Brad Richards in Montreal?

According to “THE FOURTH PERIOD,” Montreal is interested in Center Brad Richards and could possibly be willing to move Cristobal Huet as part of a package deal. Things are getting mighty tight for Feaster in Tampa Bay as the team sits in near last place in the conference. Ownership in Tampa is reportedly looking for a #1 goaltender to help solve their troubles.

So I was wondering what everyone else in Habs land would think of the acquisition of Brad Richards. Personally I’m up in the air on what they would do with the roster. Would we put him on the wing? Would we move Plekanec to a wing and make Koivu our 2nd line center?

Richards is a gritty player and a playoff performer, which is definately something Montreal could use. I also tend to wonder if the information may be off slightly. Maybe they are discussing more about Lecavs or St. Louis and Gainey is trying to keep it as “low profile” as possible by allowing the information to be about Richards.

In any case, this would certainly be interesting.

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  1. kilter says:

    ok look if your gonna make a move like this for a name player go for vinny forget richards vinnies the man and then you would not have any problem signing players in the off season,because who would,nt want play with maybe the best play in the world,whatever the cost go for vinny,you will have no roster problems,no free agent signing problems in the off season and you know what some players may even take a bit of a pay cut to be on a team with a guy like vinny on it,it shows to them that this is a team really making a push to win the cup and who would,nt want to play with a guy that can make everyone around him look so good,he's the answer to many of the problems in Montreal and i for one would love to see him there,it will not be easy to get him but if you want answers it gonna cost you .

  2. habsoverserver says:

    according to richards has a no trade clause.   huet isn't going to fetch much of a return, he is a pending ufa with little playoff experience. 

  3. StipeR says:

    The question i ask is "who on this roster would anybody want?" and the answer may very well be:  youth/potential.  I would imagine that the Canadiens will have to part with quality in youth to score a current performer.  When you look up/down the line-up it's likely:

    Plekanic – keeps improving, decent skater
    Higgins – young leader, decent skater
    Komisarek – young, stay at home (hate to see him go)
    Kostitsyn – young, decent skater, dollar bargain!
    Ryder – sniper, "in the slot" scorer and terrible skater

    i would bet that Gainey is packaging Ryder, one of the four above and Huet to a team for "one" proven centerman.  if anybody believes we have any more than a 2nd lince center you are kidding yourself.  Koivu is a #2 (at best) and we will flounder for years without correcting the middle.

  4. Habs_pm says:

    Gainey isn't going after Vinny. He is going after Richards and take the hefty salary off Tampa Bays hands. ONCE AGAIN:Tampa Bay is looking to shed salary and Brad Richards is the #1 candidate to get traded.

    Why not bring Richards to Montreal?

    Point per game guy,gritty,takes a hit for the puck, a leader….Something Montreal doesn't have! It will bring a new look and identity to Montreal.

    I think Gainey is leading towards not re-signing Koivu and Kovalev next summer. Maybe Koivu at a much lower price around 2 Million$ rather the the 5+Million he is getting now…

  5. jpmac says:

    If you used a period every so often, your post would be easier to read.

  6. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Why not bring Richards to Montreal?

    1 – He has a no-trade clause

    2 – "TORONTO – Tampa Bay Lightning centre Brad Richards left Monday's 6-1 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs with an apparent left leg injury."  (TSN)

    That's why…

  7. hemsky79 says:

    I dont think montreal needs another 1st line center koivu is the man for that porition. Instead they should trade Ryder for a first line winger.
    Maybe like:   Ryder  and latondresse to colorado for hejduk and svatos

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