Boynton, Murray, Bryzgalov, and others being shopped?

According to the Boston Globe (the Sunday story can be found by clicking HERE) Nick Boynton will be shopped by the Phoenix Coyotes. The Globe states that new GM Don Maloney is committed to playing with younger players this year, and therefore Boynton and his two-years left on contract, will be shed to make space for the younger players. The Globe also speculates of several other prominent NHL players who are not set to become free-agents will be shopped around and even perhaps before the beginning of the season. Although speculation, some of it merits a further look because of its logical progression. In that light, the Globe believe that both Ilya Bryzgalov and Glenn Murray, will be receiving mail at a different zip-code in the near future. The article also discusses Redden, Drury, Toivonen, Rask, and Joey McDonald’s possible moves.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits in the article, including the fact that 1st overall pick Patrick Kane refuses to have an agent. All in all, the article makes for interesting reading and I recommend taking a look even though I do not necessarily agree with their speculations.

However, if Boynton does get shopped, rest assured that there are plenty of teams that will be inquiring about Nick, and one of them should be the Pittsburgh Penguins because I believe Boynton is almost a perfect fit for their scheme and what they are trying to accomplish.

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  1. intelligentscorpio says:

    Nick Boynton : what are his stats. How long and how much does he make?
    Are there any other defencemen that the Pens can get thru free agency or under contract. I am not familiar with the players in the Western Conference as much.

  2. KingCanada says:

    2.95 a year

    typical stay at home defenceman at 6'2 210 pounds

    i think theyd be better suited to go after players like

    Scott Hannan
    Roman Hamlik
    Brad Stuart

    there all better players then boynton and would prolly command roughly the same salary, maybe a little more but hey u get wat u pay for and pittsburg has plenty of cap space.

  3. Hanna says:

    The Coyote so-called committment to rebuilding, includes youth, but, no free agency signings. Maloney has stated that "there will be no sexy name signings." We need skilled players to help the youth program.
    Boynton represents Coyote depth at defense. Defense is the only area  for the Coyotes, which is  of no concern. Offense, aside from Doan, Reinprecht, is a disaster.
    With an approx. 30 mil. under cap spending available, Coyote ownership should permit Maloney to sign free agents, rather than dump more salary.

  4. kamullia says:

    I do not have a prefernce for Boynton (due to Hannan’s availability), but I completely disagree with your statement that Hannan, Hamrlik, and Stuart are all better players than Boynton. In fact, I would not put all four in the same sentence as far as that is concerned.

    Let us start by the fact that both Hamrlik and Stuart are considered by analysts a tear down from Hannan and Boynton. The only thing that comes close to being said that they all have in common, and yet that still does not include Stuart, is the fact that Hannan, Hamrlik, and Boynton all have a nasty streak (all to different degrees).

    Both Stuart and Hamrlik are prone to mistakes in their own zone, with Hamrlik in fact being more reliable as a PP specialist (he has a booming shot from the point) than a defensive defenseman because of his lapses of judgment in his own zone. Stuart is actually better than Hamrlik in his own zone as a general rule, but he tends to make mistakes at critical times when he is pressured. And that simply does not bode well in the thought of having defensive defenseman which is what the Penguins are looking for in general (although tonight I received some extra information as to what the Penguins really want).

    Now Hannan and Boynto do have a lot in common, except that Boynton is a better skater than Hannan. Hannan is slightly better defensively, and certainly has more of a mean streak than Boynton. But overall you could say that these two are comparable.

    Now…of the specific information I got, is that the Pens would like a solid defensive defenseman that can make a good outlet pass. And specifically I was told that the Penguins will be without doubt making inquiries to Hannan’s agent. The problem with getting Hannan to Pittsburgh however, is that he will be expensive, in part because of all the competition for Hannan. And to top it all off, there is no certainty, and the organization is inclined to think that it will take something extra to lure Hannan to Pittsburgh because he apparently likes being out West.

    Boynton would not be as expensive as Hannan, and his skating is a big plus to keep in mind due to the system the Penguins play. Boynton is also more likely to not mind going to Pittsburgh, and basically in general because of all this he looks like a better fit. Two downsides to Boynton is that he has been started to be known to tend to take penalties at the wrong times during a game, and something that cannot be left out of sight is the fact that it would probably take several assets in order to obtain Boynton via trade with Phoenix (while if Hannan was attained it would just be a matter of money).

    All in all, I take either move for Hannan or Boynton as equal when you put it all together. But so far as specifically to their game, Boynton seems to myself and some experts and media friends as a better fit for Pittsburh in grand part due to his smooth stride. Boynton is also perceived as having some offensive abilities, more than Hannan for certain, but I believe all in all Boynton has the ability but never puts them to use. At least not since he has been prominent in the NHL, therefore to me that argument is completely inconsequential.

