In the craziest day so far, the weirdest deal just happened: The St. Louis Blues have traded most touted defencemen Chris Pronger to the Edmonton Oilers!The Oilers sent to the Blues a package of defencemen Eric Brewer, Doug Lynch and Jeff Woywitka.

This deal really came from nowhere.


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29 Responses to BREAKING NEWS (for real, now) PRONGER TO EDMONTON!

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    That would be a totally stupid move Edmonton.

  2. wheresthesoda says:


  3. wheresthesoda says:


  4. Lint07 says:

    I fyou mean ”source”, check out

  5. tml28 says:

    Never saw that coming, what a waste what a bad fit, do they even have a goalie… that just ruined prongers career, Lalime is probably crying right now. What a waste of an all star

  6. habs_punk says:

    They gave up way too much. 5 or 6 years down the road, St. Louis is going to have won this trade in a landslide.

  7. jacosta says:

    All of these teams that have never had money are doing some big time stupid moves. It’s like the cash is just burning a hole in their pockets.

    Look at all the guys signed… Colombus, Florida, Edmonton.

    Not saying that I wouldn’t love a Pronger, but when the guy is getting max money and could be gone next year and you still have to sign a bunch of guys, it doesn’t look good

    You can’t buy a team and expect instant chemistry. (Rangers).

    Sure you may have only 4 guys signed but your whole team is new to eachother after a year off.

    welcome to the new NHL

  8. Luc89 says:

    TSN.CA is reporting this so this is a legit deal. I think St. Louis might have won this trade. They got rid of Prongers big ugly contract and brought in a younger version of Chris in Eric Brewer. They also got Doug Lynch and highly touted prospect Jeff Woywitka. Edmonton traded away cheap youth for expensive seniority in my opinion.

  9. NemiNA says:

    Damn. St. Louis won this one by a landslide.

    Pronger will take alot of money.

    Brewer Lynch and Woywitka will al substantially improve St. Louis’s blueline, and will make them strong for many years to come.

    Looks like St. Louis will be winning another Presidents trophy 5 years down the road.

    All they need to do now is bulk up their offense.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    dont forget they have jackman and backman on defence and young schwarz in goal. they are deep on the backend

  11. NemiNA says:

    Yeah, I was thinking that, but forgot to mention it. St. Louis will be a serious cup contender in about 3 years. Scary.

  12. goleafsgo1328 says:

    Pronger agreed to a new 5 year contract with the Oilers before the deal was completed.

  13. headpushslap says:


    Second Best Defenceman in the NHL

    We got him for a Number Two Defenceman (Brewer) and Two suspects (Lynch, Woywitka).

    Trust me, Lynch will be a Three or Four Dman at best, and if Woywitka pans out, he might be another Brewer.

    As much as people think the Blues won this trade…think again.

    Edmonton gave up on Brewer when he said that the team was not commited to winning and that the Oilers could have kept Weight or Guerin. That indicates some sort of mental defect I think.

    Doug Lynch is great in interviews, he plays hard, but his skill level is topping off right now, as an AHL player. I watched Lynch get schooled last year by career minor leaguers.

    Woywitka may eventually achieve third or fourth defenceman status, but not top two. The hack on him is no heart.

    One caller to a local show said that if you could put Lynch’s heart in Woywitka, you would have a serviceable defenceman.

    Judging from the response to this move by the Oilers, I call sour grapes on the Easties who don’t realize how inconsistent Eric Brewer is day-to-day and how overrated the Lynch and Woywitka are.

  14. headpushslap says:

    How do you people figure that Eric Brewer is a young Chris Pronger. That’s like saying Pascal Dupuis is a young Mario Lemieux, or Pavel Brendl is the next Petr Forsberg.

    I don’t see how Brewer and two scrubs improves St.Louis blueline at all. In my eyes they lost a great defenceman who has agreed to a substantially lower contract, with a long term in another city. Oh wait, now I see how St.Louis won this trade…IN BIZZARO WORLD.

    Mytzylplyk, New Blues Owner.

