Bonk not long for Ottawa?

According to The Fourth the Ottawa Senators are shopping star forward Radek Bonk around the league. Apparently the Sens. are unhappy with Bonk’s production after winning a two year 6.7 million dollar contract in arbitration last year.

Sources of TFP say the Isles, Rangers, Kings, Phoenix, Calgary and the Blue Jackets which had three scouts at the Senators game against Montreal last night.

So what do you think it would take to get a forward of Bonk’s caliber? What teams do you believe are really in the running? I gotta believe Bonk’s most likely destination is Los Angeles. They are a star forward away from being a team that can compete for it all, and they have to know it.

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  1. Fleury_14 says:

    calgary needs a shakeup so how about:

    To calgary: Radek Bonk, Chris Phillips/karel Rachunek

    To Ottawa: Rob Neidermeyer, Petr Buzek and Oleg Saprykin

    Bonk and phillps are around $4,500,000 but dumping savards sallary could even it out. Bonk and Rachunek would be a good trade salary wise and either player would be good for the flames.

  2. pantherboy says:

    Thats a little not fair to me. neidemeyer, buzek, and Sapriykin are not even worth Bonk alone.

  3. pantherboy says:

    This is old news that Bonk is being shopped. There have been rumors of him leaving Ottawa for a good 2 years now. I really don’t see the Sens trading him though.

  4. rojoke says:

    A little unfair? How drunk will you have to get Muckler to have sign off on this deal. Saprykin is an legend in his own mind, but no one else’s. Niedermayer hasn’t scored since junior, and Buzek’s a third or fourth defenseman, at best.

  5. NYRfan78 says:

    Between trade ideas like this, and the grades the Canucks were given, all I can say is talk about bias.

  6. amok says:

    Big difference is he’s making more money now. The Sens would need a center back..

  7. amok says:

    The Flames are going to have a hard time peddling any of those players away on anyone, let alone for any of the guys mentioned heading out of Ottawa.

  8. McCabe_24 says:

    Send him to Atlanta with all the other teams rejected players ( savard, dafoe, smehlik, mceachern, kozlov ) and see what happens. He may click again with McEachern. Maybe a center for Heatley and Kovalchuk?

  9. mikster says:

    Isn’t Bonk mostly a defensive forward? I always thought he basically was a 2-way forward who does better back-checking and PK than PP and offense.

    Anyway, why on earth would the Rangers try and get another center??? Rangers are in desperate need to get Lindros and Bure going. Their offense (mainly PP) is just losing games by not scoring. The defense is OK, but can’t play a perfect 60 minutes…

    They need offense!!!! Messier is leading this team in offense as 3rd line center with Barnaby and Samuelsson. This is not making sense at all.

  10. Kingsfan1 says:

    L.A. would be a good fit for Bonk, we could use a solid second line center and have enough depth to pull a decent deal off. The Kings are loaded in the minors and have 2 first round picks in the next draft which is the deepest in a while, maybe through in E Belanger or Smolinski and maybe Vishnovski and a minor leagure and pick and get Bonk and a Dman don’t know what else they might offer.

  11. JohnFlan22 says:

    I don’t see how the isles would be looking at Bonk at all since he’d basically be the third line center. I dont see the isles shipping off either Peca or Yashin any time soon. If anything the isles where simply scouting Ottawa as a team since they get the shit beat out of them every time the play them 🙂 or how bout dis: Jason Wiemer for Marian Hossa! Woohooo!!!! say you saw it here first! Gonna happen…. Ohhh Yeeeah.

  12. meetak says:

    It’ll take a really good deal to make them move Bonk.Ottawa has no pressing need to trade at any forward position, except to find a spot on the roster for Spezza, and they would probably just move someone into the press box instead of taking a less than ideal trade.Given the frequency of injuries in the league, whoever they “bench” might be back in no time.

    The Ryan Smyth rumors might have some credence, at least on Ottawa’s side, as he is the caliber of player that they’d be looking for in return for Bonk, and would also be a good fit salary wise.I like the look of a Bonk/Rachunek for Ryan Smyth/Todd Marchant trade.

    Bonk would give Edmonton a legitimate #2 center to take some of the heat off of Comrie, and Rachunek would be a defensive upgrade in their #2 pairing.

    Smyth would add the “sandpaper” that Ottawa is seen as being missing, and Marchant would be a great utility/PK center for Ottawa.He’d also fit in great on a line with Fisher and Havlat/Neil as a left winger, sort of a smaller faster version of Detroit’s “energy” line of Draper, Maltby and McCarthy.Marchant could also step into the #1 line when they were protecting a lead.

    Ottawa’s lines could look like this

    Smyth Spezza Hossa *(potentially very scary)

    Schastlivy White Alfredsson

    Marchant/Schaefer Fisher Havlat

    Arvedsson/Schaefer Van Allen/Marchant Neil/Hull

    As always, Ottawa line combos are confusing because Jaques Martin likes to work with pairings more than trios.This allows for “extra” players to get decent ice time depending on the situation and what the opposing line matchups are.Also, it’s safe to assume that someone out of the 13 guys listed would be injured(even just strains and bruises) at any given point in time, so they have someone right there to step in, as opposed to using a call-up from Binghamton.It’s also hard to pin down exactly who the #1 line is, which begs the question, who would you try to shut down?And the #3 line has plenty of offensive threat too.

    To make this deal worthwhile for Edmonton, Ottawa might have to throw in Arvedsson too, which wouldn’t be unthinkable for Ottawa, as they now have Schaefer to play that two-way winger role.Plus Arvedsson is an UFA after this season.

    The real question is would Edmonton part with Smyth at all?

  13. bluenoser says:

    If you know anything about Bonk’s first few seasons in Ottawa, then you probably remember his big contracts. Also remember how he produced squat? You should. The Sens have too much $$ invested in him and have (not including this season) only gotten 2 good offensive seasons out of him. They’ll be expecting a lot in return for him.

    If he goes anywhere, it’ll be to one of these 2 teams:

    Team 1: Florida. Sens Ex-GM Rick Dudley is trying to rebuild the Panthers into the Florida Senators, just like he did in Tampa when he was the GM of the…..

    Team 2: Lightning, no wait, I mean the Tampa Bay Senators. They seem to have a “Dudley hangover” cuz I just read in Bruce Garrioch’s article on “Slam Sports” that they’re after Igor Kravchuk.

    The Sens have too many centres these days, with Spezza proving that he belongs in the NHL and Jody Hull ready to come back soon. Should be interesting cuz the Sens don’t have the budget to have guys on one-way contracts watching from the press box. Should be fun to see Muckler do some wheeling & dealing soon!!

  14. jammer21 says:

    yeah! that would be a steal for the Isles……. i’ll hold my breath for that one *makes jerk off gesture*

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