Breaking News: Sundin not playing tonight, back to Sweden!

According to several sources, Toronto Maple Leafs’ captain Mats Sundin is going back to Sweden to take care of ”important family matters”.

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Still according to sources, not only will Sundin miss tonight’s game against the New York Rangers, but it is apparently questionable whether he’ll be able to be back in time for tuesday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers as well.

No word yet on the exact reason why Sundin would be heading to Sweden but several rumors have already started to pop-up all over the web so we are asking you to keep this thread clean or else your comment will be deleted.

Tough loss for the Leafs who are in a crazy race for the 8th and final Playoffs spot.

UPDATE: You can read the entire story HERE

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  1. Gretzkin says:

    I was at that game, and apparently the fan was okay once they stabalized him. But that was a pretty surreal moment that seemed to go on forever. I looked down to see what the hold up was, not realizing the situation, and this lady in a Tucker jersey and pink hood was just wailing away giving chest compressions. She is a nurse, and should've been given the star of the game. Apparently if she wasn't there, that guy would have been dead.

    After a little bit, the paramedics and firefighters were out, and once we saw that he was finally receiving oxygen, we had to figure that he was going to be alright.
    Blame it on McCabe. If I were a Leaf fan, my heart would have suffered watching him give it away for the Pens to tie it up with 4 seconds left.
    Anyways, that Tucker lady impressed the whole of the ACC and saved that guys life. Hopefully he'll be okay.
    P.S. There is no noise at the ACC. It's the most boring building I've ever watched hockey in, and I've been many times. It's always the same. You can hear the crickets under the bleachers.
    Leaf fans only cheer if there's a guarantee, or, oddly enough, if they're in another building (Ottawa, Bufffalo, Montreal, etc). That's because Leaf fans can't afford to go to their own games.
    I paid $400 for nosebleeds. Good seats though.
  2. wheresthesoda says:

    avery is restricted, rangers will keep him

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I'm not blaming it all on Sundin. Rayflop, McCrap, and the rest of that shit bag Leafs team were terrible. If I were JFJ, the only player who comes back next year is Darcy Tucker.

  4. Lint07 says:

    nope, it was there all along.

  5. GlenSather says:

    Ha Ha  MAple Loaf fans Sean Avery kicked Tuckers ass the he kicked your teams ass. I hope you beat out Montreal for the 8th spot though.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Thanks, I hope so too. The Rangers can help us out on Thursday with that. Also Tucker won that fight hands down, Avery kind of got a couple shots in at the very end after he already lost to Darcy, nice try though.

  7. GlenSather says:

    Negative on Tucker winning the fight. Did you see the rest of it? ,besides the one nice punch Tucker got in.  I know from having the Center Ice package that canadian t.v. was only showing the Tucker punch and not the rest of the fight when Avery kicks his ass.  Avery just dominated the Maple Leafs hands down!  But I really hope the beat out Montreal.   Later

  8. GlenSather says:

    LOL who is a hockey fan and misses important end of season games to watch Wrestlemania?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. GlenSather says:

    ****************FOXNEWS ALERT*********************
                           WWF wrestling is fake

  10. the_word says:

    "The world is flat too"

    Its hard to tell if you're being sarcastic, because judging by your take on socialism, you sound like a Friedman economist.

  11. mojo19 says:

    I know, I really hope he was joking

  12. mojo19 says:

    Also, Darcy won the fight, Avery didn't get 1 clean shot in, and then just pulled Tucker down at the end when he couldn't land anything. But yes, he did have a great game besides losing that fight. Later

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