Bozak or MacCarther ?

As we stand the Toronto Maple Leafs sit in seventh place in the eastern conference, despite the injuries to Joffery Lupul (fore arm) and Mat Frattin (Knee). Lupul came over in a trade with the Ducks two years ago. In this two Years he has become one of the key players in the leafs line up. His role on the first line with Phil Kessel has given the leafs fans something to cheer about in last years lack luster season. Early in this shortened season he was injured from a Dion Phanuef slap shot. Expected to miss the whole year, Matt Frattin was called up from the AHL. Frattin excelled with six goals in six games, before going down with an injury himself.

These players both have spots in the line up waitin for the return however wiith JVR and Kessel forming a great chemmistry (maybe more than Lupul & Kessel) where does Lupul fit in? The answer is. …….. LW same place he always has. But heres the problem, with rumor oJVR moving to the center position where does BozakAnd if JVR stays at wing, most likely moving to Kadri’s line en where does MacCarther go? Thats the question for Carlyle, and he could just put them into the press box increasing the LARGE amount of cash already sitting there in Komiserek and Liles, or Nonis can make a trade. With the short handed Marlies’ running dry’ on talent you could see a trade for a young prospect or a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

But who gets the boot? Bozak has been a fan favorite in Toronto for a while but he has not met expectations and at most has scored 14 goals in a season. Not at all near what he should be getting as first line center. However his faceoff ability ( 57%) has truly been a gift to coach Carlyle, helping the team get out of jams in there own end. MacCarther was a off season signing and was not expected to play as a offenssesive threat on a line with Grabo ; kulimen. However has droped off in production during his second season T.Dot. This year his struggles from last year have carried over, but new chemistry center kadri could respark him into a offense threat. So what do you think? Who is on the way out?

Michael Lo Giudice

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  1. Gambo says:

    JVR wont be as successful as a centre, he’ll stay on the wing. With a healthy lineup this is what I see:


    Komarov could easily move up to the 3rd line with Grabo and Kulemin, therefore I see Macarthur being moved before Bozak. Not to mention Bozak is Carlyle’s most used forward (4th in the league for forwards in shifts per game).

    Bozak takes most of the draws and starts the PK, Macarthur takes the bench minors.

    Package Macarthur, Liles, a prospect or pick and you could get yourself a pretty decent return.

    • mojo19 says:

      I could move MacArthur for a 2nd and maybe a mid prospect, and Liles for a 2nd or 3rd. That would be fine. Or hang onto both, we’re always going to have injuries, then we can try to peddle JML’s contract at the draft, if there’s no takers we can just buy him out with our 2nd amnesty buyout.

      • LN91 says:

        MacArthur will/should be moved.

        Our fourth line should consist of Brown and McClement…And an enforcer.

        • mojo19 says:

          Ya MacArthur is the odd man out, he’s smallish. But he does have some decent moves and plays well at times.

          4th line for me ideally would be Komarov – McClement – Orr/McLaren

          I really don’t have a ton of use of Brown. He’s fine as a 13th-14th fwd to come in and fight the light-weight fights, play a few energy minutes the odd game.

    • Lucci_101 says:

      Koramov is on the checking line with grabo and they are plaing great. Orr is playing with Kadri to add toughness and itimidation to a line that is rather small with Frattin and Kadri. He also brings in a defensive style of play or responsiblity that will rub off on frattin and Kadri and make them better players. Tht is why JVR can not slide to the second line and macCarther has no spot plus having almost 14 m in salary sitting in the press box is not wise, if they go on waivers there gonna be picked up and we lose them for nothing

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    MacArthur would seem to be the guy who goes first. I would think if Bozak goes, it’s in a package for an upgrade.

    On another note, Holmgrem picks up Gagne. Why? Over $2mil cap hit for a guy to play the 4th line when you need defencemen. I know a lot of guys on here praise Holmgren for being bold. Personally I didn’t like when he traded Carter and Richards, I didn’t like the big money for Bryz and I thought we were getting the better of the deal when we got JVR(which looks true). It’s one thing to be bold, it’s another to be stupid.
    Many said Philly would be better in the long run…sorry,they aren’t and weren’t going to be. This is why I hated the Richards and Carter trades so much. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t trade two of your best mid 20 year old players when you are a cup contending team to get prospects and to make cap room for a goalie. There is nothing wrong with Voracek, Simmonds and Schenn’s, but they aren’t Richards, Carter and JVR.
    IMO-If Holmgen starts making some smart moves, this team may be a good team again in 3-4 years. If he is lucky, Carter and Richards won’t be able to rub another Stanley Cup championship in his face by that time.
    The point of this is, Burke got blasted for not making big trades and signings and Holmgren got praised. Which team looks more poised to move forward? Burke was not our biggest problem, Wilson was. I’m not saying Burke didn’t make mistakes, but I would take what he did for Toronto over what Holmgreen has done to Philly anyday.
    The bonus for us is, Philly is capped out and still needs D-men. They are probably willing to unload some good cap heavy forwards to get one. I would think Briere, Talbot, Simmonds and Fedotenko will be shopped. My guess is Holmgren would want Franson.(who I really don’t want to trade…unless the price was big:))Maybe Holmgren would be “bold” enough to do Simmonds for

    • doorman says:

      Richards for sure and Carter to a lesser extent were dealt because of Pronger, IMO. There were rumblings he didn’t like the leadership or how they approached the game. I think Holgren has to get credit for having the testies to do something rather than nothing. That being said not all of his moves are good. though I think he made the JVR trade, Sniders scent is all over the Bryz signing, IMO.

      Burkes biggest problem wasn’t doing nothing, it was loyalty. Like you said Wilson was the problem and Burke was too loyal to do anything. I don’t see Holgren in a hurry to trade with the Leafs again, though Schenn has played well for them.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        No doubt Snider pushed for goalie. He said goaltending would never be a problem again. I doubt it was his plan on how to make it happen
        Sorry my friend, I personally don’t give Holmgren credit for having big kahuna’ He is the GM and the moves are his responsibility as much as it was Burkes…pressures aside.
        I totally agree Burke was too loyal to Wilson. I ranted on here many times over the past 3 years that I am having trouble supporting Burke as long as he keeps Wilson.
        Nonis could have big testies too and trade Kessel, JVR and Lupul for young prospects and picks…and I would call him an idiot as well.LOL

        • doorman says:

          I said I gave him credit for having testies, not that they were well used. lol. And Snider plays a bigger role in Philly then most think, IMO, he is a very hands on owner. And for the record making those trades would only make Nonis an idiot if he got fleeced.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            That’s my point…big balls doesn’t mean big brains.LOL
            I disagree on the “for the record” part though. We are not starting a re-build at this point…so trading our 3 best players 23-29 years old for a couple of fairly green 2o year olds and junior prospects would be a bad move.IMO If we were rebuilding and the team was a bottom feeder…maybe I understand it.

            • doorman says:

              I said fleeced my friends not for 20 yr old prospects. I wouldn’t like those types of trades either. However if Kessel was moved for say a number 1 dman and phaneuf for Bobby Ryan, well you get the point. Hockey trades, man I meant hockey trades.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                I was only comparing if Nonis made the same kind of deals Holmgren did…which was for 20 year old prospects and picks basically. Other “hockey trades” are fine. Stupid trades man, I meant stupid

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