Boring Deadline Day?

With all the deals that have gone down in the weeks before the trade deadline it makes you think how exciting deadline day is going to be.For example within the last two days Alexi Kovalev, Brian Leetch, Serdei Gonchar and Petr Nedved have switched teams. And in the last couple weeks these are just some examples of the deals in the lastmonth and a half:

Jaromir Jagr going To New York for anson Carter

Daryl Sydor to Tampa for Svitov

Lang going to Detroit for praticly nothing

Bondra to the Sens

Konowalchuk and Battaglia switching teams

Kozlov to the Devs

Sean Burke going to Philly and Comrie going to Phoenix

Sullivan going to the preds

Zhamnov to the Flyers

Those are just the ones I can think of right now. But And with players like Witt, Kolzig, O’neill, Hill and Satan probobly going any day now who is going to be left come trade deadline day?


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  1. cyclone says:

    Witt will be gone, probably to Dallas, hopefully to Toronto, but probably not. O’Neill will be going to (in my opinion) either New Jersey to add scoring punch (God knows they need it) or Toronto to add a little more clutch scoring. Hill and Satan won’t move.

  2. matrix2003 says:

    it’ll be busy real busy! With the CBA running out in September some team think this may be their last chance to win the Cup for a long time, while the sellers want the money players off their rosters.

  3. Viller says:

    I’m pretty sure some deals will be done… probably more depth deals more than anything…

    Clarke is still looking for a 5th or 6th dman and a foward supposedly… I know he confirmed the damn part on an interview with the score, fowaird is just various rumors…

    Plenty of teams will be looking for depth…

    Montreal aren’t done either…

  4. PolishKid says:

    Seems like Stars are waiting until the last moment. They surprised everyone big by the Arnott-McKay Neuiwendyk-Langenbrunner trade 2 yrs ago and they may surprise big again. They either do nothing, or they do something completely unexpected.

  5. PolishKid says:

    Seems like Stars are waiting until the last moment. They surprised everyone big by the Arnott-McKay Neuiwendyk-Langenbrunner trade 2 yrs ago and they may surprise big again. They either do nothing, or they do something completely unexpected.

  6. PolishKid says:

    Seems like Stars are waiting until the last moment. They surprised everyone big by the Arnott-McKay Neuiwendyk-Langenbrunner trade 2 yrs ago and they may surprise big again. They either do nothing, or they do something completely unexpected.

  7. kingbobert says:

    I really dont think gainey is done…

    I think he might get some veterans in they’re early 30s..ala kovalev in order to help the youngsters prosper…

    He might get a D-Man only problem is who do you bench…look rivet is gone…that leaves markov brisebois souray bouillon komisarek and quintal…komisarek is the odd man out i think

    look for Gauthier

    and finally he will 2 more moves i think…somebody to keep up to begin and a established power forward

    boston will make some touch ups up front and i think might land one more big D

    Toronto…honestly they dont need much…

    Ottawa needs the grit, maybe arnott or oneil…more like arnoot i believe

    Jersey oh poor jersey…look for the Satan to go to the devils if buffalo doesnt make it bu they’ll have to give up something good

    Tampa will look for a speedster and and a veteran D

  8. TC_4 says:

    I think deadline day will be historic. With the Rangers selling, Pens will deal Tarnstrom, Sabres may drop out by then(if that happens….Satan, Drury, Zhitnik, and Biron…..), Carolina will dump O’Neill, Hill, Wesley(if he’s willing), and Francis(see Wesley). Anaheim, Phoenix, Minnesota, Columbus, and Chicago are all sellers, and have the peices to sell(Prospal, Carney, Gratton, Mara, Bombadier, Fernandez, Richardson, Cassels, Sanderson, Lachance, Berard, and Karpotsev are ALL on the block). Of course as stated you got Witt and Kolzig that are surely to be on the move, and the Florida Panthers also have a few things to deal as well. No doubt of this, everything that HAS to be dealt, will be dealt this year. The teams really don’t have a choice because after the deadline, there will be zero need for any of the players.

  9. JB-23 says:

    Hey TC_4 who couldnt score on me lol, who are my avs gona pick up?

  10. TC_4 says:

    What about that garbage goal in K-town, 99 baby!!! How are you buddy? You always come back on here around the deadline don’t you??? Your avs need to get tough! A power forward because you don’t even need to take anything from your top 2 lines, but there is no power forward there. Lindros??? It’s a possiblity because he’ll be cheap. They need a really good third line centre. Mike Ricci or Mike Peca would fit perfect, but obviously they’re not going anywhere. They’ll get another d-man, and a forward, but I doubt it will be a blockbuster.

  11. JB-23 says:

    LOL that was a bull shit goal just bull shit lol standing behing me and all. Ya i was thinking Lindros but mostly dreaming, but i agree with you totaly, i was thinking that leetch would be on his way to the avs but i guess not, but something big is gona happen this year, i think there are gona be some huge deals with or with out the avs.

  12. TC_4 says:

    If your on right now, give me a call. 428-1638

  13. kings_fan says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on who the Kings might pick up? O’Neil, Satan???

