Brashear Blues ||| Will Forsberg Be Enough?

Brashear, was he really worth it? Can Forsberg power up the struggling Avs offense?Brashear Blues

Just would like to point out the reason why the Flyers motivation is lost. Has anyone noticed that Donald Brashear has not been fighting and his hitting is down. Remember the first 20 plus games that he was in a Flyers jersey. The team was steaming through opposition. Now without his physical game suddenly a slump… right back to the beginning of the season… has Clarky gotten into his head… can we now call him Gratton?


Will Forsberg Be Enough?

With forsberg in the line up come playoffs (maybe) will he be enough to put the Avs back on track and to be serious contenders?

I think with Forsberg coming back will help the team but not in the way most people think. I don’t think that he will do a lot to help the team, I think with his returning to the lineup will give the team a huge boost. If they can get a healthy Hejduk in the playoffs he will be one that can help out a lot. With Forsberg out of the lineup a lot of pressure has been put on some of the other players to play a defensive style rather then there own style. If Forsberg comes back look for Drury , Hejduk , Sakic , Skoula , Tangay , Reinprecht to step it up alot in the Playoffs. With this I can see them being serious contenders. Detroit and Colorado West finals. I’m not going to predict the out come but it will be a close one.


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