Brad May Signs

According to Brad May has agreed to terms with the Avalanche.

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  1. moosehockey says:

    Yeah, wow. What better way to get back at Moore then to steal his job… heheh

  2. kid_natas says:

    how the mighty have fallen from grace!!!

  3. Shevy says:

    decent pickup for the avs…a rugged enforcer who chips in at times

  4. shmitball says:

    a bit of a weird signing when you consider that brad may was one of the players that steve moore accused of conspiring against him during the whole bertuzzi incident

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I was going to mention the Bertuzzi thing, but someone already did. They needed a bit of muscle in their lineup…unlike Peter Worrell, this guy can actually play a little bit of hockey.

  6. Lint07 says:

    Oh, the irony…

  7. DannyAvsRock says:

    I’m happy the Avalanche have picked up a decent third or fourth line left winger, but they still have to pick up a third line center maybe a Damphouse.

  8. Veggetto19 says:

    They should have inked roenick not these no namers they could have got him for a 6 pac and a carton of

  9. Shevy says:

    Yanic Perreaults younger, faster, a faceoff master and when he plays regularly he can chip in a significant amount for a third line center and can probably come at a cheaper price than damphousse

  10. Veggetto19 says:

    Does anybody know whats going on with moore or the biggest goon in the leauge. Can moore ever play agian and what was the decision on bertuzzi.

  11. Foppa12 says:

    This is an odd pickup. Especially when you consider that Pierre Lacroix said on the Fan950 radio jere in Denver that the reason the team only offered Foote and Forsberg both $1.5 million deals was that those would put the Avs right up to the cap and they were unwilling to go over the cap. Then they turned around and signed Pierre turgeon ($1.5 next year) and Patrice Briesbois ($1.5 next year), apparently brining the team right up to the cap. Having told the fans they were unwilling to go beyond the cap, they would have to free up players in order to bring any more in. No moves out as of yet, but B. May comes in? Guess Lacroix lied to us all here in Denver Wednesday night…

  12. Foppa12 says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post. I should also add that Lacroix said they were unwilling to go over the cap for any period of time (ala Flyers with Foppa, signing him, going over, then traded JR to get under). B. May is a great signing in terms of adding grit to a roster that now lacks it. But to lie to the fans in a period where teams must win back the average, non-hard core, hockey fans, just makes you wonder about Lacroix.

    I’ll always love my Avs but as I always have, will always think Lacroix is a joker who spends Stan Kroenke’s money in a very wastefull fashion.

  13. commonwealth says:

    I rather like better the fact that they didn’t get Roenick. Sorry to say, he hasn’t been the same player he was a few years ago, and listening to him ***** all year in Colorado like he did all lockout would have gotten annoying. Better off to leave him in LA where he won’t win anything, and then whine about wanting to be traded.

    Signing May was neccassary only because the Avs have suffered from a lack of muscle and grit the last few years.

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