Brisebois to Wings?, TFP and Montreal radio station CKAC are reporting that Canadiens defenseman Patrice Brisebois will be headed to the Detroit Red Wings for defenseman Mathieu Dandenault.The deal is contingent on Montreal picking up a portion of Brisebois’ remaining contract which 4.3M, 4.3M and 4.5M iin the next three years. Dandenault is earning 1.2M per season. If Montreal GM Andre Savard can pull off this deal, it would satisfy the Montreal media, as Dandenault is a native of Sherbrooke, and has won 3 Stanley Cups.

Dandeault may not be the answer to Montreal’s pressing need for a veteran physical defenseman, but he is a reliable NHL calibre defenseman, something that seems to be lacking in Montreal’s defense these days. The acquisition of Dandenault could also serve as a wakeup call to Montreal’s players and get them out of their five game winless streak.

Nolan rumors – TFP, Sportsnet and now Al Strachan of the Toronto Sun are reporting that Montreal has joined the race for the services of San Jose forward Owen Nolan. The Habs are in desperate need of a power forward, and Nolan would fit the bill. If they can move Brisebois, they may be able to take on Nolan’s contract (approx 18 million over 3 years). Strachan is reporting that the names of defensive prospects such as Ron Hainsey, Mike Komisarek and Andrei Markov have been mentioned in preliminary discussions, but that the Habs aren’t interested in moving their best defenseman (Markov).

He also reports that the three teams involved in the bidding for Nolan (Philly, Toronto and Montreal) all know more about Nolan than his reputation. Savard drafted Nolan in 1990, and Ken Hitchcock and Pat Quinn had Nolan on the Team Canada roster. In my opinion, if the Habs are able to get Nolan without giving up too much in terms of the future, it would be a great deal for Montreal.

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  1. Leb_Boy says:

    brisbois is good…but numinem is better for the wings…but dandeault is much better for the wings…he has played every position…and is young and cheap…..i think the red wings need his speed becuase if sergi is leaving???? whos the fast guy on the team????

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    knowing Detroit and the way they recreate players, Brisbois will win the Norris next year. Murphy, Chelios Robitaille etc. ughI’m jealous.

  3. Tony says:

    I can see the Brisebois deal happening for a number or reasons. First he shoots right handed and Detroit is looking for a right handed defensemen to play with Lidstrom. Secondly Detroit always seems to pick up d-men from other teams that aren’t wanted. For example when they picked up Murphy from Toronto and he played well for them, or Olausson from Europe, and this year Woolley from Bufflo who is also playing great for them. Brisebois would be motivated to come to Detroit where he can win a cup and play with the best defensemen in the league.

    I also think Montreal would be happy with Dandeault who is very fast and can play both forward and defense. Good deal for both teams if it happens.

    After Toronto got crushed by Detroit a couple of nights ago I think there is now a better chance of Nolan going to Toronto. Quinn will feel the pressure to make a deal even though he says he won’t.

  4. Nevermind says:

    Brisebois is a second defenceman. I would hate to see him go for a four or fifth defenceman, especially if the Habs pay part of his Salary. This trade would be CRAP!!

    If Nolan comes to Montreal, it might be worth it, but Montreal doesn’t like to get proven players. They only go with slumping players that never come out of their slump until they’re traded again. They are able to get players with lower than average contracts, but what’t the point of getting an Audette ot Czerkawski if they can’t even get ten goals a season combined!?

  5. mikster says:

    I have a question….how does Brisebois contribute in the playoffs?

  6. aaron says:

    Robitaille? He had like 80 points the year before we got him, and he disappeared completely after a pretty strong start.

    Murphy, Chelios, Olausson, Duschense, and Woolley would be better examples. :p

  7. aaron says:

    Actually, he’d be battling for our #3 position w/ Fischer, and Dandenault’s more like our #4-#5 defenseman. It gets a little muddled after our top 3 right now.

  8. platinumx15 says:

    actually…brisebois sucks azz

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    His team has never been there to know.. lol j/k.. I dont mind Montreal, good rival with the Leafs…

  10. Habfanforever says:

    As a Habs fan, I am weary about Dandenault who let’s face it, never was spectacular offensively and Habs are giving up a reliable power play d-man. With Komisarek, Hainsey and Archer moving up and Souray bound to come back from injury, the last thing we need is another d-man. If Savard is paying part of the salary, he should ask for a 2nd rounder in return.

  11. ThePocketRocket says:

    Getting Dandenault would be a great deal for Montreal, at 26 he brings 3 stanley cups!!!! He has speed, in fact, he was always a forward and it was Scotty Bowman would made him into a D-Man…This kid is all upside and who knows, maybe Savard might want him back as a ‘power forward” as soon as the young D come up. As for Nolan, I can’t see Savard giving up any of our young D men for a short term (2 year) band aid solution. I can’t see this deal happening.

