Booing the Leaf players?

I’m not saying Raycroft is the best goalie in the league, but he’s also not the worst. I must voice my opinion on the distasteful treatment of Raycroft at home games. I believe that Raycroft can be and will be a solid goalie if he’s behind a solid team. Booing him at the end of the games will not help this players development, nor will it make the players in front of him really want to perform on home ice. It will also lead to second-guessing of potential F.A. signings.

Give this kid a break. To blame him for all the short comings of the Leafs is just assinine and ignorant, and I was ashamed to be a Leaf fan when I heard these “fans” booing. How about booing the refs for that 2 min. 5 on 3 that pretty much changed the momentum and outlook of the game.

I have seen way to many games this year that have been decided by the officiating (in our favor as well as other teams favors). The refs pretty much single-handedly decide the outcomes of games with the calls. I realize they’ve got a tough job, and I blame it mostly on Bettman.

Funny how the other sports are getting tougher and hockey is getting softer. You would think Bettman would target the people who watch UFC and football with a solid tough game called hockey.