Booing the Anthem

This is not an indictment of Canada for not agreeing with the U.S. lead war against Iraq. As a U.S. citizen who believes in the freedom of speech, I believe citizens and fans have the right to express their opinion. I also believe that the heavy French population in Montreal and Quebec has vastly different opinions from those in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver as shown by the attempts to become a separate country. However there is a time and place for everything and a hockey game is not the forum to express those opinions.

What happened at the Montreal-Islanders game Thursday night was a disgrace. Americans are putting their lives on the line trying to oust a dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction against his own people as well as neighboring countries (Iran, Kuwait). The U.S. has tried through the U.N. for over a decade to follow “diplomacy” as the French put it to get Hussein to comply. He has not mainly because countries like France and Russia have economic interests in Iraq and know France will stand up for him to protect those interests. The BS being thrown around about “blood for oil” is ridiculous. We import 50% of our oil from that region and the majority of it is from Saudi Arabia. If France were to lose hundreds of millions in trading, it would hurt their struggling economy.

The Islanders are mainly made up of non-Americans. Most notably, players like Peca, Scatchard, Wiemer, and Asham are Canadian, yet they felt embarrassed after the French Canadians booed the U.S. anthem. The Isles used that as motivation to flat out bury the Canadiens and their playoff hopes.

Canada might be free, but relies heavily on the U.S. military might of the South. The U.S. freed occupied France in WW II and helped French soldiers in Vietnam. The U.S. recognizes the Canadian help provided in other conflicts and respects Canada.

That’s not to say the U.S. doesn’t do stupid things. Islander fans booed the Canadian anthem last year, but that had more to do with the thuggery of the Maple Leafs against Peca and Jonsson than a disrespecting of Canada. Toronto fans have repaid the favor since.

However freedom is something that you have fight for sometimes. Unfortunately it seems that the French want freedom on the backs of others. It is not a coincidence that France stated it would back the U.S. if chemical weapons were used in this war. They would enjoy the spoils of freedom while not putting their own soldiers in the line of fire. France would not want to lose face, so it would go from the peace bandwagon to the winning bandwagon.

Last night was just a hockey game. It was a benefit of freedom. However to boo a U.S. based team, it’s fans and citizens is a sign of disrespect. I just hope Canada doesn’t face the terrorism we have. If you do, I hope the U.S. lets France intercede.

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  1. NYRrule says:

    For all you anti war, anti US pussies. Liberated Iraqis are already beginning to WELCOME American and British troops. There have been more casualties in anti war demonstrations than there have been in combat! What does that say?

    Normal, everyday Iraqis, the ones who really count, have been waiting for us to come since 1991. We will be welcome with open arms. It already has started.

  2. TheMinister says:

    What Chretien did was back the U.N. ahead of an independent, or ‘rogue’ nation.

    The Mohawks might have if we didn’t virtually annihilate them. Now they’re a little pissed at us. Wonder why?

  3. Gali says:

    Sounds good,

    I stand corrected.

  4. Gali says:

    You are a real propaganda machine.

  5. Hockey_Fan says:

    Adam you are dumb fucking fag. Most of the countries that made up the old Soviet Union are for this war. They know what its like to live under rutheless dictators such as Stalin. Get your head out of you ass and open your eyes. If we left Hitler alone we would all be speaking German you dumb shit.

  6. TheMinister says:

    Ok, I’m ready. I’ll weigh in.

    Firstly, Nationalism itself is behind this whole discussion. Pride, and therefore Patriotism, is not a Virtue. That is what is causing conflict and discourse amongst us. Put away our flags. We are who we are because of who we are.

    Secondly, Tolerance means letting people boo, and generally do a lot of things you do or don’t agree with. That’s true freedom. If you believe it, live it. Don’t try and tell someone else what their freedom level is. The irony is laughable.

    Thirdly, there is much more to this situation than Freedom, US Economy, 9/11, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Oil, Terrorism, Bush, Saddam, Iraq, Iran, USA, UK, Canada…. This is ancient. Wake up.

    * The Proof *

    Shock and Awe – Shakinah or Shekinah – n. the immanance of Jehovah as seen or felt or manifested. from ancient hebrew.

    Oh, right and MOAB really means mother-of-all-bombs.

    And I’m not even a Christian.

