Bruins Growling….Is Anyone Listening?

Is it just me or has everyone totally disregarded the push that the B’s have been making the past few weeks….

All this crap about the “Leafs are this, the Leafs are that”….”Flyers are gonna get this…” “Sens are contenders….” it appears that everyone has totally ignored the fact that the B’s are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and are serious threats for top spot in the Eastern Conference right now. Not to mention that the spoked B’s were as many at 11 points out of top spot in the East, and are now sit only 3 points out.

Over their last 18 games, the Bruins have only lost 3 games…and the funny thing is…some of their big guns weren’t firing on all cylinders during this stretch.

It has only been the last couple weeks that guys like Murray, Samsonov, Thornton etc have turned it up a notch and are beginning to put up big numbers.

Not to mention that the B’s may have one of the best young nucleas’ in the NHL right now.

Raycroft has been nothing short of awesome and is my early pick for rookie of the year… 1.90 GAA and 0.932 SvPct (I know Habs fans are pulling for Ryder, but I think playing goal is a bit more difficult of a position to play.)

Not to mention young guns like Patrice Bergeron, Nick Boynton, Shaone Morrisonn…all of which are under 25 years old and all playing well right now.

All I can say is that if this team really begins firing on all cylinders they can really sneak up on a few teams in the playoffs and do some damage…not to mention when they get healthy too. See Green, McGillis, Moran, McCarthy (Depth players)

I am not saying that this is the year for the Bruins, but I do think that they deserve some respect for the great job that they have been doing over the past month or so.

If O’C can pick up a solid 2-way defenseman (He stole Slegr..he’s been awesome) and maybe another 2nd or 3rd line scorer..this team will cause problems in the playoffs for opposing teams.

Go B’s!!

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  1. Killa_Bs says:

    I agree with you totally. It has been great to watch the Bruins lately. Much like you said it has been a lot of wins were the expected scorers have had difficulties. When the team can win without goals from the stars it has depth. This has been the case for the Bruins lately.

    Another big reason is that the Bruins have been doing a good job of schooling the younger players. It would have been easy to damage young players like Bergeron, Morrisonn and Raycroft. Both Bergeron and Raycroft should be candidates for Calder Trophy and Raycroft should win. Hell, he should be a candidate for other trophies as well. Has there ever been a goalie drafted by the Bruins who became a star with the Bruins?

    I agree with you that this might not be the year for the Bruins but they should at least get the attention they deserve as they move up in the standings.

  2. Slovakiaz says:

    Slegr was (is) prefect upgrade … and first line looking scary (Tho,Mur,Sam), but that second line needs to be upgraded too, a quality winger will be helpful. But the B’s are already a very good team !

    Raycroft is a rookie ? If he is, Calder is his for sure !

  3. Habfanforever says:

    I’m just glad to see that Murray finally woke up.

  4. hendextall says:

    I’m a Habs fan, and after watching the 1-0 win by Boston over Montreal, I totally agree that raycroft deserves to win the Calder, he was nothing but amazing in a game totally dominated by the Habs. I have seen many Bruins games this season, and Raycroft is one of the big reasons they are playing so well.

  5. Aetherial says:

    I’ve noticed.

    Teams riding the success of a rookie goaltender are always fragile though.

    The Bruins are playing some good hockey right now though.

  6. spudnickster says:

    Yes the Bruins have been playing well as of late and yes they deserve credit, but whats going on now is typical Boston Hockey. They get hot then they go in the shi_ter for umpteen games. I expect the Bruins to finish anywhere from 6, 7, or 8th spot in the conference. I want to see the Sens and Devils play in the first round and have one of them knocked out early.

  7. kidhenry1 says:

    The Bruins certainly deserve credit, but you said yourself that they are close to the top spot because of a hot streak they are on. The mark of a really good team is that they can keep winning on a methodical pace over a long period of time. Consistency wins cups, not streaks (see: NJ Devils vs. Mighty Ducks.)

