Bondra a Sen!

The Ottawa Senators have aquired RW Peter Bondra from the Washington Capitals in exchange for center Brooks Laich and a second-round selection in the 2005 Entry Draft.My take is Ottawa wanted a big name to help them come playoffs. The guy is 36, he may be around a couple more years. Brooks Laich is a very hard working player who could develop into a very strong player.

Bondra leads the Capitals in points (825), goals (472), power-play goals (137), game-winning goals (73), shorthanded goals (32) and hat tricks (19)(

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  1. OldNord says:

    Bondra has one year left at his contract with the option the Sens decided to pick at about 4.5/5M. Lang’s contract is worthing 15 M for three more years.

  2. spazmainia13 says:

    i’m sorry but i don’t think Domi and decent hands belong in the same sentence, well maybe hands but not decent, well maybe not hands, maybe just leave that part out alltogether, maybe just like…

    Domi’s a classic goon with you’d fucking love him if he was suiting up for you every night.

    yeah thats more like it

    that last part is true though.

  3. spazmainia13 says:

    Whoa Stretch, cool it with the whole “Damn” thing.

    geeze, thought you were about to loose it

  4. spazmainia13 says:

    yeah i can’t spell, freakin grade 8 educations!!!

    lucky bastards with their damn grade 8’s

  5. spazmainia13 says:

    I think he’s commenting on their inability to adapt, not the fact that they won all those cups.

    and not to really try and start anything, but you wouldn’t happen to be a fan of the Leafs would you?

  6. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I think the East winning both the Skills Competition and the All-Star game was a sign of things to come, especially since Sakic scored 3 of their 4 goals.

  7. wayne2 says:

    Once Varada,Fisher and Volchenkov are back,they

    wont need another ”legit” gritty forward or defensemen.Remember what made the difference

    2 years ago against the leafs is when they lost Chara and Fisher to injuries.

  8. wayne2 says:

    Funny cause this is the exact same line-up i hope


  9. nocuphere says:

    You know what I meant. haha. I meant he’s got decent scoring hands for a tough guy.

  10. Killa_Bs says:

    I just hope that the fun won’t happen against the Bruins. If the Bruins fail to win the cup I wouldn’t be too mad if the Senators won it. It would be nice if a team won the cup because of offensive talent, like the Oilers and Penguins back in the days, instead of good defense like the boring (yet effective NJ Devils).

  11. mojo19 says:

    yeah, you tell those bastards. always with the same jokes. tribalphoenix way to tell ’em.

  12. sensman99 says:

    Oh yeah! what a steal for Ottawa! Great trade, as even if Brooks Laich has lots of potential to play in the NHL, he wouldn’t have made it with Ottawa. Muckler’s said that Bondra won’t be a rental, and he could have a decent four years in Ottawa. This is the deal that could help a team win the Cup.

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