Boucher Is A Dallas Star

The Stars picked up an impact defenseman with their first free agent signing of the summer, securing the 6-foot-3, 221-pound Philippe Boucher Tuesday with a four-year contract.

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  1. 24boarding says:

    nice first step but the success of this years offseason depends on the potential signings of Guerin, Amonte or Young. All have received offers from the Stars but everything is suspiciously quiet…

  2. Rushing says:

    The first step has been done now. With NY already signing Holik and Kasparaitus, this opens up the table a little more for the Stars to go after Guerin and Amonte. I just hope it means they “will” get them both. Dallas still had their agents up north in the area today so perhaps, they were still in close touch. Modano was also in close touch with the two off and on all year.

  3. habs_88_4life says:

    Good fit in Dallas but i was hoping for the hometown guy to go to the Habs. That is thier main weakness.

  4. regdunlop says:

    They paid to much for this guy. I have watched him play in person ALOT over the last two years and although he did well with the extra ice time this year, he also made alot of mistakes. he really should have another year under his belt playing more consistantly before getting this kind of money. The kings gave him alot of chances where he came up short. it kind of sucks that he took the money and ran. It will be interesting to see how well he continues to develope in Dallas.

  5. omnipotence says:

    According to the Wednesday Dallas Morning News, the Stars have not made contract proposals to Guerin, Amonte, nor Young. They are waiting to see if any of these players want to be on the Stars team before making an offer. Hicks visited all three Monday in Boston, and Doug Armstrong just flew back from the same area. Amonte’s agent said the visit was positive, but the numbers must be right.

  6. omnipotence says:

    I like this deal. Boucher is a top four defenseman, and we have him playing fifth defenseman. Reports are saying the Stars expect a decision or two today regarding Young, Amonte, and Guerin.

  7. keeper_coach says:

    The thing I like about this is that they needed a right-handed #5 defenseman with the ability to be a #3 or #4 and that is exactly what they got. He also has a hammer for a shot and that could help on the power play. It’s nice to see they didn’t throw tons of money at Richardson, Chelios or Kaspar and create a problem by having too many top 4 defenders. Nice work. We’ll see if it continues with the forwards. Say and dream as you will, but unless they trade Arnott, they only need one of the top 3 RW’s out there.

  8. omnipotence says:

    I just read a report that states Amonte was very impressed with the Stars. His decision is expected to come today. I would rather have Amonte than Guerin, even if Amonte’s goals aren’t as plentiful. He was a plus player; Guerin was -11. The Rangers, though, apparently pulled out, Phily insists they aren’t going after anyone, and Detroit sounds done. The Avs haven’t done anything, so it sounds like Dallas is the only team left willing to pay the big dollars. If they both sign, Arnott has to go. But I think a trade involving him is easier said than done. Even if they only sign Amonte, Arnott is not a good fit. The last time he played wing, he was not very good. Hopefully we can get a young and tallented left wing in his place.

  9. keeper_coach says:

    I agree completely, but there are upsides to Arnott as well. First of all, he’s only 25, so when Modano or Turgeon hit the end, he’ll only be around 30. Not to mention, he really hasn’t had a full season playing on the wing, so I can’t say that experiment is a total failure.

    I do like Amonte running with Modano, though. That would be a great speed line. If we trade Arnott, I say do it for a LW as well. Then we can move Lehts back to the right side. I just don’t see any LW’s as trade bait. Too many factors go into the “perfect equation”. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait it out and go from there. Based on the rumors, I’m convinced it will be Amonte as well, but we also have a great shot at Young, who I think is waiting for the topr guys to go before he negotiates. Selanne has been mentioned quite a bit as well, lately. I’d like him in a Stars jersey as well.

  10. omnipotence says:

    Arnott is 27, not that that is much of a difference. What’s interesting is Hicks is making a tremendous effort for Guerin. I didn’t think we would sign both Guerin and Amonte to start out with, but now…who knows. We do need one of them, though. I don’t like Selanne that much, and would much rather have Guerin and Amonte much more. What needs to be decided, if we get two wings, is what’s more valuable: Arnott, who may fall to third-line center or wing (unless he beats out Turgeon for second-line center), or whatever’s available in the trade market. Armstrong insists that youth and speed are necessary for this team, and surely there’s a team out there willing to take a first-line center for 4-5 million.

