BONDRA GOES TO ATLANTA. Where is Kovalchuk?

Well the news came in about Bondra and other reports say Atlanta isn’t even close with Kovalchuk soon. Bondra is a great add for Atlanta who is now still turning into a contender this year. The main question is…. Where is Kovalchuk? Trade? or will he hit wavier’s after October 5th? Only about 6 million left on the budget in Atlanta.

Who get’s him and how?

New York Ranger Rumors continue.So Atlanta now has.. Hossa, Holik, De Vries, one of the Kozlov’s, Mellanby, Bondra, Savard. which heads up the bill left for Atlanta… which is over 33 Million depending on the contract that Bondra Signed.

So that leaves about 6 million for Kovalchuck who wants 7 and has reportedly rejected a 6 million contract already.

That doesn’t mean Atlanta can’t trim the payroll with trading a few people if they have to. but who will they trade in order to obtain enough money to sign Kovalchuk, that other teams will want?

We all know of the rumor, which was most likely started by Larry Brooks and thrown all over the Internet that the Rangers would offer a big contract to get Kovalchuk with a chance to sign him and give away first round picks for a couple years. But now it seems like it’s do or die time for the Rangers to make something happen. If they offer the contract now it put’s a lot of Pressure on Atlanta to get something done and if they don’t Kovalchuck will be Broadway bound. But if something isn’t offered they still have a great chance to nab him off wavier’s and give nothing up. Which sounds a lot better to me as a Ranger fan.

Of corse there might be a deal Atlanta has going that we haven’t heard of, and since I’m not sure of the rules that go with picking up players off waivers I don’t even know who would be able to pick him up out of all of the NHL teams first. So if anyone has the info please post it and help us out. Thanks.

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  1. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Your team didn’t even make the playoffs last year, yet they’re going to win the cup with the addition of Pronger and Peca. You’re all about best case scenario for your team, worst case for everyone else that doesnt’ wear an Oiler jersey.

    Right…. who’s delusional? If there’s any western Canadian team that will win the cup it’s the Flames, who are far superior to your Oilers.

  2. WeedIan says:

    The only reason Kovalchuck hasn’t been picked up is because fo the way the system is now with rewarding compenstation for restricted Free Agents.

    I know that the old system didn’t work well you sign a RFA like St. Louis did with Brendan Shannahan and end up giving up a HOF D-man in Scott Stevens as Compensation.

    But now you have to give up liek 4 1st rounders for a Super Star liek Kovalchuck which is nothing your 4 first rounders could turn out to be 4 Todd Warriners.

    There needs to eb a middle of the road to the compensation.

  3. FLAMESOWNU says:

    I agree it’s a horrible trade for Atlanta…but what kind of hockey fan hasn’t heard of Ales Hemsky?

  4. FLAMESOWNU says:

    haha Toronto wont be 4th…

  5. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Toronto wont be 4th..

  6. FLAMESOWNU says:

    disregard this

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    Never say never, it’s happened before.

  8. GretzNYR99 says:

    A lot of fans in American markets that don’t get to watch Edmonton…

    I hope that’s sarcasm on your part.

  9. FLAMESOWNU says:

    horrible deal

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    They made it the WCF in 01, lost to the eventual Stanley Cup winning Colorado Avalanche… there was NO team that was going to beat Colorado that year.


  11. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’m not questioning you, I’m questioning everything in general, because of fans like us to a certain extent, Brooks has a bad rap. Can I blame you for taking shots at him? There is no way in this world that would be humanly possible for me to do. All I’m saying is that like you said, it was a suggestion, so let’s not bash his credibility here when all he’s done is suggest something. Isn’t that apart of freedoms of speech and of the press? At least it’s not an Al Strachan rumor that has Forsberg going to the Leafs for Aki Berg, Darcy Tucker, Wade Belak, and a first rounder. This suggestion makes sense. He’s a young elite forward talent, something the Rangers do not have on the mothership or in the farm system.

    Once again, I will refer to times in the past where I’ve called you out as the only person with any bit of Thrasher knowledge on this site, and it’s true. But in different cities, people say things differently to keep things under control. If Waddell were to go around saying that we’re nowhere close to striking a deal with Kovalchuk, it would give the green light for another team, persay the Rangers, to jump on in and strike one. It’s a chess game, and everyone from the player, his agent, the gm, the team, the beat writers, and the fans are all the pawns.

    Who knows where this will go, he could end up playing in Russia for the year.

  12. WeedIan says:

    I was pretty close though 😀


    Wasn’t that the year that Brent Johson went Ape Shit?