  7. Hockey_Fan says:

    Haha you dumb fucking ass. If it was’t for the good Old U S of A we would all be speaking German. I don’t think your pussy army in World War 2 did too much damage against the Nazis now did they. Your and ignorant piece of shit and you should be assassinated. This war is about oil eh… why don’t you open your eyes and formulate your own opinions instead of regurgitating shit stupid liberals and socialists say. You are scum. You should live under a ruthless dicatator. Your mother should be raped by Saddam, and your father shot in the head for doing nothing.

  8. Hockey_Fan says:

    I have a question for all Canadians and Americans who say we are bullies and the police of the world. What would happen if we did not step in and remove countries of dicators such as Saddam and Milosevic? Who would step in to stop these horrible people? That is right NOBODY. Only Britain would take the responsibility. Canada is not hated because they basically practice a policy of isolationism. We cannot do that. As the biggest contributor to the UN we are always called on to donate more troops and money for foreign affairs. Look at it this way, The US was not hated when it practiced a policy of isolationism. Not until after World War 2 did countries start to hate us. And don’t give me the bullshit that we were always hated by Al Qaeda and that we deserved 9/11. If you can sadly justify the terrorist atttacks on 9/11 then you are a despicable human being.

  9. DaMick says:

    umm…when did this become a political website?

    anyways….its war about saddam…..AND Oil.

    besides that…im not bashing anyone…except the French

    France the true doormat of every world war….ww1..ww2…

    France is kinda funny considering all the money we pumped into europe after world war 2 to rebuild it after it.

    Those War Loans…were never paid back…

    thats cool…thats another example of America’s ‘imperialism’

    i dont agree with all of Bush’s tactics…

    but im not some liberal treehugger either….

    as for 9-11…im a public servant here, i saw those same ‘celebrity’ treehuggers protest the police,calling them racists…a month before 9-11

    a month after…you see those same celebrities serving food at nino’s to the same civil servants they bashed a month before…

    that tells me…they aint shit.

    and thier views aint worth squat…

    so when you watch them on tv ,’protesting’ the war

    it might just be the ‘cool’ thing to do …for now.

    if someone wants to protest the war…cool thats The american way…freedom of speech..

    just remember You got that right from the spilled blood from soliders in the revoluntary war

    not from some treehugging protester.


  10. TheMinister says:

    Show me proof that I wouldn’t give some crazy fucking terrorist some anthrax, or some parts of a nuclear bomb. Show me! If not, shut the fuck up!

    The one guy hopping half-heartedly justifies this?

  11. Aetherial says:

    Please leave with the rest of your province.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Hey shit for brains.

    For your information, America did NOT win the world war. Two things you should be aware of:

    1) Russia won the second world war at a cost more terrible than an American can even contemplate.

    2) Canada contributed FAR more heavily than did the US in the world wars. The States came in and it is generally thought that Russia had broken Germany’s back already.

    Now, Canada is less than pathetc militarily but please do not betray more typical American ignorance with your stupid-ass “Canadians would speak German” comments.

  13. Aetherial says:

    He is right on the money. The french are an embarassment to this country. How else do you describe a province that elected a separatist government into power?

    You want sympathy for mistreatment of French Canadians… look between Shit and Syphillis in the dictionary.

  14. Gali says:

    Don’t you get it?

    September 11 was an atrocity.

    Hussein is a very sick puppy.

    YES, but:

    You can’t just go and impose democracy from air strikes and a walk-in on a culture you despise and barely understand. But who cares about democracy? Mondial oil resources available to the US are depleting at an alarming rate. To secure its future for the next century, the US must find more oil. You think this is bull?

    The US has starved Iraq for over 10 years. They have been bullying countless countries since WWII, supporting dictators, creating embargos and exploiting people as cheap labor. Ask a guy from Montenegro what he thinks about the US… The US has made numerous enemies over the years. Of course, nothing can justify the death of thousands of people (WTC), be they americans or not, but going after Iraq is like mob lynching without a real trial.

    All I could decipher in most of the pro-war speeches posted, between two “f#ck” and a “God”, was agressivity and total disinformation. Please comfort me: you do have access to foreing news in the US? All you seem to get is transparent war propaganda and patriotic steroids. Did you ever think about it? Here in Canada, it is not cool to agree with our government. They’re all crooks and we know it; we can overtly criticize them… hell, sometimes we even boo them.

