Boyle a Shark

Contrary to recent reports stating that Boyle was close to becoming an Ottawa Senator, confirms that Tampa Bay defenseman Dan Boyle, and Brad Lukowich, have been traded to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a 1st round, 4th round picks, a prospect TBA, and Matt Carle.

Boyle makes $6.6M a season and was asked to waive his no-trade clause.

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  1. mikster says:

    Good trade for Tampa Bay getting a couple of picks and Matt Carle, hoping that he can turn things around.

    I am scartching my head as to how the Bolts will defend themselves from the opposition with a defense consisting of:

    Kuba, Lukowich, Lundin, O’Brien, Picard, Ranger, Smaby, Carle.

    Not one of those d-men is a top pairing d-man and arguably all of them are 3rd pair guys. Ranger would be their best offensive d-man at this point, with Carle having the better potential.

  2. Komic-J says:

    God I love this trade !
    First, Ottawa doesn't get Boyle, which is a good thing for the Habs ! Good job by Tampa getting Carle (a good young puck moving defenseman), a 1st rounder and getting rid close to $6.0m overall in the trade. Something else is coming up for sure, probably a solid defensive minded defenseman (Jason Smith maybe ?).

    This also adds $6.0m to the Sharks payroll…now, they still have some cap room, but maybe it'll force them to move Marleau eventually, hopefully to Montreal if we don't win the Sundin derby.

    …ah well, I can dream ! :o)

  3. canucklehead_101 says:

    Matt Carle
    Ty Wishart*
    1st Rounder
    4th Rounder
    Dan Boyle
    Brad Lukowich

    TBA Prospect confirmed by Jon Jordan of

  4. Komic-J says:

    Wow Wishart on top of that ?!?
    …that's an amanzing trade for Tampa if you ask me !

  5. Radio says:

    He hasn't been traded yet.

  6. pezzz says:

    now the Sharks have 7 d-men capable of logging top minutes, with the addition of Blake and Boyle. add Rivet, Murray, Mclaren, Erhoff and Vlasic. This is too much.

    Erhoff is still an RFA and he's looking for a big raise. I see him being traded in the next couple of days.

    Christian Erhoff to New York Rangers
    Petr Prucha + 3rd round pick to San Jose Sharks


    Christian Erhoff to New York Islanders
    Mike Comrie to San Jose Sharks


  7. Tweek says:

    Sure Tampa gets a lot in return but what exactl are they thinking?  Whats the point of going out and getting all those forwards if the big horse on your blueline isn't around to help protect those leads?  Does anybody remember how bad the Lightning were when Boyle was injured last year?  He is the most important player to the team not named Vinny Lecavalier. 

    On the flip side this is a great deal for San Jose and one has to think they are right behind the Wings as cup favourites now.  Boyle has a solid all round game and will give them 25 minutes of experience a night.  Sure the Sharks gave up a lot but they need to contend NOW.  I really like this deal for the Sharks.

  8. Komic-J says:

    And now Rivet to Buffalo for draft picks…

  9. wayne2 says:

    As a sens fan I'm glad we didnt trade for him.He is overpaid much like Redden was and is often hurt.He earned 6.6 mil per year so I rather the sens give 3.5 mil to Meszaros and still have money to spend later.Vermette at 4 mil per year would be great and reasonable too. 

  10. Kyleton says:

    Boyle has really been injured. With the exception of last seasons freak accident he has not missed more than 5 or 6 games in a season.

  11. Kyleton says:

    Two second rounders is a solid return for him.

  12. Komic-J says:

    After all, you guys did trade Gorges and a 2nd rounder to acquire him. I wonder if they would've signed Blake knowing they would get Boyle though. Doesn't really matter right now, that's a pretty scary line-up.

    Are from San Jose by the way ? If so, what's the current feeling about Marleau ? Still trade bait ?

  13. Kyleton says:

    Not from San Jose, actually from Canada. But San jose is one of the many teams that I do follow. On the note of Marleau though his No trade just kicked in on July the 1st so I think they are planning on keeping him for at least this season as they would have likely traded him before July 1st. I think the coaching change has allowed Marleau one more season with the Sharks to see if they can get this team deep into the playoffs.

  14. GoKings311 says:

    Is Boyle actually a shark, or is he a hockey player playing for a team named the Sharks?

    Cuz usually a shark has a name like Jaws, or Cruncher, or Zeus…. right?
    I suggest you list that next time you start a thread so we all know what you're talking about.

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