Brandon Witt to Nashville

In exchange for Kris Beech and a 1st rounder.

4 Responses to Brandon Witt to Nashville

  1. Guero says:

    I don’t know if it is just me but this seems really expensive. Witt is good, but he is not this good, not even close. Imagine what a team would have had to give up for McCabe if they had traded him! Well maybe someone could explain to me how this is a good deal for the Predators? They must really think that they have a good chance this year….

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    Kris Beech is a bust, it’s basically the 1st rounder that makes the deal.

  3. Guero says:

    Still a first for Witt? I do not understand this? I guess the draft is not that deep this year and this is the new NHL were teams are not looking to pick up any salary. It still seems like an unfair deal to me. However, I am not a GM so what does it matter.

  4. distance7 says:

    Nashville filled a glaring void with a late first round pick in a draft that isn’t deep at all. And they also made the trade without having to give up any of their quality prospects. Good move by Poile.

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