Breaking News: E-Train likely out for season

Sportsnet has learned that an MRI on Wednesday uncovered a tear around Lindros’ rotator cuff that could cut his year far shorter than he was hoping.

Lindros aggrevated the shoulder while skating earlier this week in his quest to return from his latest brush with concussion problems.

The Rangers star centreman will either endure several weeks of rehab before getting cleared to return, or worse case scenario, shoulder surgery which will end his season.

This most recent turn of bad luck should silence the speculation of a Lindros trade prior to Tuesdays deadline.

30 Responses to Breaking News: E-Train likely out for season

  1. cyclone says:

    This is fantastic news. Now he can still be the Rangers’ problem, instead of being dumped on the Leafs.

  2. The_Coach says:

    I have no problem admitting that I think that this sucks. I would have loved to see Lindros centering the Leafs 3rd line between Nolan and either Renberg or Tucker.

    Regardless of his concussion problems and yes, the fact that one hit could have ended the playoffs for the big E, I think that he would have played his ass of for TO.

    This is also bad news for Rangers fans as now they will probably let him walk away for nothing in the off-season when they could have picked up at least a mid-level prospect or draft pick.

  3. bodragon says:

    Who is going to want Lindros in the offseason? No one does not want to sign a player who can barely stay healthy, knowing his length history of concussions, and a hefty contract. The only team that would want him are the Ranger$.

  4. -MJ- says:

    With Lindros biting the dust, and Joe Nieuwendyk’s chronic back problems, the Leafs are really in need of a centreman who can make an impact, and stay healthy.

    I think that Jeff O’Neill is the answer for the Leafs. He’s got a similar mentality to Owen Nolan and Gary Roberts, in regards to his style of play, and would fit in well with Toronto’s locker room.

    As far as that elusive 5th defenceman, I would have to say that Ruslan Salei in Anaheim would be a great fit in the Toronto line-up. Nasty and tough…and could play a few years after a lockout haha! Seriously though, he’s the type of crease clearing, punishing D-man the Leafs need to back up Leetch and McCabe.


  5. TC_4 says:

    Sign him with tons of incentives, that’s it. Nobody will guarentee the guy 5 mil a season, or even 1 mil a season.

  6. TC_4 says:

    Andrew Cassels would be cheaper then O’Neill.

  7. terry says:

    with niewy and his back problems, it makes sense for the leafs to go after a number 2 center just for in case. i think holik will be a leaf before the trade deadline. 3 years left at 9 million will turn off alot of teams, especially the CBA cautious leafs but if they nyr are willing to eat part of the salary, the leafs can land that solid 2 way, 2nd line center they need. dont forget, quinn tried hard to land him in 2002 as a UFA and now can be their chance to get him at perhaps 5 million a year.

  8. Buds_fan_00 says:

    I would bet my life on Holik staying exactly where he is, along with Jagr, simply because of their contracts. Although I agree he would fit the leafs nicely, he is a very solid shadow player that could be used very effectively against another teams big center, if he is in the right system. He has been terribley ineffective on the rangers due to the fact that their system of play does not call for a player cut from a mold like Holik. However, due to his contract he will not be moved anywhere.

    That being said, the leafs could certainly use another center, but not necessarily an offensive threat like Jeff Oneil. Perhaps a large body that could be used to ‘shadow’ a key opponent. The leafs have proven to be largely ineffective against the flyers due to the fact they cannot shut down Kieth Primeau (among others). When the leafs were succesfull against them, Corsen was assigned to shadow Primeau and successfully eliminated him from the game. And although Quinn is not one for line matching, a player of that stature could prove vital should these two teams meet in the playoffs..

    The question therefore remains,”Who out there would fit this description?”…Not many guys…now that Lindros is off the table, but a player who comes to mind is Chris Gratton. A once highly touted player, selected 3rd overall in the 1993 draft by the Lightening, he drew early comparisons to Cam Neely. He has clearly fallen short of that lofty comparison, but at 6’4 221 lbs he is certainly an intimidating presence and given the right assignments, could represent an effective defensive player.

    Given the coyote’s current positional standing, they would certainly be open to fielding offers for this player who is no stranger to the trade block.

  9. clamity8u says:

    And Cassels would love to be in T.O.

    He only left Vancouver for Columbus because he really wanted to be closer to his family, but Toronto didn’t want him at the time…

  10. piettro22 says:

    u know wut? i think lindros and leafs are just not meant to be together. two years ago same thing. everyone was so hyped up about it, and some shop in eaton centre even had his jersey out…and then? lindros traded to rangers. now this. yeah, leafs had the chance to get him, but then he injuried himself.

    sometimes, something just aren’t meant to be together. like affleck and j-lo.

