Brian Burke–Pull the trigger

The Vancouver Canucks find themselves in a precarious position headed down the home stretch of the regular season. Having lost 7 of their previous 9 contests, five of which were against teams out of playoff positions.Brian Burke has made very little noise when the trade deadline has come around over the last 2 years. After last seasons playoffs the Canucks were ousted by the Minnesota Wild. 2 areas of concern surfaced.

1. The lack of depth on defence.

2. The lack of a second scoring line.

While Brian B did not do a lot in the previous 2 trade deadlines, he did address the problems by signing Jiri Slegr and Magnus Arvedson before the current season started. He is however, back to square one. He virtually gave Slegr to Boston and lost Arvedson for at least this season due to injury. Now he has the same 2 problems, a lack of depth on D and no one of note on a second scoring line.

Compounding these problems are injuries to Ed Jovanovski and Markus Naslund, two oof the Canucks three Stars.

The solution to these problems could be a significant trade with either the Rangers or Washington. Or landing a top 4 Dman from 1 club and a top centre from another. Brian B has the resources in a few prospects and draft picks and the fact that both Cooke and Ruutu are not needed along with Brad May on the same team. Wade Brookbank has done an excellent job as enforcer and a surprisingly good job as a winger, more than holding his own against the opposition he has played against. This allows Burke to trade away either Cooke or Ruutu and a few prospects coupled with a draft pick. Also the Canucks should have some cash to play with as Slegr and Arvedson are gone, as well as the fact the club should make a significant profit this year.

So if Brian B could make that big trade, the face of the Canucks could change in a heartbeat. The play of the Sedins has seen them move along at a point a game since Christmas, turning whoever plays with them into a point producer as well. If the play of young Fedor Fedorov ( Sergei’s brother ) continues, he will be a threat on the third line. Adding someone like Robert Lang as a top line centre to Naslund and Bertuzzi will boost their offensive output while moving Morrison on a third line with Fedorov. Also the inclusion of a Gonchar or Leetch to the blue line will bolster an already potent offensive back end.

At some point Brian B is going to have to gamble with making this team better. Either he takes a chance at a run for the cup now while giving away something for the future. Or he puts his faith in the future and gambles with the window of opportunity that has presented itself this year and may not present itself again.

I think I can speak for most Vancouver fans in saying PULL THE TRIGGER

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  1. mikster says:

    I agree with Bob McKenzie, for defense…they’ll go out and get a Bombardir type of guy, or maybe even Mironov? Who knows. But that kind of depth player. I’d say his best choice is Keith Carney, but may be too expensive for him. So, he’ll go out and get Karpotsev.

    For second line, well….i think it will be a winger for sure. Tough to say who though.

    While McKenzie calls a rumor coming out of the USA bizarre (the Gonchar to Leafs and then Kolzig as well and so on), i call Sportsnet’s rumor 100x’s bizarre where the Canucks acquire Leetch, and then trade him back to the Rangers in the summer.

    He’ll make a deal soon….patience is what counts.

  2. Rampage_Winger says:

    FACT: The Canucks will never amount to anything with Cloutier in net.

  3. mojo19 says:

    He shows flashes of brilliance, but he’ll put on a clinic and then let in an average wrist shot the next shift. Inconsistant. Cloutier is not a good goalie and almost single handedly cost his team the series vs. Minnesota last year. Games 5 and 6 were very weak on his part, and game 7 was 2-1 Canucks going into the third and the Darby Hendrikson slap shot was such a heart-breaker for the Cancucks. Brutal goal.

  4. JeffBurnz09 says:

    wait now….eventhough they played well for most of the year, the Canucks are fading down the stretch?…the VANCOUVER Canucks?…I dunno about this article, I just find it very hard to believe that the Canucks of all teams would choke during a key time of the year……next thing you’ll be saying they need a goalie…

  5. comrie44 says:

    Jeff O’Neill would be nice…

    We all know Burkey is going to sit on his hands though, he won’t add jack.

  6. TheTruth says:

    Unfortunatly I have to agree.

    Vancouvers only hope is that Hedberg can save their playoff run before it’s too late.

  7. TheTruth says:

    Is that a bit of sarcasm?? Yup choking when it counts. Thats why the trade is so important. Quality troops added to the line-up should give the team a boost.

  8. Lint07 says:

    fact: There are no better goalies available right now.

  9. mikster says:

    He’ll add…

    Nucks without Naslund are not that good of a team. He’s got to have some kind of back up in case of injuries. He’ll add….

  10. Stretch says:

    I agree, O’Neill would be nice. It would also send a message to the team and fans that he is serious about making a run.

    I actually think Burke just might pull the trigger. Why else would Fedorov be called up so soon after being in Smyl’s doghouse in Manitoba? He’s being showcased before the deadline, plain and simple. I also think Umberger will be dealt. Truth is, they’re gonna lose him anyway. Burke saying he doesn’t want to set a precendent with other draft picks that they can just sit and he will cave is just posturing. With the next CBA, you know the teams will want to be able to lock in the rookies as part of the negotiations, so it really isn’t setting any precendent since the playing field will change anyways.

  11. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    isnt that the kind of thing that would violate the rule that made dean mcammond sit out for the last bit of last season?

  12. shady_records says:

    Cloutier is not a playoff goaltender.

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