Bruins fire GM O'Connell

The Boston Bruins fired GM Mike O’Connell today.

For those B’s fans, just perhaps Harry might be out the door too. Boston is all but out of the playoffs.

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  1. paul_dc10 says:

    Wow i meen thortons amazings, but the other guys they got havnt been that bad have they

    Hey jannetty u said yuou would be here to see the outcome of the edmonton vancouver mini series, i know they won tonight, but vancouver won the series, so yeah your a loser.

  2. morrissey says:

    Wow when is Toronto gonna wake up and clean house? They just got smoked in back to back games and are so far gone from playoffs now its totally over, yet the whole organisation is like “we can still make it”. Man wake up and smell the roses, do like LA and Boston and dump the dead wood already, you should have done it during the off season or at the trade deadline at the latest!.

  3. Marky2Fresh says:

    lol What took them so long?

    Also if you think about it, Joe makes like what…5.5 mil?

    Compare that to some other centres (Sundin at 7, Ollie at 4. somthing), and thats actually a bargin for the points he produces.

    Boston was in the best posistion after the lock out too, and look how badly Mike screwed that up, the guy really has no business running an NHL team.

  4. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    NOOOOOOOO this guy was an awesome GM hes the nreason my team will be in the playoffs.

  5. thatleafsguy says:

    Wish the Leafs would follow suit, JFJ, I think has to go…..

  6. bakunin says:

    the Bruins didn’t have speed, however, you can’t trade one of the top center in the league for a bunch of players, they should have traded him for malkin & fleury.

  7. Gretzkin says:

    Boston wasn’t in the best position after the lockout.

    It looked like a nice clean slate to work with once the agreement came through, but the fact is that the Teams that had players under contract already were the ones who really benefited, considering the 24% rollback on salaries.

    Meaning: The Bruins had 2 weeks to sign 18 – 20 players at face value. No benefit of the CBA. They ended up over spending for some new players, and mainly players that they already had.

    This was actually a HUGE mistake, and considering they will not make the playoffs and paid more than every other team for their contracts made Mike O’ look like a fool around the league. Couple that with trading the Franchise player, and then signing Tim Thomas for 3 years last week?

    The guy is totally unproven, and the book is already out on him. Anything more than a 1 year contract for him is a mistake (unless he turns out to be amazing, which, at 35, he wont)

    Goes down early, always, and leaves upstairs open for business.

    I didn’t realize this rollback mistake until it was pointed out last night on Hockey Night in Canada.

    I knew O’Connell sucked it up this year, but not that bad.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    It’s a little soon to be calling for JFJ’s head. Although he made a couple of bad offseason decisions himself (Czerkawski, Lindros).

    This was a long time in coming. If ever there was poetic justice, this was it. Granted, they got a semi-ok return in the big trade early this year…but come on!! Joe Thornton?? That trade alone should have got him canned. Just too many bungles while in the GMs office. Hopefully Boston will put someone in charge that can think progressively, instead of “right now.”

  9. Gretzkin says:

    I think you are right about JFJ. It’s too soon to call for his head.

    Though his bad decisions in the offseason were only bad in hindsight. They got Lindros at a bargain, and it didn’t payoff. But it wasn’t a big bargain, and without his wrist injury, it would have been a good gamble. Eric should have had that surgery in the first place. But who cares.

    Quinn’s time is up.

    But MLSE doesn’t really care about sending the Leafs to the Cup and winning championships. The bums are in the seats already, so that’s really good enough for them.

    My take, is that JFJ probably tried for more, and Richard Peddie wouldn’t allow it. Status Quo, or you are fired..

    Anyways, not a good year if you are a GM named Mike anywhere near the East Coast.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. Czerkawski wasn’t a bad move from a GM standpoint. It was Quinn who refused to play him, not Ferguson. I think, had he actually played, he would have been okay.

    But, I don’t care. The Leafs are done.

    But we need Original 6 teams to be strong.

    Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Montreal’s not far away from missing out.

    Rangers and Wings are the only strong Original 6 teams at the moment, and I think that’s not a good thing.

  11. wingerxxx says:

    Kinda disagree on Lindros. While they did sign him for a good deal, he was (and still is, and more so now) a disaster waiting to happen. The smart move right now would be to cut him loose. He seriously needs to contemplate retiring, as he is getting more and more fragile year by year.

