Bobby's not done?

Flyers Notes | More moves likely are in the making

By Tim Panaccio

Inquirer Staff Writer

The sense around the Flyers yesterday afternoon was that another deal is coming. Maybe not right away, but coming.

General manager Bob Clarke continued to say that he’s open to talk, and that Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Eric Chouinard, and some of the other younger impact players are not available.

One source close to the situation said the Flyers would like to strengthen their defense and are looking at Buffalo’s Alexei Zhitnik and former Flyer Dmitry Yushkevich, who plays for the Los Angeles Kings.

Up front, they have general interest in Los Angeles’ Ziggy Palffy, San Jose’s Owen Nolan and Buffalo’s Miroslav Satan.

Yushkevich and Zhitnik could help on the power play, as could Palffy and Satan. Buffalo, however, can’t make any deals until the NHL lifts its trade embargo since the league is running the team. No one knows when that will happen.

“None of these guys are going to get moved yet, because it’s too early,” the source said. “There’s more interest with the Flyers on the back end.”

The NHL trade deadline is March 11.

Yushkevich has just one goal and is minus-16. He has no power-play goals. Zhitnik also has one goal, and is minus-1 and without a power-play goal. Satan has eight power-play goals and Palffy has seven. The Kings are trying to move Palffy and Yushkevich.

San Jose is open to move Nolan, who has 18 goals, six on the power play.

Somewhere down the line, one or two of these players could end up being a Flyer.

“If we are able to get somebody to help us without messing up our future, we’ll certainly do that,” Clarke said on Friday.

Be prepared.

39 Responses to Bobby's not done?

  1. WeStSiDe says:

    Big bad Philly wil choke in the Playoffs anyway.. Same as Ottawa.. Same thing over and over…

  2. mikster says:

    Yeah but Ottawa is still a young team that needs experience.

    Philly has quitters and chokers.

  3. calflyers says:

    Hey Flyers fans!

    Wanna read an article to make you sick?

    Adam Oates and ALL of those draft picks huh?

    (eyes rolling)

  4. mikster says:

    “If we are able to get somebody to help us without messing up our future, we’ll certainly do that,” Clarke said on Friday.

    Yeah but Clarkey…..the only thing you can trade is your future. Brendl was a smart move to get rid of….and i knew that all along as well.

    If you want Satan, then you must give up Gagne. It’s a fair deal. Satan is still 27 years old, not a high contract, and a proven scorer. Gagne is a few years younger and has been struggling. Buffalo would not accept anyone else but Gagne.

    I doubt the Sharks will move Nolan, he is their franchise player….yet again, if they would ship him to Philly, then they must at least get Gagne. They are trading their franchise player.

    Clarke will definitely make another trade, and maybe steal away Zhitnik from the Sabres since Reghier is not that good in making trades.

    Right now, the Flyers are not all that different from last season, Hitchcock has done just as much as Barber so far. The key will be in the playoffs.

    This is the best time for the East to win the Cup…the West is very beatable and no such forces in Colorado or even San Jose.

    I say go for it and risk for it Clarke.

  5. BWbullies says:

    Hitchcock is doing better then Barber. Barber had a healthy team.

  6. mikster says:

    Max will definitely be good.

  7. Tradedude says:

    Nolan a Shark, always a shark!

  8. mikster says:

    Please, don’t talk to me about injuries….Means squat. Leclair did squat last season too. Barber had a slumping team, but used Gagne wisely.

    I can’t think of many key injuries to the Flyers this season besides Leclair. Justin Williams is replacable, Gagne was doing ok as of late, but nothing flashy.

    Injuries are no excuse. Right now, coaching is not much of a difference asfar as points go. Also, Hitch has Esche, Barber had a slumping Boucher.

    I would like to see how the Flyers do when missing 3 d-men, Roenick, Leclair and whoever the best forechecker is on the team.

    When that happens, then you can tell me about injuries and i’d understand, but missing two three players is no big deal at all.

  9. Tony says:

    You can predict the future? Thats like saying Toronto will choke again when they play NJ again. Eventually both Philly and Ottawa will break out of their playoff slump.

  10. DuckyInAnnapolis says:

    Assuming Flyers can upgrade D with, say, Zhitnik, Schneider or another, why would you suppose that Buffalo would not accept Williams (who Buffalo’s doctors could easily certify) plus a 1st and 2nd?

