Boston Trade Rumor

It has been rumored on Sporting News Radio that the Boston Bruins are continuing their search for a scoring winger to replace recently departed Bill Guerin, who went to the Dallas Stars this summer. Although it is near impossible to replace a guy like Guerin, the Bruins are supposedly talking to the New York Rangers about a possible deal, which would send tough winger Radek Dvorak to Boston.Radek, a native of the Czech Republic, was selected tenth overall in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft by the Florida Panthers. He played that very next season, playing under expectations, but still showing promise. Since then, he has been dealt to the New York Rangers, where he is having contract extension talks, or possibly even trade talks.

With the likes of Bobby Holik, Darius Kasparitus, Mike Richter and Mark Messier having contract discussions, Dvorak has been overshadowed. Reportedly, Dvorak is seeking a contract extension which would make him a Ranger through 2004. But if he cannot get what he wants, he might even demand a trade. He is a rising star in the NHL, and is expected to be at least a thirty-goal scorer.

The Bruins on the other hand, have been taking heat from their fans. The team failed to re-sign scoring threat Bill Guerin, and dumped goaltender Byron Dafoe. They have not made any attempts in the free-agent market, with the exception of Brian Berard, but are expected to make a few deals during the long and grueling NHL season.

The Boston organization would have a tough forward in the 6’2,” 185 lb. winger. He would add a scoring touch to the lineup, as he has in Florida and New York.

The Bruins are supposedly “very optimistic” about Dvorak arriving in Boston, reported by a fan in a call-in show on Sporting News Radio. I caught the tail-end of the conversation, but the guy seemed to know what he was talking about. But, this is just speculation.

Could Dvorak really be the help Boston is looking for? Will they need anyone else? We shall find out soon enough…

~Jeff P.


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  1. Kariya-09 says:

    I wouldnt mind if we pick up a guy like Dvorak,sure he wont get 40+goals, but 20+gaols will still help us out.

  2. bruinfan37 says:

    who are they giving up? Mclaren, draft picks?

    btw, I feel this would be a good pickup

  3. RobbieNumbers- says:

    Is that guy Mclaren any good?? If he is,then i say trade them Dvorak for mclaren.If not,doesn’t the Bruins have any left wingers they might wanna get rid of?Or how about a three way trade??The rangers need wingers,plus the D is very questionable.

  4. nixter says:

    Dvorak is an ok player..but if McLaren is involved they should get way more than just Dvorak, like a first round pick or a prospect?

    Doesnt Sather ALWays screw the Bruins one way or another???

  5. beefer says:

    Dvorak is not a “tough” winger. He has tons of speed and backchecks well. Good 2 way player that can play on PP and PK. Also has very good skills which he showed when he played on the Czechmates line with Nedved and Hlavac. He will give you 20+ goals/per. I would hate to see the Rangers give him up.

  6. TheBricks says:

    Yeah alright. I know that this was reported with a source. But, there is a reason why Slats traded Hlavac over DVO. DVO ain’t goin no where. He’s staying in NY. Is there really anything the Rangers can get from Boston at this point? By trading him, they hurt their other side of wingers. This doesn’t make any sense from a Rangers fan stand point. As a Bruins…yes it would. Man if its McLaren for DVO I’ll SCREAM!! Hey Miki Peroni…what do ya think? I SAY LETS KEEP DVO AND F’ THE B’s!

  7. Sands says:

    I Rather see Nedved go. But if a trade has to happen I want Nedved, Dvorak and a pick for D Kyle McLaren and LW Sergei Samsonov. You have to believe that if a trade goes Down Sather gets a good LW. Dvorak is worth more then just Kyle McLaren.

  8. big_booty says:

    There is nothing “tough” about Dvorak. His entire game, as the mikster is so adept at pointing out, is predicated on speed. I find it amazing that Dvorak has gone from a sniper to a banger in the course of one off-season, one in which he is rehabbing his destroyed knee.

    He hasn’t shown that he can stay healthy, so that will play a role in his contract negotiations. However, Dvorak isn’t really in a good position to demand a trade. As far as him being a “rising star,” well, I have to debunk that. This coming season will be his ninth. Nine years in the league, and someone can still be considered a “rising star?” I don’t think so.

  9. big_booty says:

    “He has tons of speed and backchecks well.”

    His speed has never really impressed, and now will be hampered by all the surgeries his knees have had to endure.

    As far as his backchecking prowess, the man was minus-20 last season. That doesn’t sound like the kind of stat a good backchecker would have.

  10. beefer says:

    Not sure who you were watching, but he looked pretty damn fast to me. I’ve seen him bust his ass getting back in the play and catching guys from behind. His speed is also one of the reasons why they use him on the PK. Gets lots of SH chances. The knee injury could hurt this. As for his backchecking and +/- , if nobody else is picking up a man, how are you supposed to pick them all up to keep out of the minus column. Don’t nkow too many players that can pick up 3 guys at once. (no gay jokes please)

  11. beefer says:

    At least you agreed with me on the “tough” issue.

  12. NemiNA says:

    The Bruins still need to improve their DEFENSE before tey start to improve any other position. They have 3 great scorers in Thornton Sammy and Murray. Lapointe Rolston and stumple are just as good ZAumner also ad a great year last year. their offense is fine. McLaren and Gill were the only defenseman to put up over 20 point season last year.

