Booing the Leaf players?

I’m not saying Raycroft is the best goalie in the league, but he’s also not the worst. I must voice my opinion on the distasteful treatment of Raycroft at home games. I believe that Raycroft can be and will be a solid goalie if he’s behind a solid team. Booing him at the end of the games will not help this players development, nor will it make the players in front of him really want to perform on home ice. It will also lead to second-guessing of potential F.A. signings.

Give this kid a break. To blame him for all the short comings of the Leafs is just assinine and ignorant, and I was ashamed to be a Leaf fan when I heard these “fans” booing. How about booing the refs for that 2 min. 5 on 3 that pretty much changed the momentum and outlook of the game.

I have seen way to many games this year that have been decided by the officiating (in our favor as well as other teams favors). The refs pretty much single-handedly decide the outcomes of games with the calls. I realize they’ve got a tough job, and I blame it mostly on Bettman.

Funny how the other sports are getting tougher and hockey is getting softer. You would think Bettman would target the people who watch UFC and football with a solid tough game called hockey.

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  1. leafmeister says:

    I totally agree with you. With the way the leafs defence has been this year few goalies would be able to do better.

  2. 92-93 says:

    raycroft is definitely struggling and is going down waaaay too early. his mechanics are fixable and he could play more solid in the next few games.

    youre right, booing or blaming just him is wrong. the whole team is playing poor defensively.

    the leafs didnt deserve the 5-on-3. but they also didnt deserve to win last night's game either. i dont care what the shots on goal were. the other team were more opportunistic, had better goaltending and made fewer mistakes.

    i am not going to whine about officiating – i havent all year and i am not going to start now. sufficed to say, saying that 'way too many games have been decided by officiating' is the easy way out. thankfully Maurice isnt buying into that. last night was the first time this year he complained about the officiating and it was hardly 'complaining.' he knows that the team takes stupid penalties or CANNOT ADJUST to the way officials are calling the game – then its the team's fault.

    the leafs knew heading into the 3rd how it was being called. i didnt like the calls either. but they knew. however, they kept putting sticks on bodies, and doing little interferences and hooks and holds that usually dont get called but were that night. they didnt adjust. they deserved to lose.

    The players must make it more difficult for the opposition to play in their home rink. The comment ", nor will it make the players in front of him really want to perform on home ice" is ludicrous. these players are paid millions and want to win the Cup REGARDLESS of what the fans do. thats the way it should be.

    Raycroft needs to improve, the team needs to be more consistent, and the fans need to continue holding the players to a high standard. The Leafs are playing about as good as they can be with the injuries. But even last night's game simply wasn't good enough. Just like the Carolina game wasn't good enough.

    They better continue their simple game on the road and then return home in February to make it more difficult on the opposition, or else they have no shot whatsoever at the playoffs.

  3. 92-93 says:

    one huge and damning statistic against Raycroft (as opposed to the team as a whole):

    the leafs have on countless nights given their goaltender a lot of goals and leads. but on those occassions when the offense simply cannot score 4 goals or more – those nights when the leafs can only score 1, 2, or 3 goals, Raycroft has not been able to hold his team in the game.

    true, its defensive laspes that are killing the leafs … but on certain nights, your goaltender has to be the best defence, the best PK player … and should be able to win 3-2, 2-1 games. Raycroft hasn't.

    in fact, the leafs are 1-19 in games in which they do not score 4 goals or more. that means there has been just one game in which the leafs have won scoring 3 goals or less.

    that is beyond pathetic. and Raycroft has to turn that stat around … and the players in front of him have to help him out.

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    I am not blaming officiating for the Leafs weaknesses, I am just frustrated with the direction the game is going as a whole.  IMO it is not a better game, and more pp goals doesn't make better hockey!

  5. PaulK123 says:

     Raycroft can and will be a great goalie again, the problem is that he just lost his confidence in Boston and he hasn't gotten it back yet, I think Toronto should go after Esche at the trade deadline to push Raycroft to be the all-star goalie we all know he can be.

