Booing the Anthem

This is not an indictment of Canada for not agreeing with the U.S. lead war against Iraq. As a U.S. citizen who believes in the freedom of speech, I believe citizens and fans have the right to express their opinion. I also believe that the heavy French population in Montreal and Quebec has vastly different opinions from those in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver as shown by the attempts to become a separate country. However there is a time and place for everything and a hockey game is not the forum to express those opinions.

What happened at the Montreal-Islanders game Thursday night was a disgrace. Americans are putting their lives on the line trying to oust a dictator who has used weapons of mass destruction against his own people as well as neighboring countries (Iran, Kuwait). The U.S. has tried through the U.N. for over a decade to follow “diplomacy” as the French put it to get Hussein to comply. He has not mainly because countries like France and Russia have economic interests in Iraq and know France will stand up for him to protect those interests. The BS being thrown around about “blood for oil” is ridiculous. We import 50% of our oil from that region and the majority of it is from Saudi Arabia. If France were to lose hundreds of millions in trading, it would hurt their struggling economy.

The Islanders are mainly made up of non-Americans. Most notably, players like Peca, Scatchard, Wiemer, and Asham are Canadian, yet they felt embarrassed after the French Canadians booed the U.S. anthem. The Isles used that as motivation to flat out bury the Canadiens and their playoff hopes.

Canada might be free, but relies heavily on the U.S. military might of the South. The U.S. freed occupied France in WW II and helped French soldiers in Vietnam. The U.S. recognizes the Canadian help provided in other conflicts and respects Canada.

That’s not to say the U.S. doesn’t do stupid things. Islander fans booed the Canadian anthem last year, but that had more to do with the thuggery of the Maple Leafs against Peca and Jonsson than a disrespecting of Canada. Toronto fans have repaid the favor since.

However freedom is something that you have fight for sometimes. Unfortunately it seems that the French want freedom on the backs of others. It is not a coincidence that France stated it would back the U.S. if chemical weapons were used in this war. They would enjoy the spoils of freedom while not putting their own soldiers in the line of fire. France would not want to lose face, so it would go from the peace bandwagon to the winning bandwagon.

Last night was just a hockey game. It was a benefit of freedom. However to boo a U.S. based team, it’s fans and citizens is a sign of disrespect. I just hope Canada doesn’t face the terrorism we have. If you do, I hope the U.S. lets France intercede.

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  1. titans says:

    Your just plain stupid!

    What the terrorists were not gonna attack us before this war? They figured they better stop untill we invaded Iraq? NO YOU MORON!! The only possible waty to stop these lunatics is to keep being agressive with those that could help the terrorists! Fuck oil! This has nothing to do with oil?

    Defenseless japanese civilians?? Don’t talk about things you don’t understand boy. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two major industrial output centers for the japanese war machine. The amount of lives that would have been lost on both sides if the U.S. had to invade mainland Japan would have been staggering, millions upon millions were saved by dropping those bombs.

  2. adamgr says:

    “Yes, we should but that would take what is called a “world war”

    You see! It just doesn’t make any sence to fight against Iraq becaue there’re a lot of dictators that are worse! What about Kim? – But hey he has no oil!

    Face it the Bush Administartion doesn’t care about the world’s people! That’s why Bush is not listening to them! The world is against this war! Name ONE nation (not administration) that supports our war!

  3. titans says:

    Fuckin A!!!!

  4. Gali says:

    A little word to thank all of you who didn’t resolve to verbal violence to get your opinions heard, whatever side you take. This minority of posters who understand the purpose of a discussion kept this forum from looking like a poor-house. While I enjoy four-letter words myself, mostly in intimate situations, I find they take out credibility of the user in serious argumentations; most of all when they are the core of the argument. For those who managed to keep their cool and get their point across: two thumbs up.

  5. adamgr says:

    “NO YOU MORON!! “

    Watch your mouth! It’s pathetic that you swear at other people! Don’t you have any arguments?

    “The amount of lives that would have been lost on both sides if the U.S. had to invade mainland Japan would have been staggering, millions upon millions were saved by dropping those bombs.”

    how can you justify this? If you lived in Iraq you would justify Saddam’s methods, wouldn’t you?

    If you had lived in WWII Germany you would have justified Hitlers methods, eh?

  6. Gali says:

    What’s your opinion on the new and mysterious pneumonia running around? Just a cold, right?

  7. titans says:

    Fuckin A dude…Fuckin A!!

  8. DG says:

    All war debates aside, booing the anthem is wrong. You don’t make a point about your stance by acting like an idiot. Many Americans- including those who don’t support the war- regard highly their anthems and by booing it you disrespect them as well. You may believe that the U.S. government may be stupid, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect the country.


  9. titans says:

    Why whats your conspiracy theroy?

  10. Gali says:

    Now that’s funny, man. Really.

    Do you get it?

  11. titans says:

    No! If I had lived in WWII Germany I would have been appalled at what was going on as many Germans were!

    And if I were living in Iraq right now…I would be DEAD for expressing my opinion as I am here…thats the whole point smart guy!

  12. Gali says:

    If a you read on this site are one-liners, then yes.

  13. adamgr says:

    “Fuckin A dude…Fuckin A!!”

