Briere eh?! Nuts to that!

Ok….this is only my second post, and for my first I forgot to mention some of my thoughts and there were a few comments left that encompassed the things I left out. This time I will try to be more selective with my thoughts.

So rumor has it that Montreal is seeking the services of Daniel Briere. I say, Nuts to that! I know that he’s a very talented player and speedy at that, the problem is, he was injured half of last season. If his price tag was lower I would be pumped for such a rumor. I say, give Ribiero a chance on the Samsonov/Kovalev line unless you are going to replace him with someone that will be: A. Healthy all season and B. able to produce high numbers at a cheaper pricetag than Briere’s

Well, that’s about it….if Gainey finds someone that is more reliable than Ribiero for point production and less injury prone than Briere this season, make the move. Otherwise, our team is freakin fantastic as it is! Go Habs Go!