Boston Signs Berard. Plus More NHL News.

The Boston Bruins Have (Finally) signed unrestricted free agent Bryan Berard to a one year contract plus a one year option for the Bruins…(Source:

“We feel that Bryan will help our team,” said Boston GM O’connell.

This signing may rush a bit the dealing of big unhappy defenseman Kyle Mclaren but it may not because of his injury plagued history that may affraid other teams.

In my opinion according to what happened to guys like Anson Carter and Jason Allison, the Bruins may want to wait for the start of the season before thinking doing this move.

In other news, the Toronto Maple Leafs would be interrested in Theo Fleury but ”no formal negotiations have taken place.” said assistant GM Bill Waters.

Also, The Columbus Blue Jackets would still be interrested in signing a forward. This forward would be…. Andrew Cassels. Take this, Titans! 🙂

That’s about it!



It’s my 22nd B-day today, everybody drink up something for me please.

The unrestricted free agent spent the last three years playing with the Capitals.

(posted Aug. 13, 3:34PM EDT)

Sportsnet has learned that unrestricted free agent Ulf Dahlen has signed a one year contract with the Dallas Stars.

Dahlen scored 23 goals and had 29 assists patrolling the right wing in Washington last season. He has 284 career goals and 334 assists in 903 games played.


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  1. mikster says:

    It’s finally done. Berard is a Bruin and i wish him the best.

    As for Dahlen, damn i was hoping he;d go to the Rangers.

    Happy Birthday Marco.

  2. Lint07 says:

    Thanx alot Micki.

    I received my new Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 which made my day! 🙂

  3. LordPerth says:

    I’ll have a drink on Marco who is nearly one year younger than me…

  4. mikster says:

    I’m 20, living in the States, but i am still European and therefore drinking is always a pleasure 😉 A good Belgian beer!!!

  5. bruinsfan12 says:

    I’m still hoping the Bruins will throw in Grosek in a McLaren deal. You’re right they probably want to wait until the start of the season. I really wonder who they will get. If they get a forward that would be great but even after signing Berard they need defensive help.

    Who do you think Berard will play with? Sweeney I think. I think O’Donnell will play with Boynton..

    Happy Birthday! I’ll take some extra shots for you

  6. mikster says:

    I think Grosek might actually do well with the Bruins.

  7. titans says:

    So you’ve made it 22 years without anybody strangling you to death! Good for you!! (Thats as close to a happy birthday your getting out of me)

  8. titans says:

    Just one more piece in that Bruins Stanley Cup Finals team. Granted a cycloptic piece, but a piece none the less.

  9. big_booty says:

    Great. Another post with the “news” that Berard is a Bruin.

    How many does that make? Three? Four?

    I thought that submitted articles had to have “fresh ideas” or “breaking news.” I was also under the impression that “repetitive articles would not be posted.” I could be wrong.

    Yyyyyaaaawwwwnnn…….Wake me when there’s another worthless Andrew Cassels article posted.

  10. Lint07 says:

    When the article been submitted (this morning) there was no article about the Berard signing.

    They posted the other one and I gues they posted mine too because there were other nhl news in it…

    anyways, who cares?

  11. Lint07 says:

    Thanx anyways 😉

  12. titans says:

    You know you too wear your Cassells jersey with pride dont ya?!?!

  13. Overtime says:

    I know this will come as a shock to you, but did you know that Toronto and Phoenix are interested in Theo Fleury?

  14. Overtime says:


    I just finished my sixth beer in celebration of your birthday. Keep those blockbuster posts coming.


  15. Rushing says:

    Another step in the right direction for Dallas. Great.

    Let’s see. First line:

    Guerin(66), Modano(77), and Lehtinen(49)=192 pts.

    Second line=

    Turgeon(46), Young(41), and Morrow(35)=122 pts.

    Third line=

    Arnott(45), Dahloen(52), and John Sim? This last spot is a question.

    That is 3 strong scoring lines if you ask me. That’s also not including Zubov(44) and Boucher(30) , Sydor(33), and Matvichuk(21) who are all Defensive players.

    Our fourth line has always been more of a Defensive line to knock off the other line ya might say. In other words, just to keep them from scoring. As they were called a couple of seasons ago, “The Grumpy Old Men.” Several of them are still here too. Muller was the leader of that group and did a great job.

  16. Kariya-09 says:

    Finally, what was taking so long, we needed this guy so bad now that Mclaren wants out.

  17. big_booty says:

    This might come as a shock to you, but yes I did, and I could really care less.

  18. big_booty says:

    Nah, I just have his face on my toilet paper.

  19. Lint07 says:

    Glad I could help you have a good night!

  20. mikster says:

    You’re on the road to get your ass kicked out of this site. If you are bored with it, good… if the staff cares.

    Instead of yawning and sucking your pappy’s balls, why don’t you write something interesting hat’s not boring?

    You criticize too much….and it’s getting too annoying because you seem the only one to have a big problem. So here is a fresh idea, you either shut up or you get your lazy ass working.

  21. bruinsfan12 says:

    oh titans you crack me up!

  22. bruinsfan12 says:

    you’re right, just becuase they got those amount of points last year, they will magically do it again

  23. leafer7 says:

    Exactly,but people will criticize no matter what is said.Some people have self esteem issues and they come here to vent it.A good beating would do.

  24. Forsberg21 says:

    I thought Dahlen played LW on Oates’s line with Jagr on the right last year. Anyway, I think this could open up the door for Arnott to get traded. That would be too bad becase Dallas already had enough scorers, and Arnot seemed to be a good fit on the Modo line; him and Guerin would have done the protecting for Modano that he has always wanted. Seemed like Dallas realized they shouldn’t sign the type of guys they did last year, but this move seems like a mystery to me, even if they do trade Arnott.

  25. Rushing says:

    As far as Dahlen’s position, in todays paper it said that he played RW yet was still left handed. He could be used as either RW or LW.

    Since Dallas just resigned Arnott after Arbitration with an increase to his salary, I don’t really see them trading him. Now don’t take me wrong, who knows, they very may do so, but………….I see him on the third line and “dominating” almost any other third line in the league!!!!

  26. Forsberg21 says:

    He does seem like the perfect third line center.

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