    Of course Saddam is a dangerous guy, just like a lot of third and second-world country dirigeants. Note that the more dangerous of them used to work for Uncle Sam, Benny Laden, for example. Saddam is not the only one with mass-D weapons: India and Pakistan have shown much more to be scared of during the last year than poor broke psycho Hussein. Not to mention North-Korea. This war creates a sad precedent. How many countries are you gonna have to hit to be consistent with that logic?

    Talking about dangerous: George Bush is at the top of the charts in a majority of countries. He’s gambling. Do you think he’s stopping terrorism? He’s fueling it! Forging some kind of peace? He’s just making his enemies madder and more convinced that America is the enemy. Note that in the list of countries that support the US, besides England and Australia, most are applying for NATO soon or are already struggling against US sanctions.

    While you boast about how you rescue the Iraqis, in your mental Hollywood, the Turks you’ve let in thru the north border of Iraq are massacring Kurds by the thousand. History repeating, but your hands are clean, aren’t they? I’m so disgusted I could BOOO!!! (see, this is hockey-related after all).

    There will be victims on both sides, and all should be regretted, for they are victims of money, power and their own ignorance; marines included. If you think I am an enemy of America with those words, you are far from peace…

    Arguments left out: death penalty, obsurantism, mass media manipulation, culture of violence, stupidity…

  15. Gali says:

    Yup, that’s what I call a good comment, sincerely.

    What’s the MOAB thing?


  16. bender says:

    There you go guy, you finally made a decent point. Instead of trying to insult me and swear at me, why didn’t you act like a real man and just say what was on your mind with rationale in the beginning. I got so many comments from guys like you just because they thought I was being anti american and if you took the time to read what I first intended on saying, it wasn’t like that at all. Some guy is suggesting you assisinate your own friggin president and I get berated because I believe in complete freedom of speech.

    The US is a whole. But that whole is made up of a bunch of different beliefs from individuals. Democracy works because we are allowed to think differently, You should know very well that there are a ton of americans for war and a ton of them against. So how does your country remain a whole when their are TWO different ideas about the same subject.

    Thanks for your apology. I truly didn’t mean to affend anybody as well, I am just trying to bring an openminded view to the whole situation.

  17. Obcd says:

    you say you don’t want us, then we decide to elect a separist government but we are stupid for that. Well you should try to decide what you want

  18. Obcd says:

    that is all I want

  19. KnownStrangers says:


    franckly, while you’re thinking they were waiting for you, they (citizens of Irak) were just waiting to get rif of Saddam… nuance…

  20. TheMinister says:

    The ballistic equivilant of penile enlargement surgery.

    40% bigger than a Daisy Cutter. Orange and black too, kinda like the General Lee.

  21. TheMinister says:

    Sorry, did you mean, historically?

    Moab was a region of eastern Jordan that revolted against Israel and generally was inhospitable with them from Deuteronomy through Chronicles, when they and the people of Ammon destroyed each other after previously being allies.

    I had to look that one up.

  22. Slovakiaz says:

    pathetic comments of one little child 🙂

  23. Slovakiaz says:

    Every action will always have opposite reaction. You’ll see !!!

    And I’m laughing on US comments about justice and bad boys dictators … what about that North Korean "monkey" showing his ass to Bush and laughing at him ? And North Korea has A-bombs !Saddam is an angel from heaven compared to that Korean bitch … and I’m asking you – What will USA do with it ? Nothing … thay can’t, shaky "mighty" americans :))). So this is interpretation of US justice to all. The war started cause Saddam hasn’t got the A-bombs or some kind of strong bio-chemical weapons. That’s simple logic, americans are poor victims of their culture !

    Attacking weaker ones is response … So this is US justice :))) Somebody are laughing at your pathetic army, hehehehehehe ! If I have 5 or more A-bombs and some nuclear powerplants I will call Bush dick and nothing can happen to me … pathetic war were soldiers dying more in accidents than fight. So it was in Afghanistan … and that "Shock and Awe" thing – for sure that name was made in the USA, hehehehe … you’re building nice future for your children, losers !

  24. Slovakiaz says:

    Nobody likes you, poor americans … and that’s an arrow to heart of your arrogance and pride. God save us … you’re the ones to be afraid of ! Not that bitch Saddam.

    You’re starting to be dictators … like Saddam but you want dictate to World while Saddam dictating “only” in his country.

