BONDRA GOES TO ATLANTA. Where is Kovalchuk?

Well the news came in about Bondra and other reports say Atlanta isn’t even close with Kovalchuk soon. Bondra is a great add for Atlanta who is now still turning into a contender this year. The main question is…. Where is Kovalchuk? Trade? or will he hit wavier’s after October 5th? Only about 6 million left on the budget in Atlanta.

Who get’s him and how?

New York Ranger Rumors continue.So Atlanta now has.. Hossa, Holik, De Vries, one of the Kozlov’s, Mellanby, Bondra, Savard. which heads up the bill left for Atlanta… which is over 33 Million depending on the contract that Bondra Signed.

So that leaves about 6 million for Kovalchuck who wants 7 and has reportedly rejected a 6 million contract already.

That doesn’t mean Atlanta can’t trim the payroll with trading a few people if they have to. but who will they trade in order to obtain enough money to sign Kovalchuk, that other teams will want?

We all know of the rumor, which was most likely started by Larry Brooks and thrown all over the Internet that the Rangers would offer a big contract to get Kovalchuk with a chance to sign him and give away first round picks for a couple years. But now it seems like it’s do or die time for the Rangers to make something happen. If they offer the contract now it put’s a lot of Pressure on Atlanta to get something done and if they don’t Kovalchuck will be Broadway bound. But if something isn’t offered they still have a great chance to nab him off wavier’s and give nothing up. Which sounds a lot better to me as a Ranger fan.

Of corse there might be a deal Atlanta has going that we haven’t heard of, and since I’m not sure of the rules that go with picking up players off waivers I don’t even know who would be able to pick him up out of all of the NHL teams first. So if anyone has the info please post it and help us out. Thanks.