Bruins after Nash

Trade rumors, signing your own players and major roster decisions are all in play with the NHL Draft and NHL free agency little more than a month away.

That means the rumor mill is getting worked into a deep frenzy for 27 NHL teams watching the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings work out the whole Stanley Cup thing. There were reports out of Columbus that the Bruins are working on pulling together a deal for discontented sniper Rick Nash as he becomes the biggest trophy on the trade market this summer.

According to “The Canon” blog out of Columbus, the Blue Jackets TV play-by-play guy, Jeff Rimer, reported on one of the local radio stations that the Bruins were preparing a “major” offer for the former No. 1 overall pick.

While it’s true Nash is considered one of the best offensive talents in the NHL as a 6-foot-4, 216-pound left wing, the 27-year-old is also coming off one of his worst seasons with 59 points and a minus-14 for an admittedly miserable Columbus hockey team.

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  1. Steven_Leafs says:

    I think this is a good enough spot as any to post this.

    I have read on a few sites that Edmonton is planning to trade their 1st overall pick to Columbus for their 2nd overall pick + something significant. They have all been reporting that Edmonton realizes the need to get a no.1 defenseman and are willing to flip the Yakupov pick to get Murray.

    The only thing to me is that I cannot see Columbus giving up the piece Edmonton would want in exchange for a franchise player like Yakupov. If it were me I would want the 2nd overall and one of Johansen or Nash for the 1st overall pick and something else depending who I got. I cannot see Columbus giving up on Johansen since he is their last saving grace at center and I wouldn't use Nash as a key piece in a deal where Edmonton has all the power and the position to rip you off. Also if I were Edmonton I would want a bigger piece than Wisniewski or Johnson.

    So I was thinking how would Columbus get the piece Edmonton would want, well that one is kind of easy…. trade Nash for a huge package and flip one of those pieces to Edmonton with the 2nd pick for Yakupov. So I am going to write down my top 2 dream scenarios that involve a Nash trade and a Yakupov trade.

    Please note that I may be prejudicial with these deals since I don't give a crap about Columbus and note that I do not believe Edmonton would ever trade the 1st overall pick unless Columbus over-payed (and that is saying a lot considering the 1st overall pick is worth 10 times more than the 2nd overall pick to begin with.

    Scenario Number One:

    To Columbus:

    Nikolai Kulemin
    Luke Schenn
    Ben Scrivins
    Kenny Ryan
    35th overall pick

    To Toronto:

    Rick Nash
    Steve Mason
    David Savard

    To Columbus:

    1st overall pick (Yakupov)
    Theo Peckham
    Linus Omark

    To Edmonton:

    2nd overall pick (Murray)
    Luke Schenn
    Boone Jenner

    Yeah I threw in Toronto, I'm a Leafs fan… sue me. lol

    In this deal Edmonton gets 2 very talented D-men, a future no.1 franchise player in Murray and an excellent top 4 strong player in Schenn. They also pick up a very solid young forward in Jenner for spare parts whose combined value is likely a 3rd round pick in 2013 on the best of days.

    Columbus trades:

    Rick Nash, 2nd overall pick, Boone Jenner, David Savard, & Steve Mason


    1st overall pick, Nikolai Kulemin, Ben Scrivins, 35th overall pick, Kenny Ryan, Theo Peckham, & Linus Omark

    hmmm, nope doesn't quite look like enough from Toronto to justify this move. Maybe upgrade Kenny Ryan to one of Frattin/Colborne/Kadri to at least make it more even. Screw it, I don't feel like restarting, the point here was for Edmonton anyway. To give up Yakupov Edmonton would need 2 potential franchise d-men in Murray and, in this case, Schenn.

    Scenario Number Two:
    To Columbus:

    Zach Bogosian
    9th overall pick
    Blake Wheeler
    Patrice Cormier

    To Winnipeg:

    Rick Nash
    David Savard

    To Columbus:

    1st overall pick (Yakupov)
    Magnus Paajarvi
    Theo Peckham

    To Edmonton:

    2nd overall pick (Murray)
    Zach Bogosian
    9th overall pick

    This deal is probably a lot better for Edmonton, even after giving up MPS. Bogosian has a bit more value than MPS, and the 9th overall pick might be too tempting a piece to pass on. If been hearing for a while now that Edmonton covets Griffin Reinhart like you wouldn't believe and I think they would trade Yakupov's pick in a  heartbeat if it meant getting Murray, Bogosian and Reinhart. Edmonton's D-core would go from bad with great potential in 3-6 years, to great with the potential to be the best D-core of all time in 3-6 years.