  14. The_Eagle says:

    How about Kolzig?…Cechmanek is useless as tits on a bull lol….pardon the language

  15. Komic-J says:

    I just signed up, but have been consulting this site for so long…

    Some of you think that Montreal will make another move…any of you know if Gainey still talking with Rutherford (Carolina)…O’Neill is exactly what we need in Montreal…

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think there wilbe unexpected deals like last years Carter for Dvorak I dont know if you had heard anything but I hadn’t and deals that seem minor but turn out to really help your team like the Wesley deal the only reason we gave up that many goals to philly was cause Wesley the only Leaf Defencemen at the time (only one who deserves to be in the NHL)

  17. coderaspberry says:

    I’d say Witt will probably stay put. The Caps need some sort of mainstay on D, and Witt will be expensive for other teams looking. Still, if he goes anywhere, I think it’ll be Dallas, Jersey, or possibly Toronto.

    I also don’t know that Kolzig will move. He should, but the only team who could possibly use him is Colorado (No one bring up Toronto – EVERYONE is headed there, it seems, and as a Leaf fan, I’m tired of it), and I don’t think they should screw Abby like that. Kolzig is a number one guy, not a backup, and every contender already HAS their number one guy. Again, too, Olie is expensive.

    O’Neill, on the other hand, seems pretty much assured to go somewhere. Montreal wants him, Vancouver sure could use him, but I think he ends up in New Jersey. Since Rafalski is OK, it lessens Jersey’s need for a d-man (though with Stevens out indefinitely, it’d still be a good pickup), and I think they’ll use the assets they have to snag O’Neill for some needed scoring punch (besides the EGG line) and an overall good fit on their team.

    Hill’s future is in his hands, really. If a team offers and he wants to go, I think he’ll go. If not, well then, he’ll stay a Cane. My belief is that he’ll go, though. The usual suspects will be looking at him, I imagine – Jersey, Philly, Toronto, and maybe Boston.

    Satan I don’t think will be moved, but if he is, it’ll be because Jersey didn’t get O’Neill for some reason. Other than that, I don’t see a ton of interest, but I may be wrong.

    Other than that, I think Barnaby, Simon, and possibly the Big E will leave NY, the Oil may stand pat since it looks like they’re committed to making the playoffs with the acquisition of Nedved (WTH???), and beyond that, Tarnstrom, Lachance, Gratton, McEachern may also be on the move. Probably some others, too, though those are the biggest names possibly on the move, imo.

  18. Tomato_84 says:

    i dont think the deadline day will be that boring…word is that the Rangers are having a massive sale, and apparently just about anyone on that team is available, including jagr. Theres a lot of big names on that team who could still be moving – i mean like 3 of them have moved in a 24 hour period yesterday

  19. kings_fan says:

    Yeah, it’s become obvious why philly let him go for barely more than a bag of pucks. Makes me miss Potvin….a lot.

  20. AxisofEvil says:

    Satan doesn’t really fit in with the Sabres anymore; and for the Buffalo market he’s getting overpaid for the production he’s had this season; BUT he is the only true sniper the Sabres have, and his 25 goals are tops on the Sabres. He has been the Sabres leading scorer for the past 7 seasons. If Satan were to be dealt I think he would be a good fit in L.A….he would look real good playing on the wing opposite of Palfy, or on the secong line with Straka. But I think the kings probably want a center with the possibility of deadmarsh and allisons retirement.

    Other possible rumors on Satan’s destination’s:

    To ISlanders for PArrish and or Hamrlik

    To Devils for ?????

    I also heard Vancouver wants him for their second line…..but with the Sedin twins actually playing really well, Satan might not be an upgrade.

    If Satan is traded for less than top line prospects or a top 2 defnseman I will cry, then march my ass down to HSBC arena and kick Darcy Regeir’s (GM) ass out of town myself.

    I’m not opposed to letting go of Satan but it should definately not be just a salary dump

  21. afanofthelakings says:

    Kolzig isn’t better than Cechmanek in the season

    But, with Cechmanek’s stats in playoffs, I think we can try Kolzig

    We have Robitaille and Frolov in Left

    A big right wing would be great.

    O’Neill, Doan, Afinogenov or Vyborny

  22. wingedim says:

    Vyborny won’t be traded. MacLean needs the extra scoring punch and the consitant effort he puts forth day in and day out.

  23. wingedim says:

    Richardson I doubt will be traded but everyone else in the list from Columbus is on the block from what I understand. MacLean will want useable prospects and picks for Sanderson and Cassels, Lachance will likely be let go for a couple of picks. However, Maclean has stated that just because his ‘vets’ have had off years doesn’t mean they are on the block. It’ll be interesting to see who’s gone on or before the 9th.

  24. kings_fan says:

    He won’t be playing with Palfy this year, seeing as how Palfy is out for the season with a separated shoulder. Besides, Palfy and Satan both play RW.

    I’m curious to see who exactly the Kings are going to trade. Dave Taylor has said that they’re not going to give up youth e.g. Frolov, Brown, Gleason, Grebeshkov, etc. My guess would draft picks and maybe some lower end player.

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