  11. keeper_coach says:

    Typo on calling Arnott 25. Selanne would be my 3rd choice as well, but if something falls through with one of the others, he’s an extra option. It’s amazing to think about it. There are 4 high quality RW’s left and unless someone else steps up, Dallas pretty much has their choice. I like how they approached this off-season. I could see Arnott beating Turgeon for the 2nd line, and then puting Turgeon on the LW. He didn’t do too bad there last season. That would leave Malhotra and Morrow on the 2nd line with maybe someone like Dahlen, although I would like McKay back. it could be very pretty. I just have this weird feeling that Guerin will go back to Boston.

  12. omnipotence says:

    The reason, I think, Guerin hasn’t signed yet is because he wants to stay in the east; however, nobody is willing to give him what he wants. With Hicks going after him aggressively, I will be shocked if he doesn’t sign with Dallas. But, we’ll see. I also like Dallas’ approach this off-season. Who would have thunk it: Dallas may acquire two of the top wings in free-agency. Let’s hope we get atleast one.

    Tippett said he wants players at their natural position, so if we acquire two wings, where does Lehts go? Does this fulfill Gainey’s off-season strategy of a year ago to develop three scoring lines?

  13. mightylik says:

    Face it guys, they won’t get Guerin… that;s why Selanne’s name has begun to pop up. The Stars know it and they are covering their butts cause they might not land Amonte either. If they don’t get one of them than this offseason will be considered a failure. Personally I wish they would say a big F U to Guerin and put all the emphasis on Amonte, and then the best move would be to sign Young to play with Turgeon. I think chemistry would be better without Guerin and those guys would cost about as much together as Guerin alone. I also think that they should trade Arnott to whomever can offer the best young, skilled left-winger. Boucher was a solid signing though. I think he’ll become a much more solid player than Kasperitus, who has no offensive skill. Go Stars… and RED WINGS SUCK!!!

  14. Rushing says:

    Well, according to the “Sporting News,” they think Dallas has made a dang good deal here. That is the best so far with the Defensive men.

  15. keeper_coach says:

    I’m sold. As much as I’d like Guerin’s size and skill, I really don’t want to have to bow before him just to sign him. Amonte is a team guy and he’ll be a great addition. I’m not 100% on Young because his name id the only thing young about him. At 34, I wouldn’t give him more than 2 years considering he’s only had one great season. Other than that, he’s been average. As far as natural positions go, I think Lehts beleives the left side is his natural position. He’s been there for about 4 years now.

  16. omnipotence says:

    Lehts only plays left wing because he was forced to play the position in the olympics. It’s not his natural position. You may be on to something, though. I’m surprised Guerin and/or Amonte are not signed yet. What could be the hangup? If they both were offered contracts for where they wanted to go, they would have signed already.

    I disagree about Guerin, and this is why: He is an extremely fast power forward with a scoring touch. That is a necessity for the Stars, but what’s more important is for the Stars to have a mean streak, and he definitely brings that. I like Amonte a lot, and think if only we had him as a F/A, that would be terrific and I like what the team has. But Guerin would add something more to the team that only Hatcher and Matvichuck bring. We need it on the forecheck.

    As for Selanne, his name has been brought up ever since San Jose declined to sign him. I don’t think there is a connection between his name being mentioned and the inability to acquire Guerin.

  17. keeper_coach says:

    I guess it’s for naught now that they signed Guerin. I still see Amonte coming our way as well. Worst case scenario, we get Young. No one else has any money to dish out, so it’s pretty much ours for the taking.

    I’m just VERY happy that the #13 jersey will be worn in Big D

  18. regdunlop says:

    it is just my opinion but I don’t think the guy is worth over 2 million a year (what the Kings offered him). my opinion is based on seeing almost all the Kings home game over the past two seasons. I sit in the kings defensive zone and have watch him progress. He has gotten alot better but still makes a lot of bad passes in his zone and his play is inconsistanet from night to night. He is a bargain if you consider how many teams are overpaying the UFA’s this summer….but he really hasn’t proved himself in my mind. Hopefully he will continue to get better under Tippet who knows him well. But i could easily see it going the other way.

  19. wayne2 says:

    I was hoping Ottawa but by the looks of their latest trade,looks like we are going in the wrong direction.

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