Brad Stuart headed to Hollywood

According to TSN, D Brad Stuart has signed a 1-year, 3,5M$ deal with the Los Angeles Kings

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    good deal for the kings.

  2. Komic-J says:

    I'm kinda have the feeling that maybe Souray should have accepted our last offer. He might be forced to sign a cheaper 1-year deal somewhere, unless he accepts big money to play for the Isles…

    …and if he signs a 1-yeal deal like Stuart, he better put the same kind of numbers.

    I'm not sure he made the right call by not accepting a very decent offer by the Habs.

  3. CedrickRozon says:

    you got that one right my friend! I bet Souray is a bit worried now!

    too bad for Brad Stuart, I was hoping the habs would make a pitch for him! oh well!

    you got the feeling Souray might end up signing for even less than we offered the 1st time around?! that would be hilarious!!  Also very good because Souray for 5.5M is just crazy! the guy is a cone on defence, so, Souray on a 3rd pair of D and on the Powerplay, at about 3.5, 4M a year, sure, go for it, otherwise, leave him hanging out to dry!!

  4. Komic-J says:

    Well, the best scenario for any upset fan in Montreal would be…

    a) Souray signing a 1-year deal worth $3.5m somewhere, not in California.
    b) Souray failing to post the same kind of numbers he did last season
    c) Souray signing a way cheaper deal than what the Canadiens offered him less than 24 hours ago…

  5. baltic_thunder says:

    What's with LA? This is going to be a team to watch!

    You gotta love how one-dimensional Souray has screwed himself.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Defense something like this:

    Visnovski – Blake
    Stuart – Preissing
    Tverdovski – Jack Johnson

    So I guess Miller and Modry are out.

  7. mtl_prince says:

    modry resign like 3 days ago, if im not mistaken….

  8. wingsfan13 says:

    wow la suddenly has a defense that rivals detroit, dallas, anaheim, and calgary

    Blake-J. Johnson

    s. Thorton-Armstrong-Willsie

  9. leafdiehard says:

    This is a good deal for the Kings. They get a guy who is actually not a liability on defence *cough* Souray *cough*. I have to hand it to the kings GM. He must have been in the pits after not getting one of the big names on July 1. However, now that Preissing, Nagy, Handzus, Calder, and Stuart have signed, the kings are a goalie short of being back in the playoffs. Say, I hear Raycroft is being shopped around.

  10. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    if only LA had a real goalie they could be in the playoffs next season. I really like how their D is shaping up and and they should have no problem scoring goals with kopitar, frolov, o'sullivan, cammalari, nagy, calder and handzus.

  11. Komic-J says:

    I still don't get why the Kings let Garon go…

  12. Uncleben says:

    so… one of the most talked about defencemen at the trade deadline, aaron miller, is officially out. no way they re-sign him now.

  13. jrl2282 says:

    any chance that Zeiler will crack the lineup?

  14. MR40 says:

    I'm not saying this in a biased way, but I think Vancouver should atleast be on your strong defense list. Don't say it was just Luongo, because if it was ust Luongo then Florida would have won a division title or atleast make the playoffs. Bieksa, Mitchell, Salo, Ohlund, and and soon Bourdon and Edler anchoring the blueline (Krajicek is getting better too) they have a pretty strong defense. Maybe not as good as all of those teams, but atleast put there name up there.

  15. wingsfan13 says:

    i like bieksa, and vancouver's defense is good, but i think it's more a product of their system and luongo.  they don't have a bonified #1 defenseman on their blueline let alone a franchise defenseman. with the exception of salo and fitzpatrick their plus minus is poor.  not to mention luongo still faced a large number of shots, 3rd in the league.

  16. Lazarus says:

    Because he had every chance in the last few seasons to take the starting job and he just couldn't get it done. Just when he looks like he has it in him, he falls apart. He will be a very good backup for the Oilers this year, and I doubt he will ever rise above that role, in Edmonton or anywhere else.

  17. Lazarus says:

    Dean Lombardi wanted a one year deal with Miller but Miller wanted two years. Modry was willing to take the one year so Dean signed him instead. That said, if Miller is healthy again this year he will be a very good pickup for someone who needs defensive depth on the blue line. I wonder if he's having trouble finding anyone who'll offer him a two year deal.

  18. Lazarus says:

    Modry did re-sign with the Kings, Tverdovski will either be playing in Manchester or there have been rumors of him signing with a European team. Modry will have to fight off a few young kids from Manchester (Harrold, Piskula, Petoit, Boyle etc.) for that last spot on defense.

  19. Lazarus says:

    Not likely with all the forwards just recently aquired.

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