Boynton, Murray, Bryzgalov, and others being shopped?

According to the Boston Globe (the Sunday story can be found by clicking HERE) Nick Boynton will be shopped by the Phoenix Coyotes. The Globe states that new GM Don Maloney is committed to playing with younger players this year, and therefore Boynton and his two-years left on contract, will be shed to make space for the younger players. The Globe also speculates of several other prominent NHL players who are not set to become free-agents will be shopped around and even perhaps before the beginning of the season. Although speculation, some of it merits a further look because of its logical progression. In that light, the Globe believe that both Ilya Bryzgalov and Glenn Murray, will be receiving mail at a different zip-code in the near future. The article also discusses Redden, Drury, Toivonen, Rask, and Joey McDonald’s possible moves.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits in the article, including the fact that 1st overall pick Patrick Kane refuses to have an agent. All in all, the article makes for interesting reading and I recommend taking a look even though I do not necessarily agree with their speculations.

However, if Boynton does get shopped, rest assured that there are plenty of teams that will be inquiring about Nick, and one of them should be the Pittsburgh Penguins because I believe Boynton is almost a perfect fit for their scheme and what they are trying to accomplish.