Brent Sutter to coach Devils?

The Red Deer Rebels of the Western Hockey League have called a news conference for Thursday and sources suggest team owner Brent Sutter will announce that he’s stepping down as general manager and head coach.

NHL sources tell TSN that Sutter is stepping down from his junior club to pursue a head coaching job in the NHL and that Sutter is the odds-on favorite to be named the next head coach of the New Jersey Devils.

Would brent succeed at the nhl level like he has at the junior level?
Why would anyone wanna coach nj after what happened with julien?
Wonder what the odds are he’ll be fired before the playoffs? Let’s ask tocchet!

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  1. markjohnston says:

    maybe he's looking for a 6 month job so he can go on vacation or something.

    why would anyone work for the devils when they just fire you before the playoffs?

    plus, you get to live east rutherford new jersey (butthole nowhere), play in front of 4000 fans each night and IF you last to the playoffs and win the cup…you get to join a parade in the parking lot.

    no thanks.

  2. TheNotoriousJRD says:

    this is why you are not paid to be the devils gm and are posting on this message board, cause you have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. markjohnston says:

    yes, but I heard they were looking for someone with a lot of maturity to take over.

    I think your classy and "funny" email address makes you an automatic candidate.

    also, I was clearly talking about the decision faced by sutter, NOT lou…so your message makes little to no sense.

    thanks for trying though.

  4. cecilturtle says:

    Brent Sutter is the perfect fit for the Devils…  Brent Sutter (or any "Sutter" for that matter) went into coaching so he could one day coach a team just like the Devils…  As well as for the Devils, who were assembled by lou for the exact purpose of one day finding "a Sutter" to coach them.  As a Rangers fan I am amazed at how well the draft and free agency period has gone for my team…  I was totally looking forward to watching the Rangers play 82 games this next year, now I might only be looking forward to 74 of the 82! 

    With the moves the Rangers and Devils have made this off season, Both teams appear to be very similar to the teams they both had in 1994. Especially with the signing of Zubrus, who I predict at the end of the year will be considered the best free agent signing this off season, assuming Sutter is coaching the devils?  Look at the players the Devils have on their roster.  The only possible "???" better candidate to coach the Devils then Brent Sutter, would surly have the same last name! 


  5. njpenguins08 says:

    The Devils moved to Newark.

    People want to work for the devils because they get there name on the Stanley Cup for it. Lou has made a few mistakes over the years, including coaching, but they've won 3 stanley cups in the process, so he can't be that bad.

    Those parades do get boring when you have them so often.

  6. Kraut182 says:

    I have no idea why Brent Sutter would want to coach the Devils.  Lou Lamerello has shown himself to be a meddling jackass, who fires coaches on a whim.  Sutter will have no job security, his team could be leading the division and Lou still might find a way to fire him.

    Not only that, but the Devils also seem like a team ready for a downturn.  They lost Gomez, they lost Rafalski, and Brodeur isn't getting any younger.

    Brent Sutter is a coach many teams were interested in, why would he pick the job with the least security and a team that's getting worse?

  7. bpletsch23 says:

    I think everyone is blowing the coaching situation out of proportion. Julien is the only one fired under what seems to be mysterious circumstances. Lemaire was fired after a couple of early round upsets.  Ftorek fired because the Devils weren't winning and a trade didn't help.  Pat Burns left because of cancer. Larry Robinson resigned a couple seasons ago. I didn't even remember Kevin Constantine until someone else mentioned him. So its not like Lou has a history of weird firings.

  8. cementhead says:

    I have a lot of respect for all people Sutter and I, too, am puzzled and disappointed by him signing here.  Let's face it, he would have his choice of coaching jobs with all of his recent successes.

    So this leads me to think that maybe we don't have all the facts.  I have to assume that Sutter is smart enough, in a situation like this, to have a huge golden parachute put into the contract.  Something to the effect that if he is terminated for anyreason within the first 3 seasons he will recieve a $8M bonus.  I have no idea the details, and I'm only purely speculating, but I still don't think anyone would be crazy enough to sign without the such.

    And would Lou allow a contract like that?  Truthfully, to get a quality coach that this point I don't think Lou would have any choice at all.

    But that's just my 2 cents…

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