Booing the Anthem

This is not an indictment of Canada for not agreeing with the U.S. lead war against Iraq. As a U.S. citizen who believes in the freedom of speech, I believe citizens and fans have the right to express their opinion. I also believe that the heavy French population in Montreal and Quebec has vastly different opinions from those in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver as shown by the attempts to become a separate country. However there is a time and place for everything and a hockey game is not the forum to express those opinions.

What happened at the Montreal-Islanders game Thursday night was a disgrace. Americans are putting their lives on the line trying to oust a dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction against his own people as well as neighboring countries (Iran, Kuwait). The U.S. has tried through the U.N. for over a decade to follow “diplomacy” as the French put it to get Hussein to comply. He has not mainly because countries like France and Russia have economic interests in Iraq and know France will stand up for him to protect those interests. The BS being thrown around about “blood for oil” is ridiculous. We import 50% of our oil from that region and the majority of it is from Saudi Arabia. If France were to lose hundreds of millions in trading, it would hurt their struggling economy.

The Islanders are mainly made up of non-Americans. Most notably, players like Peca, Scatchard, Wiemer, and Asham are Canadian, yet they felt embarrassed after the French Canadians booed the U.S. anthem. The Isles used that as motivation to flat out bury the Canadiens and their playoff hopes.

Canada might be free, but relies heavily on the U.S. military might of the South. The U.S. freed occupied France in WW II and helped French soldiers in Vietnam. The U.S. recognizes the Canadian help provided in other conflicts and respects Canada.

That’s not to say the U.S. doesn’t do stupid things. Islander fans booed the Canadian anthem last year, but that had more to do with the thuggery of the Maple Leafs against Peca and Jonsson than a disrespecting of Canada. Toronto fans have repaid the favor since.

However freedom is something that you have fight for sometimes. Unfortunately it seems that the French want freedom on the backs of others. It is not a coincidence that France stated it would back the U.S. if chemical weapons were used in this war. They would enjoy the spoils of freedom while not putting their own soldiers in the line of fire. France would not want to lose face, so it would go from the peace bandwagon to the winning bandwagon.

Last night was just a hockey game. It was a benefit of freedom. However to boo a U.S. based team, it’s fans and citizens is a sign of disrespect. I just hope Canada doesn’t face the terrorism we have. If you do, I hope the U.S. lets France intercede.

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  1. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:


  2. BosBrn says:

    mikster, you can also add that a high ranking person in the Al Quida also admitted that the majority of their funding comes from…… you guessed it… IRAQ!!

    So all in all… this IS still about terrorism!

  3. RangerSteve says:

    How am I making you laugh? Yes, I know that Americans were not hte only people lost on 9/11. You don’t know what its like to be American. Millions of us have family that DIED for this country and to see some prick like yourself saying I’m blind is amazing. How am I blind? Do i agree with what Bush has done? No, I feel for those people over in Iraq and I think he’s just using it as a loophole so he can go get Sadamm. THe fact is yes, maybe you did help out..and thank you just like our country has thanked everyone for doing. But for you to come out and start runnin on how we are blind Americans is hilarious. I see things from both points. I am done, and if you’re whole basis on your post was to give Canada credit, thank you for the wonderful help. And to all you Hab fans, thanks a lot for making the Isles pissed last was the last thing you needed to have happen!

  4. BosBrn says:

    RatSale…… for your info… if you did some damn research…. a high ranking officer from the Al Quida has already admitted that they get most of their funding from Iraq!

    So there is your F’n link!!

  5. amok says:

    Heh. Not sure about an exact number but he’s put more citizens in Texas to death than any other state. Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

  6. amok says:

    Hillary grow a pair? I don’t think Bill would like that. Unless we’re talking bigger breasts.

  7. Habfanforever says:

    As a Habs fan, a Montreal native and bilingual Canadian I have to say that not under any circumstance it is ok to boo a national anthem. If you want to protest against the war, buy some paper a marker and a stick and go picket in the streets with the rest of the protesters. Booing an anthem does not get your point across neither does it show your dissaproval for a war, it is like burning a flag. Anthems and flags are part of a country’s history and culture and desecrating them would be in my opinion a total insult.