    In fact, if Pitkanen’s agent keeps trying to hold a gun to Clarkie’s head, he could throw his rights into the trade as well, assuming the aforementioned D-man plus Woywitka arrives to complement the Flyers present defense.

    Maybe a bundle is best for both teams. Pitkanen’s rights, Willie and two picks for Satan & Zhitnik. Buffalo achieves the critical salary relief it desperately needs since Willie only makes $980,000/yr and Pitkanen’s value (both skills & fan draw are awesome) – plus his agent couldn’t expect Buffalo to pay an unreasonable signing bonus . Might be a truly great trade for both clubs.

  11. WeStSiDe says:

    Ottawa needs more Grit.. Philly seems better this year but unless they do a major shake up, they dont really have a leader to get them through the playoffs, and Chekmanek wont cut it in net..

  12. BWbullies says:

    First I was comparing him to Barber not the Ranger’s hell. They are about the same in points but with LeClair out deffinetly hurts. The team as a whole are playing a more sound game. Which will make a better playoff team.

  13. Nineball says:

    Philly would be fine right now if they wouldn’t have gotten rid of Ouellet

  14. calflyers says:

    while i still like williams (and Pitkanen), that *might* not be a bad “possible” scenario…

  15. sportside24 says:

    Gagne for Satan is an equal trade what would be the point???? Both young and talented…

  16. titans says:

    Let me tell you all who the Flyers are gonna get…MATHIEU SCHNEIDER!!

    Thats right! Clarkey is apparently working hard is order to get this deal done according to the LA Times. Supposidly they’re willing to give up Marcus Rangardson and a first rounder.

  17. mikster says:

    Nope, i would not do that trade. Williams has to prove more…he is just a pretty good 2nd liner, but 3rd is his place. I’d trade Zhitnik straight up for Pitkanen in a flash though, sure.

  18. mikster says:

    Right, that’s my point, but Flyers fans don’t think Satan is worth Gagne.

  19. mikster says:

    Schneider is an ok fit….but i never liked him on the Rangers. He is good on the PP, but on even strength he doesn’t do much at all at both ends of the ice. Plus, he takes stupid penalties.

  20. calflyers says:

    i dunno about that

    pitkanen is “supposed” to be a “10-15 goal, 40-50 assist” kind of “D-man” in a few years…

    i would like Zhitnik, but not at that price…

  21. allenbo says:

    The Flyers are certainly not going for anyone else on their offense. They are going for D now. Leclair, Recchi, Roenick, Primeau, Kapanen, Gagne and the Bash Line of Handzus, Somik, and Brashear is all they are going to need going into the playoffs. Lets not forget Chouinard and consistent Marty Murray with toughguy Fedoruk for their fourth line. Right there is experienced veterans and young fast impressive talent. All that and picture Williams healthy. That is a great team, and now that they have a proven playoff coach, the choking years are over my friend. They are missing one more piece and that is a guy like Alexi Zhitnik. Hopefully it will come. If you noticed two things also, Cechmanek has been on tear and Lindros sucks! What happened to him, the so called next Gretzky, with the complete package. His best years were in Philly and will always will be. Go Flyguys!

  22. phillyflyers97 says:

    If we were to trade anyone it would have to be marcus ragnarsson. hes a ufa and he just has not impressed me. he has just gotten his first goal for the flyers and i think has some thing like 4 assists and those were one of the two reasons he was brought over here. the other reason was for the penalty kill and it started doing well with out when he was injured. so how bout this one

    marcus ragnarsson and 3 rounder – Dmitry Yushkevich

  23. titans says:

    He’d be our best d-man by far!

  24. CrackerZack says:

    He’s not. Gagne is barely 22, Satan will be 29 in october. Gagne’s potential is limitless. He is the franchise. You can’t give up on him after one poor season especially since it has been injury riddled. Satan is a good player on a horrible team, he is their go to guy. How will he perform with a roster full of stars? Its hard to say, and its a risk, especially since he is a restricted free agent next year. Thats a lot of cash for the Flyers to potentially pick up, especially with the CBA in 2004 and an impending strike.

  25. calflyers says:

    i almost wept when i read that article

    we need a “Brodeur”

  26. calflyers says:

    i almost wept when i read how well “Max” was doing

    we need a “Brodeur” of our own…

    i think if we signed Cujo a few years ago (instead of the “Beez”, we would *maybe* have gone further than we did

  27. calflyers says:

    i almost wept when i read how well “Max” was doing

    we need a “Brodeur” of our own…

    i think if we signed Cujo a few years ago (instead of the “Beez”, we would *maybe* have gone further than we did

  28. calflyers says:

    sorry about the “extra” replies!

    this website “acts wierd” sometimes

  29. orangestreak73 says:

    “…be prepared.”