  25. dickfitzwell says:

    that seems to be what all you dumb fucking assholes have to say is “dont listen to what you hear on the news”.wake up dickhead,there was a story on “the news” with 4 iraqi women staying the same things that are written here happen on a daily basis.i guess saddam is an angel,i wish he was the pm of canada and you would change you mind quick but you would not be able to because you would either be insane from saddam raping a female in your family or you would be shot.just one more thing,if canada is ever attacked by terrorists (not that it would be because canada has no balls to stand up for what is correct)dont call on the USA for help.people like you should fight them instead,they probably would kick your french fag queer ungratefull selfish stuck up ignorant we got not balls asses!!go back to your imaginary world where you pussies belong,todays world requires real MEN.your not one of them!!

  26. MantaRay says:

    I am sure WWII Germany’s anthem was booed as well.

  27. dickfitzwell says:

    canada next!!!cruise missle headed your way,go run and hide like all you pussies allways do

  28. BosBrn says:

    You are a jack ass… plain and simple!!

    Just for your info, pal….. Iraq is the number one source of funding for the Al Quida and the Taliban. Saddam actually said he enjoyed watching 9/11.

    Bush said from the beginning that he will not tolerate terrorism. Well if you fund it… you are part of it!

    One thing that is bad….. is that Bush can’t fire a tomahawk up you ass!!

  29. BosBrn says:

    Obviously he knows a little more about war then you. So how is he acting like a child? He had bullets fired upon him. There is a possiblity that he lost men that were his friends. It is plain to see that he is a little hostile because he has already protected more people in a day then you will ever do in a lifetime. He has to listen to ignorant people who have no clue what pain and suffering is. Think about the women and children in Kuwait that were raped and murdered back during he Gulf War! Can you even fathom what that would be like? Obviously not.

    Yes, people have a right to there own opinions. But guess what? That right came from the men and women of this country who fought for that freedom. YOUR FREEDOM JACKASS!!!

  30. BosBrn says:

    I’m hoping that was sarcasm!!!???

  31. Tony says:

    You act like your this brave tough guy. Do you fight in the army? No, I didn’t think so. Your acting tough and taking credit from troops over sea’s. Your the real pussy.

  32. BosBrn says:

    And that was JUST him? You are an asshole! Maybe if your mother or sister, or another relative was murdered, you’d like to shake the murderer’s hand? Pathetic!

    Oh and Texas is the ONLY state that has the death penalty? MORON!!

  33. titans says:

    Your comparing the U.S. to WWII Germany? Christ what an asshole you are!

  34. adamgr says:

    “you’re building nice future for your children, losers !”

    What about your children? hehehe

    They’ll have to suffer as well.


  35. adamgr says:


  36. titans says:

    I hope you and your whole fuckin family die of cancer you spineless pussy! Fuckin USA has spent the last 50 years feeding half the fuckin world while protecting the other half! Where do you get off saying bullshit like that?! Suck my dick you piece of shit! Die!

  37. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    that may be “the” jackass post of all time!

  38. titans says:

    They want you dead…as do I!

  39. titans says:

    I’d punch him right now if I could! What an asshole!

  40. BosBrn says:

    And that means absolutely what, Obcd? Every thought of age? Some people are too old to enlist? How about medical history? Think of what you say before it spews out your mouth… you sound very silly!!

    Some people on this site have already served. Some in Granada, some in the Gulf War. But what does that matter? We all have our opinions, but unless you know the whole truth about EVERYONE, don’t be seen with your foot in your mouth.

    Freedom of Speech and the right to one’s opinion came from people like the soldiers over seas in past wars! Whether it was the Civil War, World War 1 or World War 2…. that is where our/your freedom came from.

    Funny thing is….. I hear SO many people bashing Bush, but if I’m not mistaken, Tony Blair is right along side of him! Why not Bash him too?

  41. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    they’re burning oil around baghdad to make it look like we bombed the hell out of it. we have bomb it, but not enough to make all that smoke, that sadammy(thats my nick name for saddam) is a smart man, now the islamic people will think that all of baghdad is on fire. which is not the case. also i might be spelling baghdad wrong, my bad.

  42. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i will never read another mantayray ranking, not that i ever read one before, but you get the point!

  43. adamgr says:

    “I am sure WWII Germany’s anthem was booed as well.”

    C’mon that’s pathetic. I can understand that you don’t like the war. Our president is pretty evil (or maybe just stupid). He’s almost as bad as Sadam (hey, he has already killed more people than Ben Ladin!) but you still can’t compare the USA to WWII Germany.