    Again, I truly do not have a preference to either, because everything needs to be accounted for and when costs, upsides, and downsides are all fitted in, I think either choice would be of the same caliber in the grand scheme of things. I think in the end, any of Boynton, Hannan, or Stewart could wind up in Pittsburgh, all due to different reasons. But I am assured by what I am being told by people closer to the organization that a player in the mold of Hamrlik is not something they are considering. At least not at this point. Now, all is possible, and if they strike out on all their attempts, I guess it is a possibility to see Hamrlik in Pittsburgh, but it certainly will be only after they have exhausted all their principal plans.

  5. kamullia says:

    KingCanada replied with the stats and cost. The only thing to add to that effect is that his contract has two years left and that his cap hit is exactly his cost. He also added his thought on defensemen, and you can see my reply as to his list.

    Lastly, I learned tonight that there is plenty of certainty that the Penguins will be talking to Scott Hannan’s agent come July 1st. However, they do have some reservations as to whether they will be successful in signing Hannan to a contract.

  6. kamullia says:

    Thanks for the info. In that light, the Globe’s speculation (I want to make it clear it is not mine) as to Boynton seems out of context. The only thing that I would be curious about (and maybe you can she some light on) is what are Phoenix’s finances, because I am completely uninformed as to those. A team may have room under the cap, but it does not mean you have the means to spend, therefore finances are important. Just ask the Predators…

  7. mcpickl says:

    article says zero about Rask going anywhere

  8. kamullia says:

    You are absolutely correct that the article does not specifically say that Rask is moving anywhere…but there are implications because of the talk about McDonald possibly moving and how they perceive the depth chart.

    Rask is considered by the Globe above McDonald in the depth chart, and Toivonen above him and a change in the depth affects everyone’s status, for one. You also have to keep in mind that it is not out of the question that the Globe’s perspective is backwards and that the Bruins could somehow consider McDonald above Rask, in which event Rask’s status could be in the future balance and not McDonalds.

    Regardless, the point that should be taken out of the article is that the Globe is suggesting that Bryzgalov moving will affect the goaltender situation in Boston. And Rask is part of that equation.

  9. mcpickl says:

    You're reading way too much into Rasks name being mentioned in the article. MacDonald was brought in last year because the Bruins were decimated by injuries at Goaltender at the time and they needed a warm body. He is currently a free agent. He's not above anybody on the depth chart and is irrelevant. The only reason Rasks name is mentioned in the article is the Bruins are after a number one goalie for this year. Rask is expected to play at Providence this year and they hope is the longterm answer. So the inference is the Bruins would be looking for a shortterm answer for a veteran goalie now(2 years max). So with a veteran goalie, Rask at Providence, and MacDonald elsewhere, it puts the bullseye and Toivonen, and to a lesser extent Thomas. Rask isn't going anywhere, doesn't say anything about him going anywhere in that article, and to mention his name as moving is irresponsible and incorrect.

  10. kamullia says:

    You may have your inference of your opinion of the article, but in my views and experience, there was a clear intent by the writer/editor to draw a hierarchy into mentioning of all those names.

    Of course, it could have always been written and edited by high school students. I have heard worse things happen at the Globe.

  11. mcpickl says:

    youre incorrect.

    Id bet my house Rask not only isnt moved, hes not talked about

  12. kamullia says:

    Once again, you misunderstand the fact that the article is not implying an exclusive trade of Rask, although still possible. The point of the writing is to specify a hierarchy and therefore the implication is that movement will affect such hierarchy with their best guess pointing at affecting McDonald the most.

    And now, I am absolutely more convinced than before, due to two very kind media friends obtaining the exact same view from that portion of the article.

    But once again, you are welcomed to your opinion, while we will continue to rely on our writing/reading experience.

    And in that light you are more than welcome to keep debating and betting your house and whatever else you decide to in this regard, by yourself or with others. . I consider the matter closed and futile to argue it or explain it further with you.

  13. mcpickl says:

    Youre welcome to keep mentioning the hierarchy, which is irrelevant, and MacDonald, who is an unrestricted free agent, was an emergency fill-in, and is also irrelevant. You mentioned Rask in your list of players on the move, according to that article. It does not say that. It does not indicate that. It does not imply that. You tried to read between the lines, and missed it.

    What does a hierarchy have to do with Rask? Here's the two options for Rask. One, he makes the team. Two, he doesn't make the team and plays at Providence. There is no three. Why would there be? He is able to play in the minors without having to clear waivers.

    The article implies,refers to, indicates, whatever word you want to use, Thomas or Toivonen being moved. If the Bruins bring in a veteran goalie, you can't keep the new guy, Thomas, and Toivonen. One of Thomas and Toivonen would have to go because they have nothing to prove in the minors. Rask does.

    Feel free to share that with your "media friends"

    Please stop making things up. Thank you.

  14. mcpickl says:

    article from the same writer one week later, after the Manny Fernandez trade.

    note the missing names of Rask, Tuukka and McDonald,Joey

    would you or your media friends like to retract your Tuukka Rask is on the block interpretation?

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