    How old are you? 10?

    just pathetic…

  14. titans says:

    Oh stop…it was a joke.

  15. titans says:

    That made no sence…say it again in english please.

  16. DG says:

    So tell me this: how come every time someone asked for a deadline to be imposed or that someone said that the disarmament would require more time the U.S. immediately brushed them off? Face it, the U.S. was bent on war and only waited to hear the Security Council talk so they could trick everyone into thinking they gave diplomacy a chance. I’m not saying that Hussein should be in power: I just wished the U.S. allowed for a deadline so that they could seriously say they gave diplomacy a chance.


  17. DG says:

    That was five years ago and since Iraq had let them back in.


  18. Gali says:

    If aLL…

    Makes SENCE now?

  19. titans says:

    No…we were talking about that flu thing?

  20. NYIchooch75 says:

    Wow, back in 1990, a man by the man of Saddam Hussein had a hankering for more territory. The rest of the Middle East decided that rather than try to stop this lunatic, they would just give him what he wanted and MAYBE he would go away. They decided that poor old Kuwait would make him happy…until the United States of America stepped in a liberated the poor old country of Kuwait. The reason this guy doesn’t have a powerful army is because we took it away from him.

    I will not take the time to compare Hitler and Saddam, but some of the characteristics are quite profound. Chemical warfare, genocide, disregard for the countries around him, invading a weaker neighbor for his own gain (oil), stockpiling weapons of mass destruction…etc, etc, etc.

    You attempt to disillusion some people was note-worthy. A for effort!

  21. Gali says:

    You think you are ending terrorism? I say you are fueling it.

  22. titans says:

    Can’t all us Americans and Canadiens have a big group hug and all make up…not in a gay way of course…a totally heterosexual group hug.

  23. titans says:

    I say terrorism existed well before this war, and unfortunatly will exist well after, but we have to do everything we can to try and stop em’ and if that involves killing two bit dictators, than so be it.

  24. TheMinister says:

    Nothing wrong with a little man-love.

  25. Gali says:

    I agree with you that it’s not classy. But the stakes are higher than just patriotic ego. There are people dying right now.

  26. JohnFlan22 says:

    It’s OK Titans. I think Gali-boy is a “glass is half empty” kinda guy.

  27. titans says:

    Hey there’s alot wrong with it when it sounds like that.

  28. TheMinister says:

    Tell me something… show proof to whom? UN or USA? Who ever said this was a decision that you have the right to make. Your country is writing cheques for the future that myself and other countries are going to have to cash.

    And for the last time, criticism of America is not the same as support for Saddam.

  29. Gali says:

    You mean pessimistic? Damn I wish they get the Adult-Check going soon.

  30. TheMinister says:

    Where were you before 9/11? Digging wells in Africa? Doctor’s without borders? Hypocrite.

  31. TheMinister says:

    Where were you before 9/11? Digging wells in Africa? Doctor’s without borders? Hypocrite.

  32. titans says:

    Are you having a different conversation than the rest of us?

  33. TheMinister says:

    I guess everybody can justify murder.

  34. TheMinister says:

    Let me guess, titans… fags, ragheads and commies should all be exterminated?

  35. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yeah, and IF my grandmother had a pair of balls, she’d be my grandfather. If, IF, IF! That’s all you got! Next!

  36. JohnFlan22 says:

    Why are you so afraid? If you were a stronger person Terrorism WILL fail. Terrorism cannot succeed when we show no fear and face it. I wish you would face your fear and not allow madmen like Saddam and Osama control how you live your life. As put so eloquently by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for EVIL to Triumph is for good men to do nothing” I agree with this statement, you on the other hand would rather let the madmen be and hopefully go away. At this point it is I who become pessimistic.

  37. titans says:

    Now thats not right…as a graphic artist I interact with homosexuals all day long, and personally don’t care what a persons sexual orientation, beliefs or raceis, and I sinceerly don’t appreciate you saying that. Grow up.

  38. Gali says:

    You really beleive in EVIL?

    You should leave CNN alone for a while.

  39. TheMinister says:

    Yes it does. Why do some people actually believe that Nations are beyond reproach and cannot be disrespected? I like Americans…. I have no respect for your government, and it’s security establishment. But I am tolerant therefore your freedoms are not infringed.

    It is classless, but since when is that not allowed?

  40. TheMinister says:

    This is no joke.

  41. TheMinister says:

    I’ve read you type some things….

  42. Gali says:

    “the ones who really count”

    I wonder what that means.

  43. Gali says:

    Yeah, anyone who reads titans’ history of posts knows who the preteen is.

  44. TheMinister says:

    It isn’t changing our lives because we are not afraid. It’s your lives that are ‘never going to be the same’ not the world’s. We were aware of this before 9/11, and it’s no different now.

    Tell me? Would you be as brave if you had his army and he had yours?

  45. TheMinister says:

    Oh yah, we’ll kill the Baldwins if you try.

  46. titans says:

    To both of you…I’m 26 and I don’t apreciate the suggestian that I’m against homosexuals or anything like that…I joke alot and most realize that, if you don’t then thats your problem.

  47. titans says:

    No but that doesn’t mean you can’t make one

  48. adamgr says:

    “I’m 26”

    *lol* This one was pretty good.

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