Briere ready to prove to Flyers, fans that he's worth it

Sam Donnellon

A YEAR AGO, Jamie Moyer was one of this city’s darlings. Now he says he feels “disheartened” and “misled” by the Phillies, which is exactly how one wiseguy e-mailer said he has been feeling when Moyer has taken the mound recently.

It’s popular to say this town sticks with first impressions and forgives grudgingly, that once you land in our hearts you will never leave. But the reaction to Moyer’s reaction to being sent to the bullpen has been mostly negative, and it wasn’t that many summers ago when fans wanted to run Keith Primeau out of town for running Bill Barber off the Flyers’ bench.

After a herculean playoff effort that preceded an unfortunate forced retirement due to concussion issues, Primeau is now revered around here, a fixture in that small and privileged club that Moyer would no doubt be part of had he just rode off into the sunset after his gutty performance in Game 3 of the World Series last October.

Which leads to the plight of 31-year-old Danny Briere. Two summers ago, following a disastrous season, the Flyers signed Briere to an 8-year, $52 million contract. Implied in the numbers was that Briere was a star to build around, a guy who would take the pressure off young forwards like Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, make them better. Briere struggled early in his first year here, but he was a big part of an energized and unexpected playoff run that ended that season in the Eastern Conference finals, and his resurgence was one of the reasons even greater things were expected of the maturing Flyers last season.

Those expectations were stomped upon by a team that often seemed indifferent to its maddening inconsistencies, right up to the final regular-season loss to the Rangers at home. Plagued by groin issues all season, Briere was around for only 29 of those games, and he was hardly the player the Flyers paid for when he was on the ice. A lack of mobility affected his quickness, which affected his playmaking and scoring touch.

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  1. muckies says:

    My Top 5 Little Guys

    1. Marty St Louis
    2. Pat Kane 
    3. Daniel Briere
    4. Franky Bouillion ( he's a D-man for Christ Sake)
    5. Steve Sullivan

    Honourable mention to Ryan Shannon and Theo Fleury if he makes it. Don't like  Kyle Wellwood, he always looks sad.

  2. the_word says:

    Briere knows he's overpaid, he knew it before he signed. He didn't have to sack to play in Montreal because he knew his 100 point year was the peak of his career and he couldn't duplicate it. He didn't want to get lynched by Habs fans, its why he nixed the trade with Habs last season.

    Possibly the worst contract in the league.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Just thought of a trade idea for the Rangers and the Flyers.  What do you guys think of this:

    to the new york rangers:
    daniel briere, matt carle
    to the philadelphia flyers:
    michael rozsival, brandon dubinsky

    Now, assuming Dubinsky resigns for somewhere in the neigbourhood of 2.8-3.0 million dollars (probably for 3-4 years), the Rangers are actually taking back salary in this trade.  Each team loses half the trade and wins the other half.  Dubinsky over Briere is a win for Philly, especially given their current cap situation (but Briere might be a better fit on the Rangers anyways) and need of a 3rd line center as oppose to a top line center.  Carle over Rozsival is a win for the Rangers that saves them some money and allows them to get a guy who's quite a bit younger. 

    I think it all fits cap-wise, although it's tight for the Rangers.  It would probably even allow the Flyers to sign Todd Bertuzzi (they are rumored interested).

    Gagne – Richards – Giroux
    Hartnell – Carter – Bertuzzi
    J.V.R. – Dubinsky – Asham
    Carcillo – Laperriere – Powe


    Pronger – Rozsival
    Timonen – Coburn
    Parent – Jones


    Emery – Boucher
    CAP – 56.136

    I like it for the Flyers.

  4. pezzz123 says:

    Sullivan is a point per game player since the lockout. He's number 4 at least, probably #3.

  5. Kramer says:

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    How about swatting the first 2 Alquida!


     What the address of your site again?

  8. paulieplatypus says:

    Nice posting, Except I believe Eric Lindros might have been a better example then old man Moyer.   I really like the subject matter even though I'm not a Philadelphia fan.  Personally I've been blabbering about this for quite some time now.  I like how you refered to the only time period that Briere really played well for the Flyers is two seasons ago with his resurging towards the end of the season and into their playoff run. 

    "Coincidentally" Briere's resurgence started right after Vaclav Prospal was aquired at the trade deadline two seasons ago.  Just a short time after being paired on the same line together with much success, Briere and Prospal both publicly stated that they really enjoyed playing together.  That they both seem to be on the same page and play a very similar style.  "It's like we both know where eachother is going to be on the ice without looking."  This connection they felt together was only after a few games with eachother and both players kept putting up big time scoring number thoughout their time together. 

    When Prospal was not resigned at the end of that year I was shocked.  Now that Prospal is a UFA, the Flyers need to find a way to sign this guy.  But it's very possible that GM Paul Holmgren's poor mismanagement of the $$$ salary cap has "again" made this possibility impossible.  With the Rangers not resigning Zherdev, I would love to see them pick this guy up.      

  9. Kramer says:

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  10. the_word says:

    It might be him too.

  11. zackman13 says:

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