Brassard's Agent Slams Arniel

Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard is expected to be a healthy scratch for the seventh time in 10 games tonight when the Jackets face the Calgary Flames in Saddledome. This has not sat well with Brassard, but he has said all the right things and declined to air his frustration with the media.

His agent, Allan Walsh, reached the boiling point today, however. He issued a scathing statement directed at Blue Jackets coach Scott Arniel.

The message:

“While I have tremendous respect for (general manager) Scott Howson and the rest of Columbus’ management team, the situation regarding Derick Brassard has become untenable. The coach has a history of burying players and using them as scapegoats to mask his own lack of success on the ice. Derick has been singled out, almost from the very beginning of the season, to be the fall guy in case things don’t go well. The Columbus organization cares about Derick and has been good to him, but at some point, one has to say, enough is enough.”

Walsh would not answer further questions from The Dispatch after the missive was sent, although he did make it clear that he is not requesting that Brassard be traded by the Blue Jackets.

Brassard directed all questions to Walsh.

Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson was not immediately available for comment.

Arniel met with the media this after the morning skate, before Walsh’s statement was released. It was not immediately known if he’d be available for comment before the Blue Jackets face the Flames tonight.

2 Responses to Brassard's Agent Slams Arniel

  1. FlamingHomer says:

    Translation: "If Derick Brassard is deemed worthless, it will affect my commission."

  2. reinjosh says:

    The guy (Walsh not Brassard) has a history of making big statements like this to force trades. More than likely this one will end up in the exact same situation. He did it for Havlat as well and it ended up with the Havlat/Heatley trade. 

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