  6. 92-93 says:

    i just watched the 7th game of the Campbell Conference final between the Leafs and Kings in 1993. and what a game! brings back so many good memories.

    and you know what? lots of hooks, holds, interferences, picks, etc. and yet – there is Gilmour and Gretzky weaving their way around people like waterbugs. unbelievable.

    does that mean that we dont need the new rules. no

    it was a different game back then. eventually, everything became so systematic and so even across the board, that creativity was disappearing. and i am not just talking about the trap. the players got bigger and the systems became more efficient. the hockey got boring to watch.

    i agree that more PPs dont mean better hockey. but i still think that the rules were necessary. and most importantly, i still think that BOTH the refs and the players must be given a few years to adjust to the new rules and get used to them. it takes awhile for such things to take hold. some seem to mistakenly believe that one year should be enough in terms of adjustment. i think it takes much longer because we are dealing with instincts here. years and years of a style of play bred into these players and refs. it takes time!

    interestingly enough, there is just as much hitting and if anything, the hits are harder because the players are just as big as they were before and the speed is much greater. fighting is on its way out but to me, thats not necessarily a bad thing. playing the game hard is. and i still see that hardnosed game today.

    the vancouver game was a bad game in terms of rule enforcement and in terms of adjustment to the rules by the players. that left a bad taste in my mouth as well as yours. but i am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater in terms of these rules.

    i dont think the objective for these refs and for the NHL is to call more penalties to get more goals. the objective is for the players to adjust so that the PPs are the same as before the rules, but the pace of the game and the obstruction is less.

  7. polastem says:

    Only a couple of words are needed.

    1. A Goalie who will always let in one bad goal a game makes the Leafs down 1-0 before the game starts.

    2. 21 Million on Defense, which Ferguson clearly said was Toronto' only problem, is obviously still Toronto's problem. You'd think that spending that much money would solve something. Oh, and Toronto's top three defensemen are Coliaicovo, Kaberle and Kubina, in that exact order. Kubina is here to stay, McCabe overstayed his visit a few seasons ago, someone just forgot to tell Ferguson.

  8. leafsrule31 says:

    i for one.. am glad to see raycroft getting booed out of the house. its about time. why should leaf fans put up with this shit? how many people have been a fan of this team for like 20 years just to have to put up with failure?.. excuses can be made.. but i for one am plain sick of the 20 shots faced 4 goals against syndrome. didnt we just get rid of the goalie who choked it up every night?.. to turn around and trade a bluechip prospect for what everyone knew was a flop before he was even acquired. make all the excuses you want to make. a good goalie can deal with the situation and manage to stop more than 90 percent of his shots faced.

    leaf fans as a whole have a right to voice their opinion? why pay a hundred bucks on a night out just to watch your team get sloshed when they were outplaying the other team?.. because their goalie sucks and let in 6 goals on 21 shots. regardless of penalties or crappy d or whatever you want to say. 21 shots.. 6 goals. id have booed him myself if i was there. enough of this crap.

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    I still believe that the NHL expanded to much to quickly.  Unfortunately i've heard some rumors of the possibility of 2 more teams being added to the league to make the possible realignment of the divisions easier.  This I think is a bad idea.

  10. Hoondog2 says:

    Our voices would be better heard in a couple of other ways…for example-

    Don't buy Leafs T.V.
    Don't buy Leafs merchandise
    Don't buy tickets for games

    I practice these things but still watch every game on regular cable.  Cutting in to MLSE profits will definitely make them take notice.

  11. buds8 says:

    Give this kid a break?

    Listen, despite what Detroit and their half-empty stadium (I don't care if the seats are sold) thinnks, Toronto is HOCKEYTOWN, bottom line!  And every player in the NHL, heck the World, knows that when you come to Toronto you better play well or feel the wrath of the fans!

    Sundin has led this team in scoring nearly every season he has played here, most with wingers such as Renberg and Hoglund, and even he gets it from the fans!

    Raycroft is garbage and the main reason why the Leafs are not solidified in a playoff position!

    He has been so average and below-average, never stealing the show!  I don't think he realized just how important hockey is here in Toronto!

    That being said I don't think giving up Rask was a big mistake, after all we have Pogge as well, whom I personally think has more potential!

    I don't think for a second anyone will want Raycroft via a trade, so send Aubin down, if he clears waivers, call up Pogge and get him developing now!

    Raycroft is done, he can't lead this team!

    They need to start developing Pogge and trade Tucker for a winger for Sundin with speed and go from there!  Let the yound guys play and get ready for next year, this year is over, especially with Raycroft in goal!

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Personnally, I think the leafs D has been fine this year, its goaltending and PK thats killing us. Raycroft is not a kid. He's 26. He's paid 2 million, he needs to play like it. he doesn't have to steal games, he just has to be consistent, so the D can have conifdence that he'll make certain saves. The D has a tough time if the goaltender lets in 6 goals 6 different ways.

    the team plays hard for 55 minutes a game, but they play aout 10 shifts a night where they are asleep.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Rask is guaranteed talent. Pogge has more potential, but theres no guarantee. he's not nhl ready.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Totally agree

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I hate to break it to you, but that does nothing. MLSE made 40 million in profit last year. If you  stop buying tickets, that would be great, more for me. If you buy Leafs TV, and wtch it then the program makes MLSE more money, and MLSE will let it expand the budget to allow for better programing. Booing is a better way than hurting the organization.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the big thing is, Raycrofts 1 goal 2 goal 3 goal games come when the Leafs offence is cranking up goals.