    More like “be afraid, be very afraid.”

    I myself am scared about who we’re gonna trade for our cup run…

  30. Aetherial says:

    Keep it up moron; losing to a better team is NOT a choke.

    Scoring 2 goals in an entire playoff series IS a choke as is getting knocked out in the first round, what 4 out of 5 years or something?

    Being a better team all season and still getting beaten by the same team like 3 years in a row, including a 4-game sweep, is a choke!

  31. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, If I was philly I would not make that deal.

    It would be like Colaiacovo straight-up for Zhitnik. Too much future for not enough present!

  32. Aetherial says:

    What article?

  33. Aetherial says:

    Really? I would rate him right up there beside Eric Desjardins in terms of ability and even style of game.

    He may be a good addition but at 3+ mil you are starting to stretch the budget (what does Ragnarson make?). I think the money would be better spent on a grit/character defenseman… Yushkevic would be a fantastic addition to the Flyers…

    All heart in the playoffs and does what the coach says. Leaf fans know this!

  34. Aetherial says:

    As near as I can tell, the difference from last year is

    Add: LeClair and Kapanen

    Take away: Oates

    Do you think that is enough to drastically improve on TWO goals in a series?

    (did Leclair play in last year’s playoffs?)

  35. Aetherial says:

    Yushkevic is worth more than Schneider.

    I doubt LA would do this deal.

  36. allenbo says:

    Well if you notice, we have a new coach, a big part of this year who is a playoff coach. They may be one of the biggest differences. Second, that bum Dopita is gone and Handzus who has been all but a hero for this team makes them 100 percent stronger down the middle. Also Somik is a very great addition. Our defense is excellent this year, way better than last. We are second in the league in goals against average. We have a system this year so yeah there is a huge difference from this year to last. You didnt know this?

  37. Aetherial says:

    You were specifically speaking adressing your team’s offensive ability. Yes, you have a new coach… one who strongly advocates a defense-first game.

    I am not saying Philadelphia *won’t* win. In fact, I have more consistently supported Philadelphia than most Flyer fans here. I only pick on them when a Flyer fan bashes the Leafs.

    What I am saying is that your *evidence* of the offense being in place is questionable at best. The Flyers are not suddenly shoe-ins. There is much room for improvement there.

    My comment was also made on your original post NOT your enhanced reasons. I agree with *some* of your additional reasoning, and yes I know those things.

    The biggest arguement though, in the Flyers favor, is simply the knowledge that last year’s meltdown was NOT talent related. They had the talent to do much better. It was lack of leadership, lack of coaching and lack of heart. It is reasonable to expect this year to be different. THAT should have been your arguement.

    They will not win a cup anyway as long as Cechmanek is their goalie and Primeau is their captain (is he?). I don’t care what Flyer fans say. Come playoff time there will be at least one occassion where everyone is forced to admit that Cechmanek isn’t going to do it for you!

  38. allenbo says:

    Well, we had eachother a littel confused but as far as your Primeau comment. I think you need to know more about this guy before criticizing. I live just outside Philadelphia. This guy is a leader whether people elsewhere want to believe it or not. As a captain, your stats are not what counts. It is how you play the game night in and night out. This guy puts 110 percent into his game every night and plays on every specialty team they have and does his job. He wins all his faceoffs, especially in important situations. All those rumors of lockerooom problems are over. He was just interviewed about he locker room situation and he said and I quote”the locker room feeling right now is unbelievable, the best its been and will carry us into the postseason.” He is looked up to by the younger players who he takes on by himself to encourage. He rooms with Justin Williams on the road and has broke him into the NHL very nicely. Teams have been asking all about Williams, but too bad he will be a Flyer for a long time. Just cause the big man #25 does not get the publicity Sakic, Yzerman, or your Madano get does not mean he isnt a leader, because truth is he leads by example. He doesnt look at his stats or who they are playing, he just is vocal on the ice, does what he has to when he is asked to. As for Cechmanek, he hasnt proven himself yet but there have been times where he looks like the man he served as backup for, Dominik Hasek. Lately, he has been standing on top of his head. We will see what happens, but I have faith in the Roman Empire. Quick note:If the season ended now, we would be playing your Maple Leafs and I would have to say it would be a battle of a series!

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