    This deal is exactly what Winnipeg needs too, they do not care about building with good to great draft selections if they can skip that step and pick up a player that will really get the fans excited about (which is saying a lot for Winnipeg who already has one of the best arenas to play in).

    Columbus trades:

    Rick Nash, 2nd overall pick, David Savard


    1st overall pick, Magnus Paajarvi, Blake Wheeler, Patrice Cormier, Theo Peckham

    Not looking too bad, maybe try to keep Savard or get another piece in one of the scenarios to come out of this stronger. In the end though they do get a player that could potentially do to Columbus what Ovechkin did in Washington, really make Columbus into a popular team all around North America. I think for that reason alone they should try to get Yakupov's pick, convincing Edmonton to do it will be the hard part.

    Well that a fun waste of an hour, let me know what you guys think and what your possible Edmonton/Columbus trade scenarios would be.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Do the Bruins really need Nash? I suppose having a top end offensive guy to depend on over more two-way players would be of help. 

    What can they give up to get him though?  If I was Columbus I would ask for Seguin straight up but that isn't happening. Would the Bruins move Hamilton for Nash? That would be my next ask if I was Columbus but again I'd likely decline from the Bruins POV. He's the future puck mover that defense needs. 
    So then I'd ask for Lucic. He has to be included at this point or it makes little sense from CBJ's POV. Toss in Boston's 1st and one of Knight/Spooner/Khoklachev. Is that enough? 
    Maybe do a Lucic/Thomas/1st rounder for Nash/2012 2nd rounder? Would that do it? 
  3. Steven_Leafs says:

    If I were Boston I would be so happy to get Nash for Lucic, Thomas and a 10 overall drop on my top pick. I get the feeling Columbus would never do that…

    Besides the value of the deal Thomas has a trade clause until July 1st so the only way a deal is done before the draft is if Thomas isn't involved. I don't think it matters anyway Columbus isn't going to waste or give up a solid re-building piece for a rental goalie that likely wont be able to help them anyway IMO.

    If I were Columbus I would obviously ask for Seguin, when they say no then I would take no less than:

    2012 1st round pick

    while asking for another solid piece and hoping to negotiate down to that.

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Yeah…Because Columbus wanted McDonagh, 1st and Kreider…They're going to somwhow and settle for struggling Kulemin and Schenn, less we forget a second-rounder in that deal?

    If you want to make trade proposals, make them realistic…In this league, you got to give up something in this league to get it. It's not going to go as much as Columbus wants, but there will be atleast one valuable prospects going back.

  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    That's more realistic than the Leafs offer that you made. Maybe you just think through Leafs goggles.

  6. blaze says:

    Interesting I see that as an overpayment for Nash. Bergeron is an Olympian himself and Lucic has a unique value. Perhaps value wise it would be fair to trade Lucic in a package for Nash but I just can't see them moving Looch period.

    Boston does not need Nash, he would be an incredible addition but it is not worth blowing up what is still a very good team. Even as a Leafs fan I would have Seguin Bergeron and Lucic all off limits with Hamilton the big question mark. Without Hamilton no deal gets done though. I think there is easier ways for the Bruins to improve without sacrificing the long term future.
    Hell if you're Boston and willing to take on that contract why not dump Thomas and go hard after Parise?
  7. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Wow, Toronto would be crushed 8-0 everytime if they got Nash.

    I think Boston should go after him, they're in win now mode and getting Nash will deffinetly make them even greater contenders than they were this year. Boston played a lot of hockey in the last 12 months, so I think they were a bit banged up.

  8. blaze says:

    Honestly I think Nash is getting just a touch overrated lately. Yes he is an exceptional talent, he will excel wherever he goes and he will command an incredible amount of value via trade. Having said that his numbers have never been impressive and Nash has proven that he can't do it without help. 

    Only a team needing a major shakeup would and/or should blow up their team to get Nash. If you can sacrifice a lot of futures then great but to give up multiple core players could very easily be a sideways move or worse.
  9. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If I was the Leafs, the first two Marlies worthy of a call-up is Greg Scott and Jerry D'Amigo. They've been the two-way warriors of this run and byfar the best players on the team.