    As for the war, well I would like to go to our prime pussy leader Chretien’s house and vomit on his shoes for not supporting our brother Americans (oh he’ll just buy another pair with MY tax money). A country should ALWAYS support our allies whether they like it or not. The Americans know we don’t have much as far as warfare to support them. All they were asking for was minimum of moral support, like a “hey, go get em buddy”, well that and maybe a couple million dollars. Anyhow God forbid anyone decides to walk into our land and take a piss on our maple leaf, then who would we turn to? The mohawks?

  8. amok says:

    Are you really this stupid?

    If Canada sucks so much stop watching whatever NHL team you like, because guess what, there are Canadians on that team and I’ll bet that they’re all damn proud of where they come from.

  9. amok says:

    Even in countries that have an entrenched history of freedom of speech there isn’t any real, solid argument for booing another country’s anthem, especially the one that you are closest to, and I’m not talking just geographically. And this goes for Americans who have booed Canadian anthems and Canadians who have booed American anthems. I for one was embarrassed to be in GM Place two years ago when people booed the American anthem during the playoffs, and I’d hope people in Detroit were equally embarrassed last year when the Canadian anthem was booed.

    The general ignorance of many of the replies above just amazes me. Contrary to popular belief, Canada isn’t an American hating country, France is not Quebec, and freedom of speech means that one can disagree with going to war.

  10. bender says:

    You just proved my point,

    “Millions of us have family that DIED for this country and to see some prick like yourself saying I’m blind is amazing”.

    Yes Americans are the only ones who have lost love ones dying for their country.

    “And to all you Hab fans, thanks a lot for making the Isles pissed last was the last thing you needed to have happen!”

    Who the hell are you talking to, you have commented on something I posted, I ain’t even a Habs fan.

    “and if you’re whole basis on your post was to give Canada credit”

    Did you even read my original post, I was just trying to share how most people truly feel about the War on Iraq. Like it or not, it is a valid point. Your ignorance shows by commenting on something I said regarding something another person said. This isn’t about trying to get Canada some props, in case you didn’t notice I was defending MY country and the people of MY country and their freedom of opinion and expression from people who think that the habs fans were personally disrespecting them. This didn’t start out to be a individual bashing, but you some of you guys decided to make it that way.

  11. KnownStrangers says:

    says who ?

  12. mikster says:

    Go suck a thumb.

    Sorry we can’t satisfy you.

  13. Goldenscud says:

    You said it brother!!! Fuck them all!

  14. Goldenscud says:

    Damn right. Send the tomohawks to Paris. Fuck them French bastards!!!!

  15. KnownStrangers says:

    hummm, well, maybe it’s time to straithen up a few things…

    first, about that 9/11 thing. I’m Canadian, and i happen to travel in Europe once in a while so, just to let you know : while you, americans, think it was an attack against Freedom, Democracy and all, the rest of the world (even if we agree it was “bad”) saw it as an attack against the U.S. nothing more, nothing less…

    two, americans think we rely on them, and only americans think so. In fact, while most americans think the world could’nt “survive” without them, non americans think world would be better without the U.S.

    three, your “ignorance” is proven when you talk about French canadians and Frenchs like they were the same people…

    OH ! i see, in NY last year, the fans had a good reason to boo the Canadian Anthem… well…

    The real BS is not the people saying that it’s a war for oil… it’s you believing it is not… No dictatorship in Saudi Arabia ? lol

    you really believe there’s no economics interest in that war ? wow…


    just to make you think a little (read in his Biography)

    interviewer : What do you think of the american civilisation ?

    Gandhi : i think it would be a good idea.

  16. RangerSteve says:

    do you know for 110% fact on how “most people truly feel about the War on Iraq”? A lot feel the same way I feel being the sorrow for the innocent and that some bastard like Sadaam has to go out and almost kill off a race. Good point as far as quoting me on people dying for their country. I’m not a historian of Canada, but whatever. My whole thing is this….not all Canadians boo the National Anthem, and not all Americans boo the Canadian National Anthem. It’s a select few jackasses who decide to be cute and show disrespect. And as far as my post for the Habs fans….that was because if you are paying attention to hockey(the soul true purpose for this sites existence), they could have gained ground on the Isles last night, but did not. Parrish was quoted as saying how it lit a fire under him hearing the people boo. Komisarek wasn’t even answering any questions about it either. I apologize for my remarks, but you said that the Habs fan did not mean disrespect towards us. Well, lsat time i checked, the US is a whole and not just a bunch of individuals. This topic should be taken off the site as it’s going to get more n more out of control

  17. dickfitzwell says:

    i think they were booing because of the cheap shot on peca

  18. Stogie7 says:

    Screw you with your patriotic bullshit!! Bush is a war monger!!! If you think that booming your national anthem is bad you should check out the many protest going on around the world.

