Bruce Garrioch provides a ton of speculation

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun provides a plethora of rumors in his latest article. Some of the names on the rumor front in this article include Olhund, most of the Tampa Bay Lightning team, Olaf Kolzig and a possible goalie deal in Chicago.

Another very interesting tidbit of the article is that it is mentioned that the Rangers could be one of the teams that is very heavily interested in Brian Burke due to his longstanding relationship with Glen Sather. It is well known that Burke wants to be on the east coast due to family reasons and it would be very interesting to see burke end up in New York.

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6 Responses to Bruce Garrioch provides a ton of speculation

  1. KingCanada says:

    Ottawa should give Edmonton a call since they 3 goalies (Garon, Roloson, Deslauriers).  Obviously their keeping Deslaurisers sinces hes young but one of Garon or Roloson could be had for cheap, maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick??

  2. wayne2 says:

    The sens are in need of a major shake-up.Here's two trades that i think would fix the problem IMO:

    To Florida:Vermette + Lee
    To Ottawa:Bouwmeester

    To Columbus:Elliott,Neil,Spezza
    To Ottawa:Leclair,Chimera,Brassard

    G:Leclair backup Auld

  3. mojo19 says:

    That team still doesn't look very good but Leclair and Bouwmeester would help.

  4. Kramer says:

    My sources are better than Garrioch's.  He doesn't know the right insider people.

    I was the one who first reported that Chad Kilger was kidnapped by aliens last March cuz I know the right sources.

  5. jayhabsjay2 says:

    I can confirm about Kilger. He lives/lived in my hometown up until the abduction.

  6. SchennsTheFuture says:
    i'm a leaf fan and personally i think ottawa NEEDS to rebuild, they should start shopping alferdson, Spezza, Fisher, Vermette, Phillips. they need to bring in two strong goalie prospects… maybe pull in shnieder off of vancouver and ask for a pick and maybe Montoya from pheonix. they need some good draft picks and a young PP QB. The sens also desperatly need the scoring depth they had in the past. this team is to one dimensional. i hate to say "look at the leafs" for organizational help with a club…but the leafs are different this year without sundin, tucker and McCabe(the so called leaders) look at them, they work their hearts out

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