  11. The_Eagle says:

    I would love to see Holik in a leafs jersey but his salary will make him stay put in NY. Gratton would be a good pick-up for his size on the 3rd line but anything can happen. I don’t think we’ll see O’neill in a leafs jersey either because TO would have to pay dearly to get him (practically the whole youth core).

  12. tr8der_info says:

    YES!!! RETIRE OLD FAG!!! THE NHL DOESN”T NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!!! Your brain is HALF MUSH by now!!!! You cant play hockey either, you should of signed up for acting school like you do every game you play to be out for the rest of the season… RETIRE!!!!!

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya I agree

  14. PurpleHelmet says:

    I have a confession to make here guys.

    mY NaMe IS EriC LindraaZZ. I M a BraIN INjRy SurVIvOr. I like Red. My FRiEnDs CALL mE CorKy FroM lIfE gOES On. I liKE thAT nAMe.

    MY ShouLDer hurTS lIke The Time I GOt hURt iN The ShowER WiTH GLenn ANDERsoN.

    I am GOINg TO Stay AT HomE noW. BYe!

  15. nskerr says:

    Lindros truely is a living breathing bobblehead doll. Supposedly he hurt his shoulder taking too many shots in practice. I don’t know why any team would want this guy.

  16. cgolding says:

    god please don’t start with this crap. the rangers aren’t trading holik. for starters there would be wild speculation about it, as well as a SERIOUS bidding war. the only names on that roster that you haven’t heard a word about getting traded are holik and jagr… they aren’t moving, not to toronto, not to anywhere. if you want to rebuild a team the best place to start is a strong 2 way center…. what is holik?

    nevermind the bullox,


  17. cgolding says:

    and the legacy of screwed up injuries in this guy’s career continues…

  18. bigair900 says:

    I also think this sucks. I think he could’ve helped the leafs. I still think he will sign on with the leafs in the offseason taking a big pay cut. I don’t think it’s the money that matters to Eric. He probably just wants to wear the blue and white before he retires.

  19. The_Coach says:

    Exactly, the Rangers contract as it stands now is incentive laden. Any team that Lindros signed for in the off-season would do the same.

  20. skinny13 says:

    Hope the Leafs dont do anything stupid and try and get him now………..

  21. Treva says:

    I think TC has the right idea, Cassels would be a better fit. Leafs need a set up man, they have a few finishers already. O’niel is a roberts/nolan type. They need something other than a banger and crasher to help out the other bangers and crashers.

    Besides – I am thinking that Vancouver or San Jose will be the recipient of O’neill, both of whom have been relatively quiet on the trade front.

  22. PurpleHelmet says:

    I heard Lindros actually pulled his sphincter while trying to get his snickers log past his hemorroids.

    He then proceeded to get up from the toilet where he staggeredand fell againt the toilet paper dispenser and tweeked his shoulder.

    Poor guy can’t even take a dump without getting hurt

  23. mattf says:

    the guy is making 9million a year. it just goes to show just how stupid rangers management have been the past few years

  24. EmptyNetter says:

    People, I have an announcement to make–


    This just goes to show that you can’t start a hockey discussion without it turning into a Leafs discussion. I bet at Herb Brooks’ wake there was a small cluster of people discussing Maple Leaf trade rumors and sketching out defensive pairings.

    I have nothing at all against the Maple Leafs, and I wish them all the best, unless of course they face the Bruins in the playoffs. I just find it frustrating that it’s easier for an alcoholic to stay sober than it is for a Maple Leaf fan to stay on topic. (panting) heh…heh…heh…heh…heh…Ok, I’m better now.

  25. wingedim says:

    Cassels would be a good fit, but I think that MacLean is going to ask too much for him as he is currently the Jackets 1st line center and still under contract next year. MacLean did however say he was listening to all offers though.

  26. matteo says:

    I thought that was Elvis that did that?

  27. PurpleHelmet says:

    It’s a nice way to go.

  28. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Apparently this site should change its name to I believe this would be the cure to the confusion that other readers may be having that there only one team apparently in the whole NHL. Every player wants to play for the Leafs because they are guaranteed to win the cup. And every player is going to the Leafs inlcuding a player who has not even been whispered in trade rumors a 9 million doller player that the rangers can build a team around. But no he’s going to be a leaf. But then again it doesnt matterI dont think anyone has a chance at beating the Wings so all this beefing up will only make the Wings or the Ave’s winning more embarrasing. No Leafs No

  29. wingerxx says:

    I don’t know what the timeline is on Nieuwendyk’s return, but the Leafs need to focus on upgrading their defense. Even without Nieuwendyk, their forward lineup is just fine. They have plenty of bodies they can move up and shuffle around to make up for Nieuwendyk’s absense. They need to be thinking D.

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