Briere eh?! Nuts to that!

Ok….this is only my second post, and for my first I forgot to mention some of my thoughts and there were a few comments left that encompassed the things I left out. This time I will try to be more selective with my thoughts.

So rumor has it that Montreal is seeking the services of Daniel Briere. I say, Nuts to that! I know that he’s a very talented player and speedy at that, the problem is, he was injured half of last season. If his price tag was lower I would be pumped for such a rumor. I say, give Ribiero a chance on the Samsonov/Kovalev line unless you are going to replace him with someone that will be: A. Healthy all season and B. able to produce high numbers at a cheaper pricetag than Briere’s

Well, that’s about it….if Gainey finds someone that is more reliable than Ribiero for point production and less injury prone than Briere this season, make the move. Otherwise, our team is freakin fantastic as it is! Go Habs Go!


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  1. passionch says:

    I’d love to see Lang take the place of #2 center in the Kovy and Sammy line. Healthy, productive and surely a good chemistry together. As for Briere, even if Montreal was in it, Buffalo will not deal him to us.

  2. Drifter says:

    Good point man, haven’t even thought of Buffalo being in the same division. Thanks for the comment

  3. habs_fan14 says:

    i totaly agree with what you are saying. They should forget about brier and keep what they have. There already a sick team and now with kirk muller comin in he will help the coachin staff even more which there dont realy need because there staff is sick.

  4. pilourse says:

    The problem in Montreal is … EVERYTIME a hockey player from the province of quebec is on the market … he is coming to Montreal.

    WAKE UP !!!!

    Briere is the same player as Koivu.

    Ribeiro will probably do 75 pts this years (why, because he play around 80 games each year and Samsonov is better than Zednick).

    Briere is a good player but he will not play in Montreal.

    Gainey give the chance to Mikey Ribs and if he not take it… maybe he is gone… Don’t think Mikey will be in fire this year because of that ?

    Jean-Pierre Dumont has not cleared the arbitration … if the Habs want one… that probably the man they want.

    The line this years would be :

    Samsonov – Ribeiro – Kovalev

    Higgins – Koivu – Ryder

    Begin – Bonk – Perezhogin

    Chipchura – Plekanec – Latendresse

    Rivet – Dandenault

    Markov – Komisarek

    Souray – Bouillon




    (I think Bonk will be trade for a draft pick to Wsh (they are under the caps))

    So you could put Plekanec on the third line and put Kostystin on the fourth.

    See ya!

  5. MT4e says:

    maybe you forgot about the acquisition of mike johnson:





    Rivet – Dandenault

    Markov – Komisarek

    Souray – Bouillon




  6. harv26 says:

    yeah regardin ur comments bout lang i think he be a pretty good fit but id wait untill around the dead line then see how ribs production is , it may b a break out year for him , ethier way trade him or not are team is sick and im sure were going deep into the post season can u say HABS and Flames in June the cup is comin back were it belongs

  7. TheStryker says:

    I don’t think both Chipchura and Latendresse both make the team. I would love to keep Chipchura up here, send Latendresse to Hamilton so he can mature more. I think Chipchura can turn into a Rod Brind’amour type player with the right coaching

  8. urstruly says:

    ok listen up cause I alwayz tell it like it is!!

    I agree we have a good team as it stands right now, we have 4 stable lines goin for us some of you might be but dats not good enough, take a look around da league yes many teams have upgraded but there strugglin 2 get 4 stable an useful lines 2gether… I’ve had faith in Gainey from da start was I pissed dat he didnt land da big name players like shanahan, elias etc YES of course but I wouldnt be happy if we overpaid them 2 land them.. We have one of da best young talents in da league da canadiens are loaded with them what other teams have dat.. Are we willing 2 trade dem away I dont think so, I personally think Gainey is done makin amymore moves but if something does happen dont expect a name like Briere to be involved I say dat because the few players dat we might be willing 2 give up does not interest TEAMS.. We gave Carolina the stanley cup champions a hard time wit da team we had last year sayin dat big name players doesnt mean automatic success we will go far wit da team we have right now BELIEVE DAT!!!!!! AN an we got all our players signed….

  9. Hoondog2 says:

    Montreal gave Carolina a go until they pulled Gerber the sive, and felt like playing hockey!

  10. habsoverserver says:

    I agree with you on Ribiero.

    Johnson will play on the third line. Chipchura and Latendresse will not make the team ahead of Kostitsyn.

    Where would Dumont play? He would be the fifth or sixth best winger on the team and would effectively block the development of any of the wingers in the farm system. Dumont is not good enough defensively to play on a checking line and he’s not a big hitter. His price will be high due to his strong showing in the playoffs.

  11. passionch says:

    Yeah, you forgot Johnson who is a definite 3rd line RW. So basically, my guesses if nothing is changed is this:

    Higgins – Koivu – Ryder

    Samsonov – Ribeiro – Kovalev

    Perezhogin – Begin – Johnson

    Chipchura – Plekanec – Murray

    Latendresse, Kostystin, Downey

    Markov – Komisarek

    Rivet – Souray

    Dandenault – Bouillon





    I think Chipchura has a better chance getting into the NHL this year since his role is a 4th liner which is a 2-way style of play while making Latendresse or Kostystin play on the 4th line will only decrease their ice-time, meaning worst development.

  12. tit4tat says:

    NHL league rules preclude Latendresse, who is still of junior age, from playing in the AHL. He must play in Montreal or be returned to his junior team in the Q. I don’t think he’s quite ready to play in the NHL and another year in the Juniors will only give him the seasoning and the minutes he will need to make the jump to the AHL or the NHL. But I believe this kid has the size and skill needed to become the power forward we have been lacking.

  13. tit4tat says:

    I like your lineup, but what’ll you do with Bonk?

  14. HMorenz says:

    Even after he was pulled we still gave them a run for their money. They were all close (1 goal) games and 2 went to OT. So……

  15. owensdad says:

    i can’t see old lazy on the first line cntre, you may have a point though with him playimg 80 games, but is it better to say play your heart out for 55-60 games with a point per game or is it fine to just show up for 80 games, just to say you were there….

  16. marcan79 says:

    He’s the kind of player that the Habs is needing right now.

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