  17. 92-93 says:

    Matt Stajan ""Five power-play goals – I don't know how you blame that on a goalie," said Stajan. "We need our fans, we have good fans and we need them behind us, we play better when they support us.

    I never though I'd say this but due to his more recent comments after recent losses, I am beginning to wonder if Stajan is a bit of a whiner and if he has an attitude problem.

    its one thing to defend your teammate – that is very admirable. but this year, some of the players left over from the Quinn era have been making comments like these after losses, suggesting that 'its not our fault its theres' or 'we actually played well and the bounces just didnt go our way.'

    blame the refs?

    i mean come on! take responsibility! this team won't go anywhere with that attitude. Stajan needs to grow up a little i think.

  18. 92-93 says:

    i dont think any teams will be added anytime soon – believe me. this league needs to recover a little and i think Bettman and Co. are definitely aware of that.

    revenue is increasing but not by very much. the TV issue is an absolute mess.

    Realignment is a good thing – getting it back to 4 divisions. but i dont see the NHL expanding anytime soon.

  19. 92-93 says:

    well the D has been turning over the puck at an alarming rate – but that is also the fault of the forwards not supporting them along the boards either.

  20. 92-93 says:

    sorry. i forgot to include a key part to the the stajan quote above: " If you're going to boo someone, boo the refs."

  21. sufferingleaf says:

     The booing Of Raycroft is not just booing at him its booing of MLSE and there bumbling of the organization the past 40 years. The fans are taking out on him. "BEING BELOW 30TH IN THE LEAGUE IS SAVE PECENTAGE DOESNT HELP HIS CAUSE". The problem is the organization makes assinine deals all the time.The leafs never should have made the trade theyare not going to win the cup in the next 2 – 3 years so why give up a goalie who is going to be much better than Raycroft in the future when they need one. Another example the Mcabe deal 5 years no trade clause ouch!!!! The deals they should be making like the Pronger deal that they wont do. Pronger is arguably the best defenceman in the leauge he's worth the one dimensional Kaberle and not more than 30 goals Steen.We need a GM like Anahaim who went out and got Pronger and Neidermyer and have the best defence in hockey. The leafs could have got both of them. Bye bye Kubina, Mcabe. We need a GM who is bold not scared to go after the real superstars in the leauge.        

  22. buds8 says:

    How can you substantiate that?

    Pogge did great at the Spengler Cup and has been pretty steady for the Marlies.

    Whereas Rask sh1t the bed at the Worlds.


  23. leaflova says:

    I agree that the Raycroft booing thing is really rude. I bet that one of the reasons that Raycroft is crumbling is beaccause the fans are to hard on him.Maybe if they encouraged him he would do better, no?

  24. goleafsgo16 says:

    Actually Raycroft is the worst goalie in the NHL. I agree that JFJ is a bad GM and is too scared to make big deals, but I think the choice to not do the Pronger deal was a good one, Kaberle is our franshise player, and Steen has alot of potential, he will be a 30-40 goal scorer and a point per game player in his prime. What idiot John Freguson should be doing is rebuilding, its obvious that the Leafs aren't going to make the playoffs, and if somehow they do make it, they will get elimanted in the first or second round. So then all you end up with, is no Stanley cup and a mediocre draft pick. Unfortuanetely JFJ IS a BIG idiot, and isn't smart enough to do something like this, you can't just blame JFJ though, he gets told what to do my MLSE, and until the leafs get new ownership don't ever expect to see a cup in Toronto.

  25. lukeleim says:

    I agree… Raycroft is brutal

  26. PaulK123 says:

     Those aren't a couple of words lol.

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Pogge played ok in spangler, and has been ok in the ahl. Rask played with the garbage Finn D in front of him, and won goaltender of the tournament two years ago.