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yes, the year after Turek went medieval and won 40 games.

    Wait… Roman Turek won 40 games?!?!?

  14. Sands says:

    thanks man I don’t care who writes more. This is like my first article this year.

  15. cwthrash says:

    My thinking is that if a team wanted to go after him, and were willing to give up the draft picks, they already would have.

    It’s not really a stretch to say that he’s gonna be paid good money regardless of where he plays. $5M/year average cap hit, and that’s probably on the low end. Elite talent or not, that’s a hefty price to pay. Not only does the team tack on a big price tag towards their cap, but they give up four top picks (picks that can play cheaply for many years before they’re able to go after a bigger contract). In the cap world of today, that’s huge. You need those young and cheap players, even if they don’t turn out to be stars or above-average players.

    That’s why teams aren’t going after these RFAs. Even if Atlanta is really having troubles in getting him signed, every other team knows they will have to pay a lofty price regardless. That light is gonna stay red, whether the Thrashers are having trouble here or not. In that regard, the media impression is not nearly as big. When I talked about “playing the game” in the media, I was referring to the player and/or agent vs. the team.

    Fair enough about Brooks. For this, his credibility shouldn’t be an issue. He made a suggestion, that was the extent of it. I’m all up for blaming the fans and their runaway imaginations; they took the suggestion and morphed it into something entirely different.

    Even though this quote doesn’t fit exactly here (as it was clearly a suggestion and not a lie), the underlying premise of it seems approriate;

    “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on “.

    He could end up staying in Russia, always a possibility. Maybe there’s something that we couldn’t know about that will keep him over there. Impossible to tell. But call me skeptical, I don’t find it too convincing when most or all of the rumors about him wanting to stay in Russia came from poorly translated articles and/or articles with mis-quotes that were quickly and emphatically corrected the next day. At least the info I’m basing my opinion on has some actual meat to it. That’s probably what’s gotten me the most upset about all this. Suggestions and information that never existed are given more credibility than real and actual info (albeit a small amount).

    As I said initially, it doesn’t surprise me. It’s more fun for people to indulge in speculation, even if it has little or no substance.

  16. mcpickl says:

    youre fired as Atlantas GM

  17. mcpickl says:

    because Atlanta doesnt want to be stuck with Jagrs odious contract.

  18. mcpickl says:

    because Atlanta would match. so why bother?

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    I can’t argue your thinking on it, simple logic. The way I look at it is that someone could be waiting to strike to see if Atlanta has a final offer so that if he doesn’t sign with them, they don’t have to offer him the cap max to get him away, being that Atlanta wouldn’t match if they couldn’t meet a deal with him in the first place.

    Normally, I agree with you on the RFA stance. The reason why I think the Rangers should go after him as I mentioned that they have no young top-end talent in their system or on the team at forward.

  20. cwthrash says:

    Waddell has been known to stretch the truth when he talks to the media (few times he’s downright lied trying to deflect some attention, worked too). So I take everything he says with a grain of salt. But when he said that he offered Kovalchuk the biggest deal that any player coming out of his first contract had been offered, I believe that. Too easy to be proven wrong if he’s lying.

    That contract isn’t at the cap max, but it sure as hell isn’t too far away from it. There’s not a whole lot higher that a team could go, and that’s assuming they have the money/cap space to do so. Pile on 4 first rounders, and it just isn’t worth it. And next season there will be quality RFAs available if a team is still interested in that route. Maybe not as talented as Kovalchuk, but still very good players that don’t cost as much and won’t take away as many draft picks. He’s not the only one out there that can help a team. Atlanta feels he is worth this investment, though that and a couple other contracts might hurt them in a year or two.

    I think of it as picking your spots. While he is attractive to every team, I don’t think they see the situation as optimal right now given all the cir*****stances. It is a tough call, and it will probably be a few years before we can see who had the best strategy in all this. But right now, I’m thinking this is the way the GMs look at it.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    they’ll be splitting it with Washington.

  22. Kamakaze says:

    Between the cash it would take to sign him, AND the picks, compensation, or players they would need to trade for him, the cost is one that very few, if any teams, could give up.

    Seems to me that the only real way out of this one is for Kovalchuk to just take what Atlanta is giving him. If they decide to trade him afterwards, thats one thing, but he will probably sign with them.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    Old Man Desjardins is not that fast, the other 3 can skate better, but Hatcher and Rathje will get caught flatfooted a lot in this day and age.

  24. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    And LeClair and Amonte got you to the playoffs

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