    They're probably the best PK duo on either the Leafs or Marlies. They play with a bit of an edge, and have done damage on either offence or defence for the Marlies.

    I would hope the Leafs gives them a shot on the third-line, maybe signing a bigger third-line center. Would be better than Connolly or Lombardi.

  10. blaze says:

    God I hope LA for whatever reason doesn't want to pay Stoll.

  11. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Can't see why they would, cup or not, got to start working the cap.

    I have a feeling he will go for stupid money though due to name.

  12. blaze says:

    Probably, Cup ring doesn't hurt negotiations either.

  13. frankinboltonleafs says:

    What did Atlanta/Winnipeg get for Kovalchuk again? I can't remember. Nash is kinda in the same spot Kovalchuk was in. No trade to me would be surprising where Nash is concerned. And the parts going for him could be just as forgettable.

  14. blaze says:

    Hate to hijack a thread here but who really cares anyways heres some food for thought.

    Washington HAS to make a play for Iginla.

    It's funny how when Ovechkin first came into the league I wasn't high on him when everyone else loved him but now as he receives more flak I appreciate him more than ever. His playoffs have always impressed me. His teams short comings don't fall on his shoulders. Even these playoffs the way he handled Dale Hunter and was a complete pro, taking a reduced role, blocking shots, checking, and back checking says volumes.

    It's time for the Caps to make a big splash now. The burden of playoff failure seems to weigh more and more heavily on Ovie. Lighten the leadership load and scoring load and put Iginla on his right wing. Forget about how deadly a Ovechkin-Backstrom-Iginla line would be and think about how much benefit an top notch veteran prescence will help the room.

    It's time for Calgary to blow it up. Doubtful Feaster will but the core wont be tweaked into a Cup contender. A re-tool on the fly keeping Iginla is a sideways move. Move Iginla and signal to the league you're moving forward.

    What to offer Calgary is the question. Iggy will fetch a kings ransom but no team could use him more than Washington. Start with the two 1sts. Alzner? Johansson? Neuvirth? Is that enough to get things going?

  15. blaze says:

    More hijacking.

    Looking at the Leafs off-season there has been tons of discussion on whats needed but lets be honest, one thing by far above all else needs to be fixed to be competitive. Goaltending.

    If nothing can be done this off-season save shore up goaltending the team will improve, probably enough to make the post-season.

    Now the question is what. Reimer-Gustavsson combo is unacceptable. The Monsters days in TO seem clearly over.

    Reimer I'm not sure what to think. He had a serious injury  which gives him the benefit of the doubt. I mean look at Liles, pre concussion was the Leafs best defenseman. Returning from the injury he was never the same all season. However I was never quite sold on Reimer, I'd like to think he could become a quality number 1 but he needed to prove it this season. His run last year was hardly a quality sample size. Still he deserves a chance to rebound.

    What makes me really wonder about the goaltending situation is Scrivens fanstatic play in the Marlies playoff run. Is this actually the guy who is the long term answer? His development throughout each league has been consistent and impressive. Maybe a full year in the AHL as the man is what's best however it's would not be surprising to see him continue his momentum and play lights out at camp.

    At first I wanted Luongo at the thought of taking him for nearly free and instantly solidifying the crease. However the contract is ugly period.

    My ideal guy is Kipper, naturally. He is still a stud and his contract is great. What will he cost though? And what happens should a guy like Scrivens or Reimer play lights out at camp?

    Rather than bring in years and burn up assets on a vet limiting opportunity from within is Vokoun the guy? One year deal for good money, if he gets beat out so be it.

    Either way a solid to spectacular vet needs to be acquired. More so than Nash, Staal, Suter or any terrific prospect.

  16. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Totally agree, not only does Washington have the biggest need for him, they have the assets to get him.

    You're right with the two 1sts and Neuvirth, also Kuznetsov (however you spell it) could be a huge part of the deal.  I don't tihnk Alzner goes anywhere, he's too important to them.  But they have the assets to get him forsure.

  17. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol you'll notice that I said in my summary that Toronto was not giving up enough. The main reason is that I value Schenn much more than he is right now and value Scrivins probably too high due to his Marlies run, I did mention that we would have to replace Ryan with a top prospect making the deal more even but definitely still in Toronto's favor.