  12. Gretzkin says:

    Disaster waiting to happen is bang on.

    They should cut him loose, for sure.

    He was only impact for about 10 games, then wasn’t noticeable.

    The injury decision of not fixing the problem right away was horrble.

    But it wasn’t a bad gamble, though it didn’t pay off, from a John Ferguson Jr, standpoint.

    The Lindros family is notoriously soft (read: Brett).

    The skill is there, but perhaps the Mom is to blame…

    … not enough calcium to firm up their buttery skulls and easily broken bones. lol!

  13. letsgooilers says:

    I guess I won’t point out the fact that the Oilers this season are 6-1-1 against the Canucks. I won’t point that out at all.

  14. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    That would’ve NEVER flown.

  15. wingerxxx says:

    Malkin and Fleury won’t be traded for anyone. Especially given how badly Pittsburgh needs to start from scratch…again.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    Harry Sinden needs to go as well. I don’t see how the Bruins are ever going to win a cup with the pennys-over-progress approach that these guys have.

  17. samsdad says:

    As someone completely in the middle of the road here, let me inject into this thread…

    From what I have read all around, there seem to be several thoughts going on…Remember that these are not my thoughts, but are observations

    1) Thank God he is gone…Ok…to play both sides of the fence here…The Bs have made some good trades…getting Brad Boyes, and the way Sturm has fit in on the top line, along with Stuart being a top defenseman. Nylander and Gonchar at the time..Now the bad – Joe and Sammy are gone.

    2) Free agent signings or lack there of – Busts – everyone from this year and LaPointe – NOT reisgning Nylander, Knuble, Rolston – but from what I read, OC wanted to, it was Jacobs who said no.

    Free agents/trades good – McLaren – Cant comment, not sure how he is doing. Guerin – got WAY too much $$ from Dallas – had to let him go.

    Allison – hasnt done squat since leaving. Aot of the things OC got ripped for at the time, have proven to be good moves.

    BUT – while it seems the Bs do fairly well in trades, its their free agent signings that fail. And now, this team has a tremendous line and not much else. so – now let me play GM

    1) sign boyes-bergeron-sturm long term

    2) the defense future is bright – brad and mark stuart, alberts, jurcina – thats a good, but very young 5 – also add lashoff as potential – so with moran,boynton,leetch,gill and tanabe thats alot of dmen – where do we want to go – keep the first 5, and gill and tanabe – leetch – use his $$

    3) goaltending – hannu and thomas

    plan – as it sits, the Bs have a great 1st line, three 4th lines , a potentially good defense, and good goaltending

    so – we need to upgrade lines 2 and 3. we accomplish this by trading raycroft and boynton for 2d liners – they dont have to be stars, we need people like sturm who can skate, pass and are good (not necessarily fantastic) players.

    we also sign 2-3 very good players…marc savard, gaborik, elias and players on the level of the afore mentioned trio of rolston-nylander-knuble – we dont need stars, we need good players

    cut our losses – good bye to fitzgerald,green,slegr, moran, langfeld, reasoner, czercawski – players who may be servicable, but you only need a few of them….not a team full

    so …my plan…goaltending is fine, defense is not bad (and should be very good soon – just look at the improvement of jurcina-alberts from the start of the year) GET SOME FORWARDS – everyone says the Bs defense gives up to many goals – well if we had some offensive talent, maybe the puck would be at the OTHER end of the ice –

    hey harry if you want to get in touch, send me an email – i can fix this mess

  18. wingerxxx says:

    In your e-mail, politely tell Sinden that he needs to be fired too! He’s a part of the problem.

    That said, you’re right, there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel in Boston. Now they just need to not screw it up.

  19. samsdad says:

    Unfortunately we are on the outside…is it harry? or is it jacobs? is he tying the hands of whoever is going to be gm? are they destined to fail?

    one thing i didnt address was the coach….after acknowledging the coach was given a flawed product, can he be blamed? my plan would be this – ask the players…do they still respect sully.. would they want him back…do they think a change is needed or just a player change…ask leetch,murray,fitzgerald – veterens…ask bergy-boyes-sturm, guys who are the future….sully did well when they had a good group….can he be blamed for not winning with that group?

  20. 2buxaslice says:

    What the Bruins need is a new owner. Jacobs has no interest in winning he just wants to make money. He’s said so in interviews. I really wish he’d sell the team. Neely, Bourque, and Denis Leary should all chip in and buy the team from Jacobs then they’d have a chance.