  15. Nemix says:

    Apparently, edmonton is still under the belief that iit is pre new cba days and a complete dump is in order. Granted , they finally got someone who can move the puck and stand up to be counted but literally removed a number two defenseman with the deal , So pronger will be playing out there by himself and unless he can play 2 centre positions, wing and goalie this team is still up schites creek … In the days where florida is making some logical signings, you think edmonton would want to stand up and address thier needs and really it wasnt defense at all.. but everything else in front of them.. No centres, no constant quality first line or second line players ands the rest of the team AHL bound or 4th line calibre.. Looks like they will remain in the western basement.. Sad really if you look to what calgary has done . Edmonton doenst have anyonbe to fill in the vacancies ..Now stuck with a larger contract less room to move, possibly letting smyth walk and having no one up front what so ever .. its going to be a long season for edmonton fans. .Isnt this waht they fought to get a new CBA for/> to compete and now when they can , they take a long vacation ? god poor oiler fans looks like beplaying chase off the boards high school hockey again for another year . id be so frustrated..

  16. RangerSteve says:

    I understand Edmonton gave up a lot in Brewer and Woywitka alone, but people are forgetting this is Chris Pronger. This guy is easily a top 3 defenseman in this league, and why do people hate the Oilers for making this trade? Granted since Pronger is older than all 3 guys, the POTENTIAL for Brewer, Woywitka and Lynch is huge. As Bill Parcells once said, “Potential is saying you haven’t accomplished anything.” Oilers obviously win this deal now liek many have said above, but they did get one of the top players in the game.

  17. werdo says:

    A franchise player locked up for 5 years in exchange for a couple of iffy prospects and an ex all star already on the decline. I’d say edmonton did ok. They may still need some talent up front, but it’s pretty hard to pass on this deal.

  18. TheCoach says:

    Great move by Edmonton.

    Eric Brewer is very overrated, and is not a #1 defenseman. He’s 26, and I don’t think he’ll get any better.

    Yes Lynch and Woywitka are good prospects, but there is obviously a reason as to why Woywitka keeps getting traded.

    Pronger is a top 3 defenseman in this league, and is still only 30.

    Awesome move.

  19. Charismatic_Enigma72 says:

    How would it be a stupid move?

  20. Charismatic_Enigma72 says:

    How would it be a stupid move?

  21. Aetherial says:

    Edmonton gave up too much.

    The Blues were F*cked with Pronger’s contract. Edmonton bailed them out.

  22. dudemar says:

    I don’t think this was a bad deal at all, I was pretty excited to read about the Oilers getting Pronger. I don’t think the large contract will be an issue, I mean, do the Oilers really have all their money tied up in anyone else? That and free agency isn’t over, more trades(maybe not like this one) are yet to come. If nothing else at least this was an exciting trade with some bigger names, I was starting to wonder if something like this was going to happen.

  23. Oilerz says:

    It’s nice to see edmonton on the other end of a forced salary dump. We are instantly a better team for it. and he will sell seasons tickets. I fully expect Kevin Lowe to now get the #1 grade A center he has been talking about, and after this move it can be anyone. Think Peca.

  24. Oilerz says:

    Your comment is sour grapes and no knowledge. Salary dump? How is this a salary dump? Pronger wil make 6.1 mill a year! This is St. Louis’s salary dump. Kevin Lowe is not finished shopping, expect a teir 1 center soon, and we are fine in goal in imo.

  25. Nemix says:

    Who is talking salary, im speaking about players. Brewer is atop calibre defensemen cheaper and edmonton with the 6 million could have addressed more immediate needs up front where they have no one, Smyth cant do it by himself and is still free agent.. Peca is defensive, the team is defensive.. Donest solve the issue now does it.. 2 players are going to fill in for 4 to 5 positions in order for edmonton to compete ? couldof got a rafalski and a centre for that price.. think man .. this team isnt just one player away ..after fleecing thier entire team ..they are a whole slew away

  26. edmontonrules says:

    Brewer started to make some horrible mistakes that cost the Oilers. Whoever said that Pronger won’t have anyone to play with is crazy. Staios, Smith, Cross, Bergeron? Last time I noticed that’s not too shabby a defense right there. With Pronger they now have a strong defence that can put offensive numbers out there. Kevin Lowe is a genius at working with almost no money. Let’s see what happens with a little room to breathe.

  27. Nemix says:

    staios, Smith, Cross, Bergeron.. ok defensive, defensive defensive, unproven So power play..what do you do now ? They replaced..they didnt add.. thats the argument

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