    They need to wrry about defense. berard was a great move but they need someone else if McLaren goes.

  13. titans says:

    Boston doesn’t need any more goal scorers!! They’re stacked at forward!!! et maybe another D-man!! Boston certainly doesn’t need the likes of Dvorak!!

  14. Sundinfan says:

    are you kidding?????? he’s not worth mclaren & samsonov. samsonov is a keeper

  15. nixter says:

    Dvorak is too old anyways….on the way down ya know!!

  16. nixter says:

    S. Samsonov is not going anywhere .

  17. nixter says:

    Defense is in good shape this year. morrissonn might play and Girard will be here all year so it looks good. Problem is they need a Big goal Scorer up front Like Iggy and Yes if a defenceman is needed Morris outta Calgary along with Iggy for Mclaren and Zamner

  18. beefer says:

    He was born in 1977. Won’t be 26 until March. Since when is a 25 year old hockey player “too old”. I always thought they called that a players “prime”. If we were talking about titans posted of hottest chicks, then 25 years old might be “too old”.

  19. bruinsfan12 says:

    I would just like to see the Bruins make a trade, no matter if it’s a forward or defensemen, as long as it’s someone good. I would at least like to trade with someone other than the Rangers. Maybe we can include Grosek in a trade.

  20. beefer says:

    The Rangers couldn’t GIVE Grosek away last year.

  21. Forsberg21 says:

    Whoa, 9th year. Everyone who talks about this guy even in the media, makes it sound like he’s only been in the league 3 or 4 years.

  22. Forsberg21 says:

    What aobut Vrbata or Reinprect and a draft pick for Mclaren. Those kids are already good and will only get better. Vrbata was on pace for 29 goals last year but didn’t play until around mid season. He still had a higher goal total in his rookie year than Hejduk or Forsberg.

  23. benji_ch says:

    Yes, i’m not a fan of the Rangers or the Bruins (im a habs fan as you can see from my name), but any trade for Dvorak could be a risk for the team who gets him. Remember last year, the 1st game after Rucinsky came over and the New Czech line with Dvorak Nedved and Rucinsky, Dvorak got nailed and tore his ACL and MCL in his knee. The injury obviously kept him out for the rest of the season. I’m wonderinjg that with such a serious injury, plus the surgery, if Dvorak can still be the player he was.

  24. TheBricks says:


  25. nixter says:

    LOL way ta go!

  26. nixter says:

    …sound like a fair trade to me!

  27. marcop says:

    vrbata is waaaaaaaaay better than mclaren will ever be and so is reinpricht.

  28. Kariya-09 says:

    The question is , who nowadays is NOT overated?

  29. Kariya-09 says:

    Heck why dont we give away Joe Thornton for sandy mcarthy while were at it.

  30. Fall-Apart-Cow says:

    Ideally, id like to see the Bruins trade Mclaren traded for a defensmen, which is what the Bruins

    need really. well actually, they need better relationships with their players is what they need, but

    that’s beside the point.

    Mclaren actually is what they need, but he wants out so I guess they really just need someone like

    him, but trades like that ( ones for similar players ) are pretty unlikely because they usually only

    happen when both players involved are having problems seeing eye to eye with their respective

    teams. seems the only player in this situation with McLaren is Morris.

    Now on paper that’s a great deal, both teams get something at least useful, if not improve both

    their rosters by adding good, fairly young d-men, although, while I like Mclaren, Morris is better

    offensively, and to the Bruins that would mean a lot.

    now im not saying I heard anything about this, but im just suggesting it, food for thought I guess

    you would say.

    as far as other trade partners for the Bruins, I don’t really see any. there are few teams who both

    need a guy like Mclaren and can afford him, and as for them going after Dvorak, I doubt that.

    they don’t really need him, and further more, besides Mclaren they don’t have much in trade bait

    other than Axelson (sp?), they have other expendable players but nothing else the rangers would

    want really.

    also, I don’t think the bruins need Dvorak, while he’s a good winger, they have Murray and

    Lapoint, and while they arn’t the two best right wingers in the world, that certainly is a nice

    one-two punch. if anything they should go find a left winger for the second line with Stump. then

    they would have 2 very solid scoring lines, plus a great checking line with Rolston, Zamuner and


    enough rambling for today, any thoughts?



    as I said before none of these are rumors or anything, just my opinions, so don’t get all in a hissy

    fit about these being false rumors because they arn’t rumors at all.

  31. TheBricks says:

    Sakic, Roy, Jagr, Blake, Bertuzzi, Kariya, Khabibulan…just to name a few in my book..

  32. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually you were off by a couple, its going to be his 7th year in the league. He came into the league in 95/96 with Florida. Before that he played in the Czech Republic. But your right he’s not a newcomer to the league anymore. However he came into the league as an 18 year old so this could account for his perceived slow maturation, like Iginla and Thorton until last year.

  33. Kariya-09 says:

    Your so Called DVO Hasnt proved much in the NHL so far, besides the fact he can skate. I guess neither has Mclaren besides getting injured and likes wathing WWF(Zednik hit), but thats besides the point. I am a bruins fan and i wouldnt trade for DVO the B’s dont really need him, they need more grit.

  34. Avalanche114 says:

    I wouldn’t give up Vrbata for an unreliable d-man like McLaren, and Reinprecht!!! i hope your joking..

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