    Also remember that even the Rangers laughed at the McDonagh/Del Zotto + Kreider + 1st + Dubinsky offer and if you compare it to mine:

    Kulemin < Dubinsky (by quite a bit)
    Schenn < McDonagh/Del Zotto (still comparable though)
    Kadri = Kreideri (give or take even, depending on your view)
    35th overall < 28th overall (almost the same thing)
    Scrivins ( not enough to even it out to what Columbus wanted from NYR but I cannot see them getting that the Rangers)

    IMO, unless someone outbids the Leafs & assuming we switch Kenny Ryan to a top prospect (which I did mention we would have to do), This offer is not that bad at all. Again I may be over-valuing Leafs players but I still think it is half decent.

  18. Steven_Leafs says:

    the Parise idea is definitely a better one to a Nash trade but your by no means guaranteed to get him assuming he even hit free agency.

    I do agree about Lucic/Bergeron, keep them and add Nash to that line and Boston looks scary, remove one to add Nash and while still awesome, a piece is missing. What about switching out Lucic/Bergeron to Marchand? I get the feeling that any deal for Nash would require one of Lucic/Bergeron/Krejci & Hamilton though.

    I'm having a very hard time figuring out Nash's true trade value, even narrowing it down. 😛  lol

  19. Steven_Leafs says:

    true considering their run and Stoll's potential new contract I would pass on him. Of course if we can dump any 2 of Connolly/Lombardi/Armstrong/Komisarek then screw it. lol.

  20. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah if I were Washington I would offer the 2 1sts and a solid prospect but not one of Alzner, Neuvirth, or Kuznetsov. That way you give up nothing on your main roster but offer enough for Calgary to be interested.

    Of course if I'm Calgary I would demand the 2 1sts, one of Alzner/Neuvirth (depending on Calgary's greater need/want), and Kuznetsov and negotiate from there. Maybe meet in the middle somewhere.

  21. Steven_Leafs says:

    I think your comment shows something that I have been thinking for a while, there is risk with each goalie-related move the Leafs make. Personally I would go after Luongo, he gets you into the playoffs this year, you continue to develop Reimer and Scrivins and if you must you can trade Luongo in 2-5 years to anyone since his clause would be gone after leaving Vancouver.

    This scenario likely will force the Leafs to trade Reimer in 2-3 seasons but to have Luongo win us into the playoffs and Scrivins develop under him like Schneider is worth the big contract IMO.

    That being said I'm ok with signing Vokoun and letting Scrivins try to beat out Vokoun/Reimer for the starter job, only thing is that move can blow up in our face like Reimer/Gustavsson ended up doing.

    hahahaha, we are going to question, debate and argue over the best move for a long time aren't we? 

  22. JoelLeafs says:

    Haters gunna hate…

  23. JoelLeafs says:

    I like the Vokoun solution best. Why pay when we can get something for free. Sign him to a one or maybe two year deal and go from there with the prospects.

    And I really don't buy that Luongo has no value. the Schneider situation really makes it look like they want him out, no doubt, but he's still an elite goalie in the league with the perfect pedigree.

  24. thisgamewelose says:

    Not to come off like a jerk, but I think there's a huge difference between Schenn and McDonagh.  Call me bias, but I think McDonagh has been one of the best/most consistent D-player this year.  And being honest, I wouldn't do a straight Him for Nash trade with Columbus.  (Perhaps that would've been different a couple of years ago)

  25. thisgamewelose says:

    Please, keep hijacking the thread.  I'm completely bored at work with 6 hours left to go. 

  26. TheLeafNation91 says:

    McDonagh's value is more thank Schenn…by quite a lot. McDonagh has been one of the best defencemen in the league and Schenn looked like one of the worst.

    Also, trust me when I say that Kreider's value is worth a lot more than Kadri's. It's not my view, it's everyones, Kreider is one of the best young and upcoming stars in the game. On the other hand, Kadri is a second-line talent. how is this comparable?
  27. reinjosh says:

    I'd be tempted to draw the lawn in the sand if I'm Calgary and say Kuznetzov is a must. His value is diminished since he's in teh the KHL for the next season at least. I'd almost be adamant that a deal doesn't happen without one of Neuvirth/Kuznetzov added to the two first round picks (I'd be willing to downgrade the lower pick to their higher 2nd however). 

  28. reinjosh says:

    Haha I agree. Anything to get more discussion haha. 

  29. blaze says:

    Krejci, Thomas, Hamilton and a 1st for Nash and Mason??