  44. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    ben ladin? i went to school with a ben ladin! but you know who’s crazy, that bin ladin guy.

  45. NYIchooch75 says:

    Better than spewing anti-war sentiments with no basis, other than Bush is a war monger. I am not a Bush supporter by any means. In fact, the guy bothers me. But when my fellow citizens are over there fighting and risking there lines, you’re damn right I’m going to support them strongly. Fact of the matter is this, the people are happy Hussein will be gone. And, just having the possibility of Saddam giving the terrorists some chemical/nuclear/biological weapons removed, then the war is justified in my eyes.

    The US is doing it the right way. They are bombing only known military and leadership sites, and targeting their leaders. Civilian casualties has been kept to a minimum.

    War sucks. It is terrible, terrible thing. But the diplomacy failed. And it had to be done, and they are going about it the right way. And if oil is major concern in this war, so be it. Why do you think France and Russia are so against it. France is one of the leading importers of Iraqi oil, and they are worried that the perfect little oil situation they are in will be ruined if there is a regime change. In addition, France has exported thousands of weapons to the Iraqis over the years. Iraq is a major component in France’s economy.

  46. 99greatone says:

    Pathetic AMRY? At least we have one.Our national guards are better then any troops you could assemble.

  47. titans says:

    Hey this Ben Ladin might be a pretty bad guy too. Personally I’m bettin Bin Ladin is worse.

  48. DaAvs says:

    Did you read the rest of his comment? Look at his points and tell me if he was in the on a country boarding yours, would you feel good about your stance? And Sadam IS KNOWN for his anti-American sentiment. Just because he hadn’t, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. Would you rather see him carry it out before acting or stop him before he can? If you can honestly tell me that Sadam as a person and a leader is good for a country…then I believe you have issues.

  49. NYIchooch75 says:

    What the hell kind of argument is that?! Are you known to have tons of chemical and biological weapons? Did you bomb your own country with mustard gas? Nice defense of Saddam. Pathetic. All this asshole had to do was show proof that he destroyed the chemical weapons like he said he did. If he destroyed the weapons, where was the proof? The inspectors couldn’t find anything at all proving that the anthrax, mustard gas, and the other goodies he was hiding were destroyed. He has plenty of time to show proof, and the world was supposed to take his word for it. HA! A known mass murderer, practicing geonocide, and the world is supposed to trust him. Right.

  50. Just-Checking-In says:

    Good thing you straightened that up for us. Of course, if you had been correct about any of this or had some decent facts, it may have even been better.

    The September 11 attacks were in part a strike against “Freedom, Democracy and all”, however to simply it down to that level is a misrepresentation on your part or just plain ignorance. The 9/11 attacks were part of a religious condemnation of a western lifestyle, which includes the idea that the state of Israel has a legitimate claim for existence.

    The September 11 attacks landed right in the United States, however that does not mean that the Western Democracies were not the target. The British, French, Italians and most other European countries also went on alert and began arresting extremists that were in their country. Even in Sweden, a man was arrested. In fact, the French were quite upset that the United States had not done more to crack down on Islamic extremists in the United States. (I.E. violating more of their civil rights.)

    Therefore, for you to say that the 9/11 attacks were an “attack against the U.S. nothing more, nothing less…” again is either you being misinformed or not knowing any better.

    In your next point, “americans think we rely on them, and only americans think so. In fact, while most americans think the world could’nt “survive” without them, non americans think world would be better without the U.S.”

    If you do not think that Canada does not rely on the United States, then you are delusional. You may as well stop reading this right now then, because your fantasy reality will simply reject the alternate reality that you live in.

    The NAFTA treaty all but guaranteed that the United States and Canada would be interdependent trading partners.

    As for what the “non-americans” think? Just pick up any history book and look at the death and destruction resulting from “non-american” intervention. Yes, I am sure that “non-americans” would jealously love to see the world without the United States. We are the worlds Super Power and there is no denying that fact.

    Yes, many people on this board did show a lot of ignorance with their French/French Canadian comparisons. (However, they were not alone in their ignorant comments.) However maybe they were confused about a province that wishes to have a statue of Charles de Gaulle for his contributions to the Quebec Conferences. Of course, about the only thing of significance that de Gaulle did was say, “Vive la Quebec.”

    Finally, sure there is an economic aspect to war. However, the real joke in the situation would be people believing that French and Russian opposition to the war is not also driven by economics?

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