Bonk out of Montreal?

“According to Gabriel Morency of Team 990, the Montreal Canadiens are close to trade Radek Bonk to the Washington Capitals for a draft pick that would free up cap space to sign J.P. Dumont wich they reportedly offered a 4yr/10m$ contract. And to the same Morency again, coach Carbonneau is willing to let Markov and Ryder go for more offensive and defensive help. Just rumors but i will keep you posted on this one. “

not the greatest web source but the Team 990 did report it.

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  1. habs4tw says:

    To pick up Dumont would be awesome for mtl. It gives them some size which is what they lack as well another offensive weapon. I think if we had Dumont Plekanec Johnson as our third line we could really do some damage in the scoring department. This also shows how much depth montreal would have.

  2. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    Like you said just rumors. I do not believe ANYTHING that the Team 990 says anymore. I still think it is crazy to think that Gainey will get rid of Markov as he is our best d-man with out getting a d-man in return unlike al those other rumors from the Team 990 have suggested Markov and Ryder for Marleau. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. SmileZ says:

    Hmmm… Bonk out eh? I wouldn’t mind, although I was at the last Habs vs. Leafs game last year in MTL where he had like 3 or 4 points lol. Then we get Dumont for 4 years at 2.5 million a year… hmmm, he did get 20 goals in like 5 games and wants to play in MTL. I would be very happy and I agree with the previous post that we would have an incredibly talented 3rd line and great depth when injuries and fatigue take their toll. I don’t want to see Markov moved though, and as long as he and Kovalev get along I don’t think he will be (unless it was for someone of equal talent), we don’t have a lot of depth yet at D with the loss of Hainsey in that *****ing waiver draft. We do have a couple good young guys now though with that kid from Russia (Emelein?) and Fischer. I definitely don’t want to see Ryder go, but perhaps these rumours keep popping up because Gainey sees something we don’t see. If Ryder is on the move you can be sure to expect something good in return as I’m sure any team in the league would take him. Trade Bonk and sign Dumont! =)

  4. SmileZ says:

    sorry, 20 goals in like 50 games… duh

  5. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    In today’s day and age it is so rare that a player actually wants to play in Montreal for reasons that we have all discussed on this site. I think that Dumont would add a little size and some more depth on offence. And he actually wants to play for the Habs. Bonk is a waste of space and money, I understand that he is good on the PK but we have other players that can fill that role for much cheaper. If Bob can pull this one off I say go for it. If someone wants Ribeiro we can do the same thing with him, dump his salary either way the team gets stronger.

    One last thing, here’s hoping that Koivu will be on the ice on opening night…

    Go habs go… I can’t wait for it to start.

  6. bobsUruncle says:

    Gabriel Morency is a blow horn, that likes to let the lips flap without anything interesting come out of em. This is what happens when you give someone with no formal education a medium to speak!

    While his idea sounds nice, I’ve heard it before from people here on this site.

    It’s fun reading HABS rumors, but the bottm line is that we’ll only know about a move when it happens…as there is no one more tight lipped in the business then BOB.

    Good luck fellow habs fans!!

  7. newromanceforkids says:

    I sure would lke to get rid of Bonk, and like I said before, we have a LOT of youngsters so a draft pick would be fine….

    but Team 990 are liars

  8. Les-Habitants says:

    Even if Gainey does trade Bonk to free up cap space for Dumont, is still doesn’t open up a spot on the first 2 lines. And Dumont is not a 3rd line player, as he lacks 2 way ability.

    Additionally, Gainey has SAID that he liked Bonk’s play at the end of the season, and that he showed his worth. How would trading Bonk, weaking our 4th line, improve our team? Dumont can’t fit in the top 2 lines, so there really isn’t a place for him. Unless Koivu is out, which doesn’t seem to be the case right now, this is not going to happen…Bonk ain’t leaving, and that’s fine by me. Chip needs a full season in the AHL, as Maxim isn’t quite ready for full time duty in the NHL either.

  9. passionch says:

    I always thought Bonk was a very good center when he played for the Senators but it was actually his wingers that made him look better than he really was. Now that his role has been demoted to a 3rd-4th line, I believe he should play where he is more needed as Washington is rumored to be interested in his services.

    On another note, Ribeiro should have this same impact with Samsonov and Kovalev as his regular wingers. Bob gave Ribeiro a raise and more importantly, another chance to prove his worth this season. Below 65 points, I think he doesn’t belong here anymore. Above it, I expect a long-term contract along with Ryder’s case.

  10. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Getting rid of Markov would be a HUGE mistake. Make no doubt about it, he won’t be traded.

  11. RickZombo says:

    Finally somebody with common sense.You just can’t trade any Dman except Souray,and surely not a pp QB like Markov….

  12. Habman77 says:

    Love to see Bonk out and Dumont in,but getting rid of Ryder and Markov,no way!!!! Besides we all know that Bob has never pulled the trigger on any of the rumoured trades,if he does something its going to be totally unexpected.

    Go HABS Go

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