    Your facts are wrong!! Your president has lied to you. The americans are not the saviours of Iraq and its people the americans a re the plague that has corrupted their country for the last 40 years.

    Understand this I am not anti-american. I know many americans that are great people. But what your country is doing is wrong, and unitl it stops, Canada and the rest of the world will continue to anounce our feelings about the situaiton.

  19. Stogie7 says:


  20. dickfitzwell says:

    imagine if we lived in the middle east like afganistan or iraq and we just booed something we didnt like,what would happen,would they just slap us on the wrist or would they kill you for something as simple as booing,how about raping the woman for booing.i think we all dont see how good our freedom of speech is or we all would be dead for posting these comments.has anyone ever seen the pictures or videos of dead babies next to their mothers after saddam gassed his own people in his own country.that is something i will never forget,seeing dead babies that were gassed.lets think about that.

  21. slapshot1975 says:

    if i ever hear anyone booing the anthem at a game i will punch their fucking teeth out.

    if (god forbid) canada ever faced a terrorist act similar to the one that we did on 9/11, who would they come crying to for help? That’s right. US.

  22. adamgr says:

    Good comment!

  23. adamgr says:

    Good post “KnownStrangers”!

  24. adamgr says:

    Man, it’s great to know that we’ve got still smart people on our continent…

  25. NYIchooch75 says:

    I heard on CNN last week that France is one of Iraq’s biggest buyers of their oil. Don’t argue with these idiots mikster, they have no clue what the hell they are saying. Fuck ’em!

    USA! USA! USA!

  26. NYIchooch75 says:

    Every non-French Canadian I heard on the radio today was pretty pissed off about last night. Seems like people in Toronto and Ottawa can’t stand the people in Montreal, huh? I don’t lump all Canadiens together, they generally seem like good people.

  27. RatSale says:

    Why don’t you just punch your self and think for one second why you had to face an act like 9/11 and Canada didn’t!

  28. RatSale says:

    Nice, had not heard about that Gandhi comment for a while! Could it ever be more of actuality? I do not really care about religion, but did you know that Bagdad is what used to be known as Babylon, 7000 years of history, that’s what these bombs are destroying these days. Quite ironic for a president implying that god is with him in his pursuit of evil…….

  29. Obcd says:

    “Of course it was French Canada, that also explains a lot. Overall, I have no time for French Canadians. They are a bunch of confused classless pigs.”

    Well with that comment I would rather say that you are the classless pig.

  30. Obcd says:

    How old are you to have such comments? Everybody have the right to have their opinion on that war, you can be for or against. And for saying that people against war are faggots well let me tell it to you that way : Are you in Irak right now? Well if not what are you doing there behind your computer go there if you like war so much!

  31. Obcd says:

    You have the right to be angry against the cituation and I understand you. I’m from Montreal and I don’t think it was the good thing to do. But you can’t but all people living in Montreal in the same group. I know it was low-class but while some booed, others decided to clap their hands so nobody could hear them.

  32. NYIchooch75 says:

    Ahhhh…anti-Bush banter…gotta love it. I’ve just read all the posts here, and have one question for the anti-war folk. I understand your views, but where is the basis? It seems that all this “blood for oil” crap is passed down from one protestor to another. Your reasons and your position are fine, but what about the all the horrific acts against humanity Hussein has done to people in his own country? Do you close your eyes or change the channel when that comes up on the TV screen? What about the documenturies that show proof of Hussein and his sons having torture houses and rape rooms? What about the hundreds of interviews with the men, women and children subjected to these acts? What about the irrepairable damage this man has done to the environment? How much oil did he dump into the Persian Gulf last time? How many oil fields did he set fire to this time?