  21. EmptyNetter says:

    Tim Thomas is 31 years old and had 15 shutouts in the Finnish elite league last season. He’s not unproven, but hasn’t played much in the NHL. However, it looks as though Thomas’ experience in Finland was better preparation than Raycroft’s season in the NHL 03-04. I agree that Boston not resigning their players from last season was a big mistake but that was actually Jeremy Jacobs’ decision, not O’Connell’s.

  22. EmptyNetter says:

    Thornton is earning $6.7m per year for 3 years. Also, Boston had to sign Glen Murray for 4 years at $4m per year before Joe would sign. Nearly $11m for two players on a $37m budget is no bargain.

  23. EmptyNetter says:

    I completely agree. Actually I was starting to hope that O’Connell would turn the franchise’s reputation around. Sinden has a soul as black as pitch and he’s cast off many a talented player who tried to earn a fair wage for his services. If I’m not mistaken Joe’s $6.7m (this season) and Gonchar’s $5m (the lost 04-05 season) were the highest contracts in Bruins history.

  24. EmptyNetter says:

    Oh, don’t start me dreaming like that. Leary, Neely and Michal J Fox. Yeah, Bourque can buy in, too, if he wants. 🙂

  25. EmptyNetter says:

    Although some Bruins fans are rejoicing at this news Mike O’Connell didn’t deserve to be fired. Here’s why:

    1. Letting players walk from 2003-04 was not his idea — Sinden or Jacobs or both thought they could replace the lost talent cheaply and easily with free agents once the salary cap was in place. Free agents were still expensive after the lockout and by then all of Boston’s players had signed with other teams.

    2. Thornton trade had to be done — Since Thornton wasn’t resigned before the lockout the Bruins missed the 24% rollback. Thornton demanded $6.7m per year and that buddy Glen Murray be signed for $4m per year. Bruins didn’t have enough cap space left to sign a full defense corps and relied heavily on rookies. It didn’t work.

    3. New Bruins provided a much needed spark — Thornton is a great scorer but he’s no leader. Bruins brought aboard 3 experienced guys who played well together to add some much needed heart to the team. Stuart provided defense, Primeau provided grit, Sturm provided grit and a great “never say die” attitude. Plus, Joe’s departure provided Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes with much deserved minutes on the 1st line. It’s been said O’Connell should have gotten more but I say he got what the Bruins needed.

    4. Kept the coach for a change — The Bruins have a terrible habit of firing coaches 2 years or less into their tenure. I give O’Connell credit for trying something new and having the guts to choose the coach over the franchise player. After beating Ottawa in each appearance after the trade it was clear that the coach’s system wasn’t to blame but certain players refusing to “buy into it”. Unfortunately there was not enough scoring talent left on the team to make an adequate playoff run. Injuries also took a heavy toll.

    5. Firing O’Connell now provides no benefit — The Bruins have not selected a GM replacement so assistant GM Jeff Gorton (with the George Bush squint) will serve as interim GM. The party line is that Mike O’Connell would not be a part of the team’s future so they didn’t want him involved with resigning players. O’Connell had recently resigned goalie Tim Thomas and Olympic gold medalist PJ Axelsson each to 3 year deals before they could become UFA’s at the end of the season. And that’s a bad thing because. . . ? Only plausible reason is that this is a token firing to appease the season ticket buying fans.

    As others have posted here, Harry Sinden needs to be removed also. BUT. . . owner Jeremy Jacobs does not know enough about hockey to run the team without Sinden. The clock is ticking for Harry to find suitable replacements for himself and for O’Connell before retiring himself from hockey. Sinden is 72 years old, croaks like a frog and shouldn’t buy any green bananas. Despite the undying loyalty shown to Harry by Jacobs, Harry shows no apparent loyalty to another human being so firing O’Connell, while unnecessary, is not really surprising.

  26. Gretzkin says:

    The financial thing was a horrble mistake, nonetheless.

    Thought Thomas was 35, but even at 31, he certainly leaves upstairs wide open to the shooters, and goes down too fast.

    3 years was too long a contract to sign him for, in my opinion, but then again, I don’t really care what the Bruins do.

  27. patdud says:

    and if you get into the playoffs? jumbo joe will choke it up as he always has, and then what? the san joe sharks will suck again

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