Brian Burke in no rush to decide Ron Wilson’s future

Whether it was something everybody had overlooked to this point or a carefully-planted excuse, Brian Burke on Tuesday introduced labour peace as part of the equation that would determine whether Ron Wilson gets a contract extension beyond 2011-12.How’s that for a Hobson’s choice? No hockey or no Ron Wilson.
In times it seemed as if Burke, the Toronto Maple Leafs general manager, was channelling his inner Bryan Colangelo as he discussed the Leafs’ sixth consecutive season out of the playoffs in the rotunda of the Air Canada Centre. Not exactly all soul of an accountant polish and poise and deliberation, but the tie was slightly-less askew than in previous seasons and while Burke had pointed comments in response to some questions (“If people disagree with me they are confusing me with someone who cares about their opinion,” was his response to a question about Wilson’s coaching), there was less of the full Irish this time around.

Burke really does believe the Leafs are, to borrow Wilson’s words from Monday, two or three players away from contending for the Stanley Cup. “What team in this league isn’t a contender if you add three players – the right three players?

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  1. JustYouW8 says:

    I think Wilson should stay behind the bench. I believe when Toronto fills out the roster the way Burke envisions it, will be an effective system. It's very entertaining to watch and there's proof it works from the second half of the season. They just need to put a full season together. When Toronto adds some size, their strength on the boards will improve, while still having the speed to play the transition game. You can't change the system on everyone just when everyone is starting to mesh.. Just my opinion, I know a lot of people want to see him gone..

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