  30. blaze says:

    I'd draw the line as well, Iggys value is still very very high. He is worth considerably more than 2 firsts. He would put many contending teams over the top.

  31. reinjosh says:

    And the idiocy the value prospects asserts itself so perfectly right here. 

  32. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Oh come on josh, I know you love Kadri but there is no doubt that Kreider's value is a lot higher than Kadri's or a lot of other prospects in this league. If he wasn't, the Rangers, as deep as they are in the prospect pool, would have traded him to acquire a piece like Nash.

    Kreider is that promising…To say he's not is foolish.

  33. reinjosh says:

    I never said he wasn't promising. I just object to the idea that he's a lot higher than a lot of prospects in the league. That's subjective. You can say that about anyone depending on your view. He's a blue chip power forward prospect. His value is high. 

    His value is higher than Kreider's, but not hugely. 
    And I disagree with the assertion that the Rangers wouldn't have traded him for Nash based on the fact that he's highly valued. There were other factors that contributed to that. 
  34. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah McDonagh's value is higher than Schenn's right now, but I'm still hoping that he will return to the player we once had and expected him to be. I do think considering what the Blue Jackets asked the Rangers for Nash, barely downgrading in the other areas and downgrading big time (arguably) on McDonagh is better than what the Rangers wanted to do and that was remove McDonagh from the deal altogether.

    Again, just my opinion.

  35. Steven_Leafs says:

    that isn't bad, I'm not convinced that Columbus wants Thomas for 1 season, and since that pick will have to be 2013 because Thomas has a NTC until July 1st and wont waive for Columbus I think the deal is a little short.

    I think if one of Krejci/Lucic/Bergeron + Hamilton goes Columbus' way for Nash, they can fill the other pieces no problem. If Boston is willing to give up those 2 key pieces they should be able to out bid everyone for Nash.

  36. JoelLeafs says:

    Even blue chips are prospects… meaning they might become impactful in the NHL someday.

    I'm particularly offended by this talk of Yakupov being worth 20 first round picks. Yeah, he'll likely become a star, but he's proven nothing thus far and the first round has a long history of busts… and I don't mean the chesty kind.
  37. lafleur10 says:

    i want to be the first to welcome rick dudley to the habs!

  38. blaze says:

    So who where are the major free agents going to land? Any predictions? I see Detroit being the big winner July 1st. Newest members of the Winged Wheel will be Ryan Suter, Olli Jokinen and perhaps albeit less likely Josh Harding.

    Assuming New Jersey finished off the tired looking Rangers (don't count them out yet though) he stays a Devil. It would be a major step backwards letting him walk. With Marty talking of a return and the team looking great this season Lou will pay big and convince him this team is serious about a Cup.
    Where does Semin end up? He's the real wild card, an enigma who could boom or bust more than any other. I'd like to see a team like Minnesota give themselves an injection of pure skill they're lacking. They have the money and it would be an interesting splash.
    If Selanne retires maybe playing for Boudreau again would be a good fit. Would add some much needed secondary scoring
  39. nordiques100 says:

    Justin Schultz is set to possibly become a UFA on June 22nd. 

    Toronto should make a play for him if he does. 
    Since BB drafted him, I am pretty sure he has interest, and in this case, they have to use their financial might.
    Sure, the kid may end up overpaid, but, he's one of the best prospects available and he could step into the Leafs D immediately. 
    It could too open the door for not just one of Franson/Schenn/Gunny to move but two of them for coveted forwards.
    As for Nash…and the Leafs, I don't really see a scenario unless its like the 5th overall and Kessel for Nash and 2nd overall, that would make sense for Toronto. 
    That makes more sense to me then trading the 5th and 3 or 4 other prospects for Nash.
    The proposal above could give Toronto a greater shot at Nail, a player who is similar to Kessel, plus adds Nash who helps immediately give Toronto a 30 goal player. 
    Otherwise, to me, hurting what little depth Toronto has to begin with moving names like Kadri, Colborne, Schenn etc doesn't make sense. Neither does the money unless a healthy amount of salary goes the other way. I doubt CBJ wants a salary dump in a Nash trade. They want significant assets. 
    Preferably use the depth to get a Jordan Staal or help in goal. 
  40. blaze says:

    Doesnt Shultz still have to sign an ELC despite his UFA status. If that's he case money is no issue it's all where Shultz wants to play.

    And a definite no to Kessel and the 5th for Nash.
  41. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Yeah I wouldn't do Kessel for Nash straight up.

