BRUCE GARRIOCH Rumors – Sunday December 5, 2010

Rumours du jour

Montreal GM Pierre Gauthier is trying to add a forward with some size. While Gauthier would like to move underachieving C Scott Gomez and his $7.37-million cap hit, that’s not going to happen. Maybe the Habs will take back RW Alex Kovalev from the Senators. He’d like to finish his career in Montreal and he sure looks like this might be it for him … Keep an eye on Washington coach Bruce Boudreau. The pressure is on him big time to win the Stanley Cup next spring or he could be in his final season with the Capitals. If the Capitals do decide to make a move, they won’t reach far outside their organization for a potential replacement. Talk has already surfaced London Knights coach Dale Hunter, a legendary Cap and one of the most successful bench bosses in junior hockey, could be ready to make the jump … The Sabres are looking to move veteran D Craig Rivet. He has been a healthy scratch six times this season and is the club’s captain. Making $3.5 million, Rivet is going to be a tough sell.

This ‘n’ that

The decision to deal C Brad Richards won’t have anything to do with hockey. The lenders running the Stars likely won’t want to spend the cash it’s going to take to keep him. That means Richards, who is set to be the top UFA available next summer, will likely be dealt at the trade deadline. With the Leafs fading fast, the Rangers will be the top contender to land Richards … The Thrashers are going to start working on a long-term deal with captain Andrew Ladd, who is making $2.3 million (all terms US) this season after being acquired from the Stanley Cup-champion Blackhawks in the summer. Ladd, 24, can become a restricted next summer, but is only one year away from unrestricted free agency. Ladd won his last deal in arbitration. “He had to come in and show he could do the job, he’s done the job,” Thrashers GM Rick Dudley said of Ladd, who is on pace to easily have the best season of his six-year NHL career. Ladd had eight goals and 17 assists in 26 games heading into play Saturday. The two sides can talk, but they can’t finalize a deal until Jan. 1.

13 Responses to BRUCE GARRIOCH Rumors – Sunday December 5, 2010

  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    With the Sturm deal falling through I wonder if the Caps would be interested in Wheeler. He's shown he can play center this year. Wheeler + Paille for whoever/whatever.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    Hey man,

    Just wanted to say your suggestion of Pizza Regina near TD Place was awesome. Great place, great food (and a really awesome waitress named Gianna – she is a freaking riot). So thank you muchly man. It was a good time.

    Also, watching a hockey game and not caring AT ALL about the outcome cause the two teams playing are teams I couldnt care any less about .. was AWESOME. Especially since it was Savard's first game back and it was an 8-1 drubbing, it made it all the more sweet.

    Good times 🙂

  3. reinjosh says:

    Hey man,

    How good is Crosby? For whatever reason he got lost in the rise of Stamkos but is on pace for a huge season. It just stuns me how he gets better every year.

  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    No problem, glad to hear you had a good time! I feel it's a pretty safe suggestion to make as that place is more or less impossible to hate and the atmosphere is almost as good as the food.

    Oh, and go to more Bruins games. 8-1? Geez…

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    Basically if it's not a multiple goal game, he isn't playing up to his standards.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    How good is he? Wanna hear something sick … I dont think he's done getting better. How insane is THAT?  I think he has another notch or two to bring it up.

    I think he got lost with the rise of Stamkos for two reasons:  1) Crosby has been lights out for a few years now so its sort of "same ol', same ol'" with him and 2) No one expected Stamkos to be THIS good. A star player? Sure. Focal point of a team? Sure. But to be one of the best players in only his 2nd full year? No one thought that and anyone who says they did is full of it. The kid is playing out of his mind so its the "big story."

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah it was awesome. I really really enjoyed it.

    haha .. yeah, as long as I keep going to bruins games, they thump opponents and Sid gets hat tricks. Works for me 😀

  8. reinjosh says:

    You know what, I fully agree. Everything he has done before now, consistently getting better every year, and the way he just took his game to a new level now, I don't think its out of the question.

    The guy is absolutely unreal. I honestly don't see how people can compare him and Ovechkin anymore. Crosby is just a level above Ovechkin right now (although Ovechkin switched his game up a little which is interesting).

    You know what's even more unreal? He's only been held pointless in 4 of his 29 games. FOUR! I never got to see Gretzky or Lemieux play while they were really dominating as I was either not alive or just to young but I imagine this would be like watching them. I do remember watching Lemieux's return season in 2000-2001 and just being taken aback by how good he was after missing 3 seasons of hockey. He scored on a friggin 1.76 PPG rate that season. It was crazy. The thing is, this isn't far off that pace.

    The talk was of Stamkos maybe getting 50 in 50 but Crosby is actually closer right now. 24 in 29?

  9. hockey_lover says:

    Thats the thing. The guy is a machine. If something isnt working, he fixes it. Bad on face offs? Not anymore. Cant score goals? Can now. Meanwhile, he still kept up his playmaking. Unreal. There isnt any aspect of his game that needs work anymore so its just a matter of taking each aspect and improving.

    I am biased but I never compared them. To me, Crosby was always the better "overall" player. Yeah, for sure, up until last year, Ovie was CLEARLY the better goal scorer (even now, I still think that Ovie is a more natural goal scorer). But in terms of overall talent .. Crosby has more of it .. in spades.

    Its a shame that the game has changed. I would have loved to see what Crosby could have done in the same era as Lemieux/Gretz. To think, everyone is freaking out cause Sid might hit 135 points and Stamkos getting 50g in 50 games.  Yeah? Awesome. How about 200pts and 50g in 38 games? Didnt think so. People forget that 15 years ago, Jagr got 150 points and Lemieux hit 150+ 4 times. Because of the changes in the game, Sid wont ever hit 150.

  10. Boston_Bruins says:

    LOL looks like Sid is going to get hat tricks regardless.

  11. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think if anyone in the foreseeable future is going to join Orr/Gretzky/Lemieux/Howe it'll be Crosby. I don't see Ovechkin with that potential.

  12. The-President says:

    I know it has nothing to do with the article, but I read again that the Leafs are interested in Eric Staal, other players mentioned also are Cody Hodgson, Filatov, and JVR, check it out,

  13. FlamingHomer says:

    If the Caps do decide to gas Boudreau, I hope the next Flames GM considers him for the head coaching job in Calgary next year.

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