  28. leafsrule31 says:


    if i am one voice in a million.. id much rather spend my money watching the leafs play.. and voicing my displeasure when what were used to happens.. the goalie in the blue choking his ass off. how long has this been going on?.. i was all over belfour all last season to. your point was made.. and its crap. if im pissed at walmart am i gonna snub em by not buying a tshirt?.. no.. im gonna stand out front and make my voice heard and try to piss em off.

    thats all bullshit. i've shut up for long enough for my own reasons. the leafs continue to fail.. and its for obvious reasons. there's to much money on the blueline.. and they're poopin' it up hard. but regardless of that. the guy between the pipes can't stop a beachball.. and he came at a high price. why am i gonna stand by and shut my mouth at the expense of embarrassing a guy that makes 2 million bones a year? just to spare his confidence?.. obviously his confidence has already screwed the pooch. or he woulda continued the solidness beyond the first week of the season. this is all garbage. and as a fan you have the right to slam that in his face.. let alone a fan who spends money to see it first hand..

    i respect anyone who wants to boo andrew raycroft right out of the house.. because hes been sucking his ass off.. and my admiration goes to any leaf fan who has the balls to stand up and not take the flopping anymore. if were gonna miss the playoffs again.. and our goalie is a large part of it?.. he deserves to hear it first freakin hand. like its gonna hurt him?.. he had already fallen apart when our solid gm traded a solid prospect for him in the first place..

    put your article aside and wake up dude.

  29. leafsrule31 says:

    so being good leaf fans we should hold back from buying a leaf jersey to voice our displeasure with our tender being made of jello?.. and be happy with the price it came to get him?.. lets silently be pissed my friend.. that'll show em. i'm sick of raycroft sucking f*cking ass.. and if i lived in t.o.. id be doing more than not spending money to let him know it. booo his freakin face off.. and hope they replace that clown in the trading office with someone who will get a real goalie.. and not give up the future for it.

  30. lukeleim says:

    one question? who should be the victim of these boos? John Ferguson Jr. the man who signed both Bryan McCabe and Andrew Raycroft, or the two individuals because of their poor performance thus far? Bryan McCabe is not worth the contract he signed in the summer, yet, he hasn't been playing so horribly for him to deserve this criticism. Andrew Raycroft on the other hand, has played very poorly thus far. Raycroft could be blamed for the Maple Leafs play this year so far, but John Ferguson Jr. who should have looked for a better upgrade in goal most definately should be the main target of booing.

  31. polastem says:

    It's a couple of words in comparison to any comment 92-93 makes.

  32. DJTOKid says:

    It's not Raycrofts fault he sucks, It's John Fergusons fault for being a idiot and trading for the guy. JFJ is killing this team, and franchise. I can't think of anything he has done since arriving that betters the chance of the Leafs become a winner soon. Kubinas contract is a JOKE a complete JOKE, that is sooo nuch money for a defencemen they don't need. If he had half a brain, he would try to trade Kubina and Aubin to San Jose for Nabokov. Then at least the Leafs have a better one two rotation, Nabokov being the one. After that its time to clean house…..

    Sundin GONE, Tucker GONE, and if you could get lucky enough to find a team dumb enough to take antropov, him too. It doesn't matter what you get in return as towards fresh bodies, what matters is the number of draft picks you get. They should get four or five picks for Sundin and Tucker, three of which need to be in the first two rounds. Finish out the season, and move on to the summer, prepare for the draft and free agency.

    I tell you this much, if the Leafs GM could figure that stuff out he could make major bids for 2 or 3 guys the like Datsyuk, Briere, Drury, Nagy, Blake, Bertuzzi, Doan, Nagy and Gomez. Any combination of which whith the youth that the Leafs have plus a Netminder twosome of Nabokov and Raycroft is heading a direction 180 degrees differant then the one now.

    I could only wish…

  33. Hoondog2 says:

    And how does booing him help again?  Do you think he's dumb enough to think he is playing well?  His confidence is low, the puck looks like a marble to this guy right now and it seems every little shot from the point gets deflected just enough so that his going down early (classic case of confidence issues) allows the puck to tuck nicely in the top corner. 

    Belfour has rebounded quite nicely away from T.O., hmm maybe their forwards back check.

    In the meantime you can boo Raycroft and have him enlightened to the fact that he's not playing well, just in case he didn't know.

    So do we just get rid of Raycroft and waste this "solid prospect" (of which we have another at that position) or do we let him battle through these issues and hope he can return to the form that won him the Calder.

    Are we rebuilding or going for the cup?

  34. Hoondog2 says:

    How does that work?

    No ticket profits, Leafs T.V. profits, merchandise profits = no profits
    Booing = suckers paying hundreds of dollars to yell at a 26 year old

  35. Hoondog2 says:

    I certainly hope so.