    If money isn't an issue Toronto will have one of the best shots at getting Schultz.

  42. albertateams says:

    It will be the same ELC from every team so it will be based on where he wants to play. Not a bidding war.

  43. Steven_Leafs says:

    not too sure why your offended by that, value is placed on everything based on what someone is willing to pay and whether it is enough for the owner to part with it.

    1st overall picks are rarely busts in fact I can only think of 1 in the last 25 drafts that turned into a failure, the rest had value, maybe not 1st overall pick value but still. Maybe Yakupov will not be the player he is suppose to be but that fact that he should become a 40 goal scorer in the league, that he is the 1st overall pick and was projected to be that pick for a straight year no question makes him that valuable.

  44. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I agree on Yakupov. I think if the Oilers wanted to deal the pick, they could get a Schenn, Kadri, or Strome type prospect in a deal. A top-5 pick and an above average prospect.

    But in Columbus case, I would not trade the 2nd selection and a very promising player like Ryan Johansen in a deal.

  45. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I don't understand why he would not want to play in Anaheim. There's a very promising young team there.

    Even on defence, Fowler (learning under Niedermayer) will only get better. Also, they might get Reinhardt on the backend too.

  46. Steven_Leafs says:

    considering that wherever he chooses to play he will be there for well over 3 years (ELC then RFA then next contract), I can understand wanting to pick the team you want to spend a third of your career in if you have the choice. Nothing wrong with what he is doing.

  47. Boston_Bruins says:

    Hell no. I don't want an $8 million underachiever for the next 6 years and I don't want to rip apart a team 1 year removed from winning the Cup to do it.

    If the Bruins were going to make a significant offer for a single player that would shake up their current roster, I want Iginla. He wouldn't come with the same price tag, he's on a much better contract (and I think he's a guy that would resign at a reasonable price as well), and he's a much better player.
  48. Boston_Bruins says:

    Even though I'm against going for Nash, I'll try to look at a trade that would be good value for both clubs.

    From Columbus' POV:
    – Thomas definitely wouldn't be an option for Columbus. I think Columbus knows better than to make a 38 year old goalie a main part in a trade when it looks like they won't be competitive for the next few years.
    – I'd have to think Rask would be the one guy on the team they'd want over any other player on the Bruins.
    – Seguin of course would probably even more enticing than Rask, but I think they know that they'd have to really overpay to pry him from Boston.
    – Hamilton would be very enticing for them as well, but maybe a bit less so if they draft Murray at 2, and they still like Johnson to provide their offense from the back-end as well.
    – If they were to trade Nash, I think the obsession about getting that no. 1 center would go out the window, and they'd just be looking for any quality forward, regardless of position. That leaves them looking at Lucic, Bergeron and Krejci as a key component for a Nash deal.
    Bruins POV:
    – Seguin will not be going anywhere
    – With Thomas not an option for Columbus, they'd likely have to include Rask in any deal for Nash. This would be a major blow to part with him, but it could be manageable. They have Thomas with a few years left of quality hockey and then they have a few options they could go to. They could take Mason on as a reclamation project, they could put their trust in Khudobin, who has played very well so far, or they could draft a goalie like Subban right away to prepare.
    – They'd do a lot to not include Hamilton in the deal, even if he isn't technically "untouchable". He is their only elite prospect though (sure guys, like Spooner and Khokhlachev would be welcomed as prospects in Columbus, but they aren't guys that can be driving forces in a Nash trade).
    – Bergeron is as good as untouchable. He means way too much to the team, and when you look at his value relative to the Bruins other top forwards, Chiarelli would be willing to accept less value for a guy like Lucic or especially Krejci to keep Bergeron. 
    – So, that leaves Krejci vs. Lucic. Bruins would probably give up Krejci first due to Seguin being a capable center and Lucic being a big fan favourite in Beantown, along with providing a very rare skill set. Still though, you have to remember that they'd be getting a left wing in Nash to replace Lucic. I'd have to think Columbus would want Lucic over Krejci. If they were keeping Nash, they might go with Krejci, but Lucic possesses more value to them overall I think.
    So… that looks like the major players in a Nash trade for the Bruins would be Rask and Lucic/Krejci. I don't really want to get into specifics with all the contracts and additional pieces, but I think that would be the main formation of the trade if it were to go down.
  49. Boston_Bruins says:

    And no, I would not do this.

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