Brad Richards to be Habs

I just heard on Les amateurs de sports by Michel Bergeron (ex-rangers and nordiques head-coach)and Michel Villeneuve that Canadians and the Lightning has been talking trade. But none yet. For Tampa Bay : Michael Ryder, Jaroslav Halak and S. Kostystin (Andrei’s little brother at Hamilton). For Montreal: Brad Richards and AndrĂ© Roy.

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  1. LaFlanelle says:

    If your source is "Les amateurs de sports", then nothing is happening between the two teams. These guys are actually not qualified enough to be called "amateurs" as far as I'm concerned, and are way more interested in making stuff up than they are at covering what's real. Stick to TSN, and to a lesser degree RDS. CKAC is for those who like soap operas.

  2. Zamphyr says:

    Cap numbers don't make sense Habbyface. Habs don't have enough room for Richards salary. Although I do enjoy the habs rumours..lets put some plausible ones out there.

  3. sdopus says:

    WOW, who dreams these things up?  For so many reasons this will never happen, not the least of which is Brad Richards has a NO TRADE CLAUSE.

  4. finchingham says:

    why in the world would the habs try to trade kostysin?? he ripped up the ohl last season and now he is one of the top rockies in the ahl right now. he is going to be good and it would be amazingly (almost leafs like) for us to trade him at this point. also i believe that Halak has the potential to be a #1 goalie in the nhl. so we should hold onto him too.. but give him more nhl ice time…..i would love to see huet go for a good trade. he is at the end of his contract and he is at the highest value of his career… but i have said that all before

  5. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    I seriously doubt this.

    Richards is doing great. He's on pace for a career high 31 goals, as well as 57 assists (which would be his third best total in that regard) and 88 points (which would be his second best point total in his career). He has a no trade clause. Tampa highly values him. They're not going to trade him for an AHL goalie(even one with good NHL potential), and a struggling one-dimensional player. Even with S. Kostitsyn packaged in, I don't see the Lightning going for it.

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