    Whether this is a war to stop a horrific dictator from subjecting his people to unspeakable acts, a war for “oil” or to truly disarm this madman, the fact of the matter is this…

    There are thousands of men and women far away from home, away from their spouses, children family and friends. Soldiers who follow their orders, whether they like them or not, because that is what they signed up for. Their are family here in the US and in England who everytime they hear about a casualty in this war, they have to wonder if it was their loved one. How dare you protest that! How dare you protest while sitting comfotably in front of your computer screen! You are probably some spoiled little rich son-of-a-bitch whose parents protested in the 60’s, when it actually meaned something, and you want to just look good in their eyes. For all you people concerned about the Iraqui’s fate, I say, where were your protests when he was gassing his own people? Where were the protests when he was raping someone’s daughter? Where was your big fucking mouths then? Do you have proof that he would not give some crazy fucking terrorist some anthrax, or some parts of a nuclear bomb. Show me! If not, shut the fuck up! Want to see the result of the horrible USA’s war for oil…here you go…

    They seem awfully upset about the US invading, huh?

  33. Obcd says:

    I can you expect us to respect you with such comments? You know that war only bring war, so does insults bring insults.

  34. Obcd says:

    Don’t you know that Bush know that Irak have these weapons because the USA sold them these weapons too. And for murder of innocent lives well with war there will be hundread more but this time the USA will do it for them.

  35. Obcd says:

    we do have a national anthem

  36. NYIchooch75 says:

    Are these opinions or facts? Seems to me you have no basis whatsoever. We have corrupted their country for the last 40 years? They were under British rule until the late 1970’s, so there is no way we would have been involved with Iraq then, because it would have been messing with England, who is our ally.

    Next, if this idiot didn’t attack Kuwait in the first place, and then blatantly ignore the sanctions put in place on him for the next 12 years, he wouldn’t even be on our radar screen.

  37. Obcd says:

    I wonder who is the sissy? the one against war or the one who is for but who rather be behind his computer.

  38. Obcd says:

    well you just proved that you have the mentality of a 12 year old child

  39. Obcd says:

    well said, this is just plain racism

  40. NYIchooch75 says:

    HYPOCRITE! The abuse all of the US people on this site when we booed the anthem last year was justified, right!

  41. jovocop_55 says:

    USA sucks

    If I were american I’d be ASHAMED for what Bush i doing

    He should be ASSASSINATED. and americans should not try to police the world. Bush has just been diverting attention from the us were their economy is in trouble. you guys started this by putting him in power. we all know Bush has a hidden agenda which mainly includes OIL, OIL and more OIL

    Its not just French Canadians who oppose the war its all of Canada. Why would you go to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill millions of innocent people.

    How could you not agree what our PM is doing why would he support such a stupid nation

    You people should create your own opinion in this instead of just saying what those stupid american tv stations say. ie fox, cnn, abc, etc.

    the world would be a hell of a lot better without our neibours to the south. and Canada would never be attacked against since we’re not stupid and go to other countries and try to control them. Since we’d never be attacked against we wouldn’t need to turn to you.

    Our beer is why better than yours. so don’t be jealous Ray Finkle Koivu and all you other dump shits

    Lastly i’d like to say even though I’m against the war i hope the coalition forces comes home safely and with few casulties

  42. TheMinister says:

    Great one.

  43. TheMinister says:

    He may enjoy it but I wouldn’t say it was just for fun.

    It’s a military strategy. He has an objective. He is also intelligent.

    Don’t underestimate your enemy. It’s a rule of war.

  44. TheMinister says:

    Are you C.I.A.?

  45. TheMinister says:

    That’s obvious titans.

  46. TheMinister says:

    The method is the issue. Most of us want to get rid of Hussein, obviously.

    Of course, most of us want to get rid of Bush too…

    As many people support a regime change in America, and I don’t mean just Bush.

  47. NYRrule says:

    How old am I? I’m a 37 year old Gulf War veteran thats who I am. I was there 12 years ago to liberate Kuwait and only wished we had marched on Baghdad back then. Chalk that one up to lessons learned. I only wish I had not injured my knees in a hockey game 5 years ago or else I would be there with my brothers in the Marines fighting for the things morons like you take for granted.

  48. Obcd says:

    I don’t mean real age but mentality age. You might be 37 years old but you act like a child.

  49. TheMinister says:

    Yup. Tolerance dictates though that anyone has the right to express their opinion. Don’t let them piss you off.

    *tech. note* ‘Racism’ is a antiquated term that is misused in common speech. It refers to the beleif by creationists of the 1800’s that all races fit on a strata, or tree of life, whereby animals were just below white people and just above the darker races. It is an anachronism.

    What you meant was just plain old cultural discrimination.

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