Bozak or MacCarther ?

As we stand the Toronto Maple Leafs sit in seventh place in the eastern conference, despite the injuries to Joffery Lupul (fore arm) and Mat Frattin (Knee). Lupul came over in a trade with the Ducks two years ago. In this two Years he has become one of the key players in the leafs line up. His role on the first line with Phil Kessel has given the leafs fans something to cheer about in last years lack luster season. Early in this shortened season he was injured from a Dion Phanuef slap shot. Expected to miss the whole year, Matt Frattin was called up from the AHL. Frattin excelled with six goals in six games, before going down with an injury himself.

These players both have spots in the line up waitin for the return however wiith JVR and Kessel forming a great chemmistry (maybe more than Lupul & Kessel) where does Lupul fit in? The answer is. …….. LW same place he always has. But heres the problem, with rumor oJVR moving to the center position where does BozakAnd if JVR stays at wing, most likely moving to Kadri’s line en where does MacCarther go? Thats the question for Carlyle, and he could just put them into the press box increasing the LARGE amount of cash already sitting there in Komiserek and Liles, or Nonis can make a trade. With the short handed Marlies’ running dry’ on talent you could see a trade for a young prospect or a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

But who gets the boot? Bozak has been a fan favorite in Toronto for a while but he has not met expectations and at most has scored 14 goals in a season. Not at all near what he should be getting as first line center. However his faceoff ability ( 57%) has truly been a gift to coach Carlyle, helping the team get out of jams in there own end. MacCarther was a off season signing and was not expected to play as a offenssesive threat on a line with Grabo ; kulimen. However has droped off in production during his second season T.Dot. This year his struggles from last year have carried over, but new chemistry center kadri could respark him into a offense threat. So what do you think? Who is on the way out?

Michael Lo Giudice