Brodeur Blabs About No Negotiation…

NJ Devil’s goalie Marty Brodeur is quoted on as saying how disappointed he is that the two sides in the CBA battle aren’t negotiating. We goes on to say the NHL is treating the players like “kids” and that it “wasn’t fair”.

While it is good that players of note are speaking up – answers like “Its not fair” are what I expect from kids. Marty, if you want to make a difference, charter yourself a small jet and fly to the NHLPA meeting and make your powerful voice heard loudly and clearly. You might try saying things like “its time to play” “let’s see if the NHL will agree to binding arbitration to save the season” “Let’s sit here and craft a cap that works for us so that we can get back to hockey.”

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  1. 19Yzerman says:

    The reason we are not seeing any hockey is because the NHLPA and the NHL can’t even agree that they need to agree. They can’t agree to anything.

    NHLPA says ” Lets Have a meeting”

    NHL replies, “YES We would like a chairs and round table meeting”

    NHLPA says “Sorry its couches and coffee tables”

    NHL replies”Nope talk to you next month”


    Bettman says ,”Hey Bob we need to talk about this CBA”

    Goodenow replies, “Over Dinner again?”

    Bettman says, ” Sure!! Bob”

    Goodenow replies,”Red Lobster??”

    Bettman says, “No Bob I was thinking of Tim Horton’s”

    Goodenow replies,”No thanks talk to you next month”

    The owners are having concerts in the arenas.

    The players are doing everything from playing where they can to training for the Olympics bobsled team.

    The TV Networks are playing previous games from their video archives.

    The fans are eagerly waiting to view a live NHL hockey game.

    The Maple Leaf Gardens was build because Construction costs were minimized as a result of agreements made with labor unions to provide the workers with Gardens’ stock in place of a portion (20%) of their regular earnings.God Bless guys like the Over 1,200 laborers that were employed on the project. Also the Maple Leafs owner Conn Smythe and his assitant Frank Selke who used their negotiative and persuasive skills.

    God Bless their Hockey lovin hearts!

    We are at the pinnacle of a hockey situation of historically epic proportion with no ambassador such as the ones mentioned above which is a monumental disappointment.

    The next NHL realated news I hear better be the agreement of the new CBA and nothing else. If they cannot speak to each other and agree on a new CBA then I don’t want to hear anything that any of them have to say.

  2. Aetherial says:

    They aren’t hurting enough yet.

    IF the owners are telling the truth about their losses OR they really do want to bust the union… the players will eventually hurt enough o cave either before or after the repalcement players are brought in.

    IF the owners are not serious about their losses, they will cave, accept a luxury tax system instead of a cap and we will see a new CBA in time for next year.

    Forget this year. Neither side is hurting enough to make concessions… yet.

    There will come a time when the players will lose more by not agreeing to a cap and prolonging this, than they would have by accepting the owners’ original offer.

  3. 19Yzerman says:

    The NHL’s actions are clear. They speak the words NOTHING. Which is what they have offered the players up to now since they announced they are in a state of LOCKOUT. I feel the NHL is at this point obligated to draw up its ideal version of a new CBA present it to the NHLPA and announce to the world the details of how fair the offer is.

    An honorable thing the NHLPA could do would be to tell owners that since they were losing money, the fans are unhappy and an NHL season is in jeopardy that they will agree to play without pay until such a time where they can all agree on a new CBA. However the unwillingness of the NHL to work out a new CBA in a timely fashion is a glowing testament that they would allow the players act of good faith to continue indefinitely.

    Aetherial your right. They aren’t hurting enough yet!!!

    Battle of the CBA NHL vs NHLPA whoever has enough money to go the longest will win. 600 millionaires vs 30 billionaires

  4. Minky says:

    i know what people should do.

    Capture Godenow and Bettman, and Saskin and Daly and lock them in a board room with lots of doughnuts, and coffee and tell them that they arent coming out until they have a new deal. if they dont have one in a month of constant barganing, they shall be sacraficed to the hockey fans

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