  12. jerrod79 says:

    If Montreal is going to move Patrice Brisebois, then it better work out better than holding off on Jeff Hackett until his value dropped. I like Niklas Sundstrom, but we have enough plummers!

    If this is true than Montreal has entered the Nolan sweepstakes, then this deal should be emphasized. I think that Montreal and San Jose each have enough to move in this deal, but it would have to be a blockbuster.

    Each team is underperforming this year, and often a shakeup is needed when that happens. Each team also has some decent players who need a change of scenary.

    San Jose:







    I say this trade could work:

    To Montreal:



    To SanJose:



    2nd Rounder

  13. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    The thing you have to give Luc though is that his ice time and role was changed drastically.

    After playing about 20 mins on LA’s top line, he was a 2nd or 3rd liner in Detroit averaging 13:07 and still managed 30 goals. Not bad.

    This year, yeah, he hasn’t scored much….but his assists are about the same. I think he will bounce back and score 20 next year.

    Secondly, Detroit is more of a “defensman resurrection” team, to put it into words. Notice how Clark, Ranford, Sandstrom careers bit the dust when they came here. Hull has been the forward exception.

  14. aaron says:

    But Hull’s just f*cking good. We didn’t resurrect anything.

    Wings do tend to do better w/ home grown talent up front. How many players in our forwards did we trade for or acquire through free agency? I mean, there’s Robitaille, Hull, and Shanahan obviously, though Shanny’s been a Wing so long, he hardly counts. Maltby, but he barely played before we got him. Deverauex and Williams, but they’re younger players, so they’re as good as Wings prospects. Oh, and Larionov. Man, another one who’s been here so long, I hardly think of him as not a Wing.

    Its on defense where our reclamation projects have been more effective. Probably b/c we can’t frickin’ draft defensemen (Lidstrom, Konstantinov, Fischer, Wallin, and Bykov being the exceptions…maybe Ward too…ok, so we can kinda draft defensemen).

    Man, can you imagine what the Wings would be like if we still had Vlad? I mean…our biggest problem has been on toughness on defense the past 4 or 5 years. Stick him back in our god damned lineup…Lidstrom, Chelios, Konstantinov, Fischer, Woolley, Bykov? Hand us the frickin’ Cup.

  15. habsoverserver says:

    Savard, as usual, screwed up and now has to move Brisebois. The whole league knows the Brisebois has to leave Montreal for his inexcusible joke of a trip to Europe. Briser is of course, overpaid by about $2.5 million per season due to Savard’s ineptitude. So there is no way Montreal can get any kind of value for Briser. The best thing to do woud be to send him to a hell hole of an organization where he will be abused by the fans daily and never has a chance of winning. So there’s no reason to move him let him enduer in his own hell in Montreal.

  16. habsoverserver says:

    Briser won a Cup with the Habs. Of all the players on that team they held onto him for some reason. Guys like LeClair and Roy were not keepers, but Briser was.

  17. Mackel says:

    This is a horrible trade… Dandy is a much better, cheaper, talented and successful player. Not to mention his salary is lower and he fits in the room. Breeze-by is horrid player… not worthy of the ECHL let alone the NHL on a team of the Wings stature!

  18. leafs123212000 says:

    Are you kidding me? This is sickening! How the HELL do toronto fans continue to be bashed and this gets no reply?! I mean Brisebois has played well at points in his career, but he is WAY overpaid and is playing horrible now, AND left his team to go to Paris… Czerkawski and Audette passed waivers. They weren’t picked up by any team..Also I thought they each had a decently high salary for what they do.. So you expect to get back the sharks captain along with Damphousse? I’m sorry for being an ass, but that sounds worse then an ignorant leafs fan rumor. If the habs were to get someone like Nolan they’d have to give up some of their good youth, which I don’t think they’re going to be willing to do..

  19. wayne2 says:

    Ridiculus trade proposal,your talking about trading an overpayed defensemen + two overpayed unwanted forwards(they were offered before being sent down to the minors) for two proven players.Second proposal is just as ridiculus.I mean,i support Ottawa but i am smart enough to know we cant get Owen Nolan for say,Arvedson and a 8th round pick which would be just as ridiculus.Try to think that San Jose dont have to trade either,the`re just having an off year and may(just may) decide to rebuild but if i was Lombardi,i`d hold on to them and simply go for a free agent and maybe trade Selanne since he demanded it and could bring more,never keep someone who doeant want to be there.

  20. revolution says:

    Is it just me, or did San Jose over pay Damphousse by about 2 or 3 million on his contract? 5.75 million plus a no trade clause?

  21. bubbakazoo says:

    no nolan for montreal. but dandenault will be alright- i see the wings actually doing it.

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