.. (you know their Cup contenters next year  Lol)

  11. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    hahahaha true i remember that lmaoo

  12. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    are you stupid. habs are not gonna be a contender. won't be for the next 50 years. they are garbage. stupid toilet seat team, thinking they can win. you are just pure garbage.

  13. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    kev your a f4g bro honestly watta loser. not a real leaf fan. just a loser

  14. Kev_Leafs says:

    Your valuable insight is most appreciated.    What do you think of Finger for Ovechkin?  The Leafs would finally get rid of the overpaid defensemen that they rarely use, and they'd get that dynamic scoring forward that they covet.  It's a win-win situation!

  15. mojo19 says:

    Actually Kev is a good guy. And his breakdown of the Blake-Giguere swap is accurate.

    Also Bobby Ryan is a pimp, and don't get me wrong I love Tomas Kaberle and I wanna keep him, but of all the rumours out there the Ryan swap is the best option.


    Kulemin for Crosby??? Its all but a done deal… Luongo for Giguere… Komisarek for Pronger and Leno…


    thats funny, they were only 3 wins away from the Finals… how close were the Leafs??? in fact whens the last time they made the Conference Finals… Judging by the way silly comments you must be about 12 or 13… so I guess never…. don't worry I'm sure they'll win the Cup this season…. just dont bet your allowance on it…

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