  36. leafsrule31 says:

    ita funny how he's absoloutly blown since the new cba.. and since when does giving up a blue chip prospect for a a guy that just choked his way out of one of the most miserable teams in the league a smart idea?

    i could give a shit less about his confidence.. all im saying is that if im paying a hundred bucks to see this shmuck earn his 2 million.. and hes going to blow.. am i going to sit there and attempt to be the sole individual that "spares his confidence" when its obviously already been annihilated for a year or 2 now?.. he shouldnt have been in the blue and white in the first place.. that was my stance on it from the start.

    waste of the prospect or not?.. if they were gonna throw him away they should have used him in a deal for toskala, or another young goalie that can stop more than 90 percent of the shots he faces. raycroft is garbage.. im not going to spare him anything.. he gets paid really well to go through this crap, and if he can't perservere through it.. he's not a professional hockey player in the first place.

    were not talking about children here fella

  37. Spitz88 says:

    Raycroft needs to suck it up and be a man, he knew what he was getting into when he came here.  He deserves to be booed, he has played like absolute garbage.  Not once can I remember him stealing a game for us this year. When the Leafs are successful they have had a good goalie to lean on (see Cujo and Belfour in his early years).  Even Belfour would have been an upgrade from Raycroft this year.  He is losing games for us this year when we are out playing the competition (see Buffalo and Vancouver games). As for Stajan he needs to take some ownership for his own play, watch an entire shift of his and tell me how many strides the guy takes. If JFJ doesn't go this year then MLSE must be brain dead because to let this guy continue turning this team into the 80's Leafs is just irresponsible. 

  38. 92-93 says:

    i think he is taking it. did you read his comments after the game?

  39. Hoondog2 says:

    yea, we're *****ed.  Who knows where to go from here.

  40. Kraut182 says:

    Raycroft has struggled a bit, but his poor GAA and Save Percentage aren't all his fault.  The Leafs are often guilty of giveaways and poor defensive coverage that lead to goals.  Almost every Leaf game I've seen has at least one goal where Raycroft is screened so badly he doesn't see the shot (clear the shooting lanes) or has to puck deflected right in front of him (tie up the players in front of the net).  These goals aren't Raycroft's fault.

    Toronto is out of the playoffs right now, but if they can get back some of their guys and run off 4-5 in a row they'd be right back in.  I don't think you'd find a team around the league that could lose 5 of their top forwards and not struggle.  If St. Louis, Richards, Prospal, Craig and Fedotenko went down for Tampa they'd struggle.  If Kovalev, Ryder, Higgins, Latendresse and Samsonov were hurt for Montreal they'd go into a slide too.

  41. Kraut182 says:

    They almost got a win with under 3 goals tonight, but threw in an empty netter which got me to thinking how many times has this happened.  So I looked it up, and it turns out this is the 3rd time the Leafs will have scored an empty net goal to take their goal total to 4 in a win.  There was also another late (under 1 minute goal) 4th goal that wouldn't have been required for the win.

    Not that the stat doesn't mean anything, the Leafs still should be winning 3-2 and 2-1 games, but sometimes stats don't tell the whole story.

  42. 92-93 says:

    here's the stats on last year's top-10 rookie scorers … their rank this year (points and games played) and their points from last year.

    1 – Crosby 68 pts in 41 games (2, 102 pts in 81)

    2 – Overchkin 63 pts in 46 games (1, 106 pts in 81)

    3 – Vanek 46 pts in 46 games (7, 48 pts in 81 games)

    4 – Wellwood 31 pts in 35 games (10, 45 pts in 81 games)

    5 – Phaneuf 27 pts in 43 games (6, 49 pts in 82 games)

    6 – Boyes 26 pts in 43 games (3, 69 pts in 82)

    7 – Svatos 24 pts in 40 games (5, 50 pts in 61)

    8 – Jokinen 23 pts in 46 games (4, 55 pts in 81)

    9 – Steen 20 pts in 40 games (9, 45 pts in 75)

    10 – Prucha 19 pts in 45 games (8, 47 pts in 68)

    Clearly, Crosby and Overckin are in a league of their own, no surprise there and no change there. but for the remaining 8 rookies its a little different.

    Vanek has excelled in his second season playing on the high flying Sabres. Wellwood would have easily had 40 pts by now if it wasn't for his injury. Clearly he and Vanek make the biggest jump from last year.

    Phaneuf is just as solid as he was last year and is progressing nicely.

    But the remaining 5 guys have all struggled at some point this year.

    Boyes is slowly starting to turn his game around after a rough start (I'd give anything to do the Nolan-Boyes deal). Svatos has missed some games but is clearly not scoring at the clip he did last year. Jokinen, Steen, and Prucha have all struggled at certain points in the year but all have amazing potential and have shown flashes of why they are considered among the league's best young stars.

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