Bruins fine-tuning draft plans

With four days remaining until Friday’s draft in Los Angeles, the Bruins are preparing to draft Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall with the No. 2 selection. GM Peter Chiarelli has spoken with Edmonton counterpart Steve Tambellini regarding a deal — the Oilers would retain the top pick, but acquire an asset from the Bruins, who could then choose between Seguin or Hall — but made it sound like no trade was close.

The Bruins will most likely draft Seguin after the Oilers choose Hall.

“I spoke with Steve over the weekend,” said Chiarelli. “We didn’t really discuss that in any detail. After speaking with Steve, I think he’s probably as close as we are. He has these two guys very close as we do. Neither of us really committed to moving forward in that kind of discussion. We spoke briefly over the weekend, and I imagine we’ll talk again. But if the draft were tonight, I’d say there’d be no deal.”

* Chiarelli continues to negotiate with some of the Bruins who are scheduled to reach free agency on July 1. “You may see a deal this week, or maybe not,” said Chiarelli. “I can’t say they’re imminent. But we’ve made progress.”

* The Bruins will not trade the second pick. But with three other picks in the first two rounds (No. 15, No. 32, No. 45), Chiarelli said he has trading options, whether it’s to move up or down in the first round. “I’ve had a lot of concepts thrown at me about moving up and moving down,” Chiarelli said. “That’s the normal course. Nothing is really imminent now. There’s no pressure. There’s no reason to really talk details right now.”

3 Responses to Bruins fine-tuning draft plans

  1. LeafsneedSteen says:

    *Yawn* Seguin or the ugly kid is a tired debate, no one cares.

  2. Neely_8 says:

    Funny…only a Leaf fan would be disinterested in the upcoming draft due to the fact that their team will be sitting on their hands for the first 3 rounds as the Bruins pick thier impact player for the next 15 years….aaahhhh what could have been for the Make Beliefs…..

    Keep up the good work Maple Laffs….they're the team that just keeps on giving…first Boyes, then Rask, and now Seguin/Hall….

    Go Bruins!

  3. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Interesting post, I like how you bring up new content and/or interesting perspective.  You're not boring at all.

    Boston could win the cup last year and the Leafs miss the playoffs and it won't bother me because I'm seven.

    You're dull.

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