Bozak and MacArthur not likely to get moved. Canes have Jokinen available

Don’t expect Leafs GM Dave Nonis to mess with a good thing. Toronto has excellent chemistry under coach Randy Carlyle which means neither centre Tyler Bozak nor left winger Clarke MacArthur — both UFA’s — likely won’t be going anywhere.

Nonis has indicated to teams that have called he doesn’t have much interest in dealing either. If teams want to talk about defenceman John-Michael Liles and defenceman Mike Komisarek, both wealthy scratches, that’s a different story … If anybody has an interest in Carolina left winger Jussi Jokinen give Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford a call, he’s willing to listen. Jokinen has one year left at $3 million.

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  1. Lucci_101 says:

    leafs don’t have a good thing anymore, team plays bad, even when the escape with a win, they need to adress issues like goal tending and center, because even if they do make the playoffs they wont go far.

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I love reading how bad the Leafs are, like every other team in the league play a perfect three periods night in, night out and it’s nothing more than dumb luck that the Leafs happen to win a game.

    Or that Kessel is useless because he doesn’t hit and Kadri is amazing because he finishes his checks as if it makes a difference. As if players tell each other, look out for Kadri, he’s a beast. Or complain about a center, even though what a center brings is the ability to hold onto the puck, something that Kessel and Grabovski do, yet both must be run out of town. The idea that you have to blow up a team because it isn’t stacked down the middle is just knee jerk reactionary.

    As for goaltending the Leafs have two promising young tenders, Scrivens/Reimer have played better than a lot of those overrated veteran tenders around the league.

    • Lucci_101 says:

      A center can move the puck and create a play and the leafs are a good team but recent times they haven’t played like it, and a good veteran will give stability in net and teach reimer the game, Kessel is a steal for what we are paying him but are first is currently made up of two streaky scorers, in JVR and Kessel neither one scores on a inconstant game in game out way, that’s why a guy like perry would help. You cant cheat the system in hockey, there is no short cuts leafs need to address things that they have ignored since Matt Sundin left, Burke turned the ship in the right direction, but one hole in the ship and it sinks. Our ship must stay on the same course.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Great ‘franchise’ or 1A/1B centers earn their value by rushing the puck and holding onto the puck.

        In recent games we’ve had Boston and Pittsburg to contend with, the Leafs are not in their league but their young and knocking on the door. Winnipeg was one of our worst two games of the year, those nights happen.

        Put up Kessels numbers over the last few seasons compare to Perry’s and I bet they line up. Perry is a streaky scorer as well he just brings a physical game where as Kessel brings more speed, both clearly are skilled.

        Burke ignored the problem of the post Sundin leafs of addressing quality forwards. He simply repeated JFJ’s mistake of giving the blueline a makeover each off season.

        Any team can win with quality forwards capable of carrying the puck and making plays. Kessel and Garbovski are capable of rushing out of their zone as well as any ‘pure center’ the Leafs can bring in. Getting Perry is actually a step back in that regard as Kessel is more of a puck on string talent who is fully capable of making plays, he’s single handily elevated both Lupul and JVR’s productions in consecutive seasons. I would contend much more than say a Paul Statsny ever could.

        It’s too narrow of thinking to write off talent simply based on position. Carolina is deep at center and their hardly a dominant team despite the fact they fit ‘the system’.

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