Boston looking to swing a deal?

Bob McKenzie reported on today that the Bruins may be looking to make a “hangover” trade in order to shake things up. It is mentioned that some of the Bruins players are not playing up to par and that a deal may be an option to wake the players up.

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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I can see them wanting to make a trade, but who is going to help them to dance? I don't see anyone doing so until they think the Bruins are safely sliding out of playoff contention. The question then also becomes who stays and who goes? A small deal wont wake a team up, it will have to be a player of significance…..IMO

  2. alpalstewart says:

    i agree with you on that, once these guys are far outa the play-off picture i see them becoming a seller at the deadline. but i dont see them missing the play-offs. they will make it in. but they better get over that cup hangover soon and get there asses in gear.

  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    This team is missing one piece to become a dynasty. That piece would have been Phil Kessel. They are missing that sniper, they have good centers, they have arguably the best power forward in Milan Lucic. They need some guy to pop them into the net.

    Here's my proposal that would benefit both teams, may make some eyebrows raise:

    Boston trades:

    Nathan Horton

    Washington trades:

    Alexander Semin

    -Why Washington would do this trade?

    I think the would because they cannot afford Semin and Horton is a cheaper option, also, he plays a bit of the power forward/point producer role that would look good with Backstrom and Ovechkin. They also have a young Kuzentsov to take over Semin's play as well.

    -Why Boston would do this trade?

    I think they would because Semin, though criticized, is a fantastic player. He would look great alongside potentially Seguin and Lucic for years to come. Also, a very dependable point produce with a laser of a shot.

    What do you think BB?

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    They are not that far out right now, but a few more losses puts them in a tough tough spot. That will be a lot of teams to have to jump in order to make the playoffs.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    If Semin had not disappeared in the last few playoffs it may have a chance to happen. Howeve with his impending UFA status, i do not see it happening. Though it could certainly give both teams a boost.

  6. Steven_Leafs says:

    There wont be a problem with that, if another team thinks they can improve their club by waking up the Stanley Cup champs, they'll do it. Plus there are 15 teams in the Western Conference that wont care if they get Boston back to the playoffs.

    You are right about having to make a significant deal. Nothing too big like trading Seguin, Horton, Chara, a goalie, etc… but flipping Marchand for a solid verteran winger but not be a bad move.

  7. Steven_Leafs says:

    A nice idea, but I see this benefiting Washington much more than it benefits Boston. Semin is too much of a risk to give up on Horton, although if this did happen, Washington goes from one of my most hated teams to one of my favorites. Damn I feel dirty for saying that. Ewwww…. need to shower. 😛

  8. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think that's more than fair value that the Bruins would be getting back, but I don't think Chiarelli makes the trade. The reason for that is that Semin is the complete opposite of what the Bruins want in a player. They're built on character and two-way play and those are Semin's biggest question marks. I just don't think he fits in the system.

    I don't want to sound like one of those fans, but the Bruins have been running into alot of hot goalies. They seem to be controlling the game like usual most of the time, but they're just a snakebitten team at the moment. I don't want to completely cast aside the idea that there's a problem with the offense, and I realize that the powerplay is more than a problem, but I don't think a shake-up is necessary at all.
    The main problem right now is Krejci. I think it's just because he's been injured, but he looks like a shadow of his former self out there. Horton has looked bad too, but he's notoriously streaky. Seguin looks awesome, Bergeron looks like he usually does, Lucic looks great since being put with Seguin, Kelly has been playing great, Marchand has been solid, Pevs has looked good, and the fourth line hasn't been great, but they can't be relied on too much. Pouliot has looked like crap, but who expected much from him anyways? The defense hasn't looked very good offensively and Corvo has been a disappointment so far though.
    Ideally I'd like to see them trade for a solid offensive winger. I've been saying Whitney for a long time, but a guy like Prospal would be great too. I realize that they might have to wait a while for the opportunity to land those guys though, but I think they could be had for picks and/or prospects.
    If they can roll with this, I think they're set:
    Any of those three lines could be the number 1 really.
  9. hockey_lover says:

    A bit off topic but Id disagree with Lucic being the best power forward. Id likely go with Getzlaf myself.

  10. reinjosh says:

    Or Perry. Either would win that title. Lucic is good but he's not that good. 

  11. DannyLeafs says:

    I fully agree. I like Lucic's game, but I think he is drastically overrated by many. There are a dozen or so guys I would put above him as the league's best powerforward. Not that he isn't a very good player, having only a dozen or so guys ahead of you in your role in the league is not saying he isn't very valuable, especially when you consider the fact that many teams would prefer to have at least 2 powerforwards that can score, in their top 6 group.

  12. DannyLeafs says:

    I don't disagree with you on Semin as such, mainly because I have no faith he can help offensively when it matters. but I don't think they need a guy that fits into their system. I think a guy whose primary focus is to score would be the ideal addition. As long as he isn't absolutely awful defensively, and he doesn't hurt chemistry, it won't matter if he isn't a two-way gritty player. Boston has plenty of that, and they won't notice if there is a guy who doesn't play that way.

