Bruins and Oilers Talking Trade?

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that there is speculation that the Oilers and Bruins are talking about a possible trade that would see Erik Cole go to the Bruins.

While it is not mentioned in the article who may be going back to Edmonton it is well known that Cole is set to become unrestricted at the end of this season and has not lived up to expectations in Edmonton this season. While the Bruins do not have much cap space it is also noted that Cole may be able to fit within the cap due to the injury of Sturm.

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What do you think it would take to land Cole?

7 Responses to Bruins and Oilers Talking Trade?

  1. Chopps4312 says:

    to much, that's what. The  team is first for  a reason. Why mess with what works? The only downside is still……defense. Mostly Chara. He still gives up far to many pucks to the other team. Although his play has vastly improved this year over previous years. Leave the team as is. To many people want a deal done just for  the sake of getting a deal done. Resign Thomas, Axelsson, Kessel and let's ride this team out for the years to come.

    ok, maybe bring back Steve Heinze and his "no checking" clause lol.

  2. repetitivnegativ says:

    Krejci is #1 priority.

  3. Rickler says:

    Not to be "That Guy" but I had mentioned Cole to the Bruins (purely my own thought/speculation) a month or so ago. Depending on what Boston gives up to make this deal, I could see Cole flourish with the Bruins.
    The B's are playing phenomenal but I can hardly see Cole not helping the cause in the playoffs. He's a gritty winger with a scoring touch. -Something the B's lack beyond Lucic and to some extend Thornton.
    If Boston can make this deal happen without giving up a substantial roster player in return, I say go for it.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    b's just continue to win.  every forward gets double digit minutes.

    but why mess with it?  cole could replace sturm which is a loss.

    imagine if the b's had sturms 20+ goals and speed out there.

    if they can trade a pick and a prospect (thats not a huge prospect)…

    do it.

    vlad sabotka and matt hunwick and lashoff were mentioned.

    i like vladdy and hunwick.  so lashoff would be the d man i could let go.

  5. goose says:

    to toronto: cole, brule and 1st round pick


    to edmonton: antropov, and kubina

  6. papichulo71 says:

    I don't know why Toronto is trading for Cole?

  7. HABSSTAR says:

    I'd just be careful with Thomas… He just seems to strike me as a guy who is gonna sign a nice 4-5 year deal and then sh*t the bed next year.  He's been playing like a man posessed for you guys this year but I think he's the B's version of Jose Theodore… without the great hair and drama.  LOL!

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