Bring back NHL2NITE on espn2

Granted its not a hockey article, but with ESPN’s silly acquistion of the NBA, the NHL is all but forgotten on the network.

As a Hockey fan, I think ESPN needs to know that people are passionate about the game and it requires a statement.

NHL2Nite is one of the only shows I actually look forward to on ESPN and now it has taken a huge back seat because ESPN has to promote the NBA.

If you have the time, please hit this link and sign the petition and let our voices to be heard!


Sign it if you’d like to see NHL 2Nite back on the air.

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  1. mikster says:

    Finally, something different from Mantaray except i was disappointed. I saw the title on the submissions page and i was glad to see an article from Manta, but it’s just a small message! Oh well, we’re still waiting Manta for something more than just power rankings.

    Moving on to the subject. I liked what i wrote in my comment for the petition. ESPN is not the worldwide leader in sports, not anymore. It’s Entertainment for Stupid People Network.

    Yeah, i am so interested in seeing a one hour college game day preview!!!! I am so interested in seeing slutty cheerleaders perform. I am so interested in bowling.

    ESPN sucks. Supid programs, stupid people like DICK Vitale….i hope he runs out of voice one day.

    I would do anything to buy the TSN channel. Best of all though, i wish i could start a channel of hockey 24/7. Shows, games from Europe…and so on…

    A dream come true eh?

  2. Tradedude says:

    ESPN SUCKS, all they do on saturdays (which is hockey day) is updates on frigin college football shit, who cares about that junk. I’m signing it hands down. i doubt they will listen.

  3. nskerr says:

    As an Islander fan, I loved NHL2Night at 10:30 on ESPN2. Now it seems when they run the show, if at all, it takes a backseat to the worlds strongest man and cheerleading competitions. Are you kidding me??

    I will sign the petition as well but I think the best thing for the NHL to do is set up an NHL channel like the NBA has and the NFL is putting together for cable and satellite owners which has highlight shows, weekly wrap-ups, interviews, kids segments etc… Now that the NBA is on ESPN, you can be assured that once the NHL contract runs out, the NHL will once again be looking for a new home.

  4. bit82 says:

    you’re right. it seems like every time i want to watch this show it’s not on. it wasn’t like this last year. stupid nba.

  5. acebailey says:

    WOuld it help if we all started e-mailing espn and cussing them out?

  6. acebailey says:

    Maybe ESPN is predicting a work stoppage in 2004 at the end of the existing CBA and are deliberatly steering away from hockey? Perhaps they have leardned a hard lesson from other sports?

  7. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Has anyone noticed the crappy job even TSN is doing with Hockey. I mean their announcers no nothing. Man can you ever tell ESPN took them over.

    As for an all Hockey Channel. We have that up here in canada. It’s ok. It’s great to see some Classic games once in a while. And when there’s nothing on, there’s always something to do with hockey on. Whether it’s Hockey legends, Or Eric’s little sister Brett.

  8. Robbed_by_blake says:

    I appologize for my crude words, I should have thought of a better way to express my strong feelings about this issue!

    Next time I will re-think what it is Im trying to say!

    But who in the Hell would want to watch the NBA over the NHL? Nobody on this site im sure!

    Appologies all around!

  9. Shutt_Kovalchuk_incarnate says:

    just what we need on television, more swoojee ball programming..

    guess i didn’t notice it until i read this article, but espn sucks now..even the once-admired espn classic is a pile of crap–is Tennessee vs. Auburn from 2000 really a classic college football game?

    try showing Alabama vs. Penn State ’79 Sugar Bowl, anything but some SEC game no one north of South Carolina cares about.

    Hockey in America will always be a distant fourth behind the TAUNTING SPORTS. You know, where people do stupid dances and jump up and down and ‘dis’ on their opponents, usually because they knocked a ball out of bounds or something nominal like that..ebonics are also strongly encouraged by the big3 taunting sports, we need to dumb everything down…especially for ‘generation NBA’–an entire age group identifying w/ Eminem.

    leave hockey to us purists..i could care less what espn does, anybody w/ access to direcTV who cares enough about the sport gets the hockey package anyway.

  10. CaptainCanuck says:

    I’m Canadian so this doesn’t effect me but I’m still dissapionted in the lack of coverage hockey gets in the states. I feel sorry for any one who doesn’t get to watch their favorite hockey team becouse of a bunch of pussys throwing a ball around.

  11. UsedandAbused says:

    Next to Football Hockey is my favorite sport. The truth is however the sport has lose its “excitement” because they are trying to do away with the physical aspect of the game. The refs inconsistency doesn’t help either. The NHL needs to change badly, or else more people are going to continue to lose interest. They need to develope a consistant standard for calling penalties, and to stick to it. Also to stop favoring “certian teams”. Second they need to allow the rough stuff. Fighting helps make the game exciting! However so far this season there has only been a few games that were really exciting. Lets face facts… Hockey is on its way DOWN! The sad thing is if they did a better job with officiating and allowed the rough stuff, then hockey could easily be on its way up.

  12. beckfan says:

    Fuck basketball! Hockey has always been shuned. Even when Fox and now ABC do the games, they dont get televised until March. And espns coverage sucks anyway. No efence to the fans of these teams but who the hell wants to see another Stars/Wings/Blues/Avs game here on the east coast? And they dont cover any Canadian teams for some reason during the regular season. Maybe Fox Sports should take over and start doing something for hockey television and take that stupid prick Jim Rome off as well.

  13. Brinker says:

    Kudos! I am diehard NHL. As much as we all may disagree on a number of issues, be it trades or what not, we all agree that we are all passionate about hockey! It takes a backseat to EVERYTHING!! WHY????!!!!! It’s the fastest, hardest, toughest sport out there. It combines violence (something everyone loves to see, as much as we may deny it), grace, ungodly amounts of skill, and toughness. Anyone can lace up sneakers and at least TRY to play basketball, if you can’t skate you cannot even attempt to play hockey. It requires more skill than any other sport to play. All people need is a taste and they will be hooked. C’mon ESPN get your act together, people want hockey!!! Bring it on! Allen Iverson on skates? no way. Give us Joe, Mario, and Jaromir and we are happier than pigs in shit! Be heard hockey junkies!

  14. flyerfanatic says:

    I hate to say it but ESPN doesn’t care! I sent them an email when they announced that they were cutting back on the NHL schedule and even cited that it was because they just signed the NBA and I wouldn’t watch that on a dare. DO you know what they said to me:

    “We are sorry you are disappointed in our dicission about the NHL but we hope you enjoy the NBA coming to ESPN.”

    So you see how much they care.

    I am signing but they just don’t care.



  15. beckfan says:

    that reply they sent you is just wrong bro!

  16. ProngerBlues44 says:

    We dont have the Hockey Night in Canada here, so this is the closest thing we have. Now that it is close to being cancelled for a bunch of winy loudmouths, what are we gonna watch for our fill of hockey?

    ~Jeff P.

  17. Leaf_Expert says:

    All i can suggest to you americans about trying to watch more hockey games is….

    Come To Canada!

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