    Not to rub it in at all, but Kessel would be quite ideal. I think they need that one shot scorer who can turn the tide with a quick play. They don't need to be used for anything else.

    I think guys like Loui Ericsson, Martin Havlat, Marian Gaborik type player would be ideal. However, these guys are pretty unattainable.

    All in all, I would look for a stop gap solution for now though. The defending champs would likely have to pay too high a premium to land a real stud player. They could take a flyer out on a guy that is underperming or a team in need of a shake up like a Brad Boyes, or Bryan Little, but I wouldn`t get too caught up in it.

    If Boston can have a decent year, they will be a very attractive destination for some UFA talent. Former champs with great team history, an established core, and young up and comers. I hate to say it, but Zach Parise could be a match made in heaven for the Bruins. He is eveything they could possibly want, and he would turn them from a solid contender to perennial favourite. I can`t think of a better fit for that team, and he may just possibly be available. Also, from his perspective, he would come to a team where he would know they were capable of winning, they would have the depth to sustain injuries, and he could get to play along side a great young center for many years to come. He would be loved in Boston, and i think coming from New Jersey`s system oriented play style in previous years, he could slip into the line up seemlessly.

    Just for fun I am going to throw out a trade propsal that makes some sense, but could probably never happen. Andrei Kostitsyn for Joe Corvo.

    Kostitsyn would be low risk since he is on a one year deal, and he is that type of player with a great shot that can turn a game around quickly if someone gets him the puck in the right place. Corvo has been a disappointment, but Montreal could really use a puck mover if Markov can`t get back into the lineup soon. They could also just use an extra body with the way things have gone on the back end for them. Neither team is in love with the player they are getting rid of, and the player coming back offers a low cost possible solution to a hole in their line ups. I know it woulnd`t happen, but it`s an interesting thought, and I think it would make for some nice added drama for when the two teams played each other again. I would love to see Chara line up Corvo right after being teammates, or Kostitsyn added fuel to the rivalry by doing an interview after being traded about how he secreltly hated someone in the Montreal lockerroom. From the perspective of a hockey fan who isn`t a Canadiens or Bruins fan, it is very interesting.

  13. glotz_99 says:

    Bruins fans arn't saying shit about the kessel deal now, 10 goals in 10 games, and the Bruins are the Least in the East. Go Leafs.

  14. Bruinman says:

    Yes you go leafs! And look for Kessel to be a strong and most importantly a physical leader in the playoffs! Please we got the cup and what do you got? a Kessel that will soon choke and studder infront of the camera. Leafs for the cup in 2012! Ha ha ha what a joke!

  15. Boston_Bruins says:

    I'm actually a big fan of Semin. Best shot in the league. I just don't see Chiarelli doing it.

    We have that gamebreaker in Seguin. He hasn't done it consistently yet, but with his shot and speed, he's a threat every time he's on the ice.

    As for your trade proposal it's good value for Boston but (as you already mentioned) it's not realistic given who the two teams are.

  16. Boston_Bruins says:

    It all depends on your definition of what a power forward. If you extend the definition to include guys like Iginla, Nash, Perry, etc. then obviously he isn't one of the best. No one would put him up there with those guys. The thing with Lucic though is that he's a true power forward, and a complete throwback to Neely (even though he's not nearly as good). There are very few if any like Lucic in the league right now, which is why I think alot of people mention him as the best.

  17. Boston_Bruins says:

    Haha really. We just won a Cup, our main asset in the deal is leading our team in scoring at 19 years old, and our other asset is putting up nearly 2 points per game as a defenseman. Good for Kessel for putting up these points, but there are two sides to a deal, and I'm very happy with this one right now.

  18. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree that it depends on what you mean by the statement, but I still think there are more valuable to their team.

    The way I look at it there are two basic teirs of top 6 power forwards. There are the guys that use their size, and throw some hits, but who's main focus is scoring. These are guys like Nash, Perry, Toews and the like.

    Then there are those who can make a huge impact even if they aren't scoring, and are down right just miserable to play against. I would put guys like Lucic, Backes, and Kesler in this category. I would even go so far to put Getzlaf in here, he hits a ton, plays nasty, and is has a mean streak. Perry has a mean streak, but it mainly comes out after the whistle. I consider forwards in this category as long as you would still see them as impact players if they were scoring considerable less.

    I would also likely put Ovechkin in this Category for one simple reason. If Ovechkin only scored 25 goals a year you would pretty much have Cal Clutterbuck, and I don't think you can call him anything other than a power forward.

    I agree that Lucic is unique, but I think he gets a little more hype then some others because of the craving Boston fans have for teh second coming of Cam Neely.

    On a side note, has anyone else taken note of how many more Power forwards are being developed in America. When I was thinking up names of guys I think I would take over Lucic, guys like Callahan, Backes, Kesler, and Brown, I started noticing a trend. Also, it's worth noting that over half of the top 10 hitters in the league in each of teh last few years have been american forwards.

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