    You also disproved your case for Raycroft as rookie of the year. He has a huge supporting cast of Thorton, Murray, Samsonov, and a great defense with Slegr and Boynton. I would give it to Trent Hunter because he has the numbers without the supporting cast (Yashin & Parrish have been injured for a while now…)

    But I think that the Bruins are still a solid 4th or 5th seed in the East this season.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Boston could take the division still. Keeping in mind i said could, not will. But I wouldn’t rule it out, they are a force for sure.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Point still stands, Raycroft is without a doubt a contender for the Calder.

  10. TC_4 says:

    Go B’s is right! It’s too bad that because of the Southeast divison(I know Tampa is hot), two of the Leafs, Sens, Bruins, Devils, or Flyers are going to be without home ice. I would like to see them play the Devils this season and see how much they learned. Mike Sullivan has done an outstanding job, and Andrew Raycroft is deadly and very fun to watch.

  11. opcTML says:

    how well will Raycrof fair in the playoffs? in the last 10 years the bruins have only gone past the quarterfinals only once and that was against carolina. i don’t think they will get past the first rnd with raycroft. yes he is playing exceptionally well but when the playoffs come it is a total different story. will he be able to handle the pressure?

  12. MantaRay says:

    I like the B’s (going to see Flyers/B’s in two weeks).

    They have a lot of good young talent (Boyton will be the next dominate defensemen –Stevens/Pronger/Foote–in the next few years).

    I think people dismiss them because:

    1) I don’t think anyone is afraid of Raycroft. He is good, but I don’t think he is great.

    2) They are still a one line team. Once the playoffs start everyone will watch what NJ did last season and just take Thornton et al. out of the serious with a very smothering forecheck.

    3) the defense is getting better but McGillis, Gill, Jillson, Slegr and ODonelll are all beatable. Once the playoffs start their lack of speed will be obvious.

    4) Coaching. In the playoffs coaching is too important to overlook. Don’t know his track record.

  13. TC_4 says:

    Felix Potvin is a proven money goaltender. I know he’s been awful this year, but it’s happend so many times before in his career. If Raycroft is in trouble, they’ve got good insurance.

  14. TC_4 says:

    Nick Boynton is not going to be a Stevens/Pronger or a Foote. That’s a terrible assesment. Not that the guy won’t be good, but I doubt he’ll ever be a solid number 1 d-man. Who knows though.

  15. opcTML says:

    you don’t win the stanley cup without good goaltending. felix was good with his days in toronto.

    he hasn’t played well since those days.

  16. UsedandAbused says:

    I totally agree…. My friend was saying the same thing the other day.

  17. kidhenry1 says:

    A contender for sure. I just think that Ryder or Hunter would be a better choice.

  18. AfroCon says:

    Guess you’re the only one doubting.

    Pretty much every scout report you read sees him as a top number one defenseman.

    The guy is just 25, he’s on the verge of hitting his prime years as a d-man.

  19. The_Conductor says:

    See TC I am going to have to disagree. He is insurance but… hasn’t played well as of late. Now could you say that Tommy Salo would be good insurance for Ty if the Oilers decided to make him starter and Salo the back-up?

    The reason why I compare is both goalies (Salo/Potvin haven’t played as well as they did a couple years ago). I don’t know if inconsistency is good insurance. They have experience yes… but whether they can play up to standards and potential is a whole other story.

  20. TC_4 says:

    That’s too bad you never got to see him play in 01 and 02 for LA, because the guy when he first got there carried that team.

  21. TC_4 says:

    Really buddy? Every scouting report? Well you show me them scouting reports then.

  22. MaSTiK says:

    hahaha that’d be awesome

  23. bruinfan37 says:

    The Bruins are a team that I think has everything necessary to be a legitimate threat this year, as well as in the future. Unless they win their division, I’m hoping they finish 6th (stupid division rule)..

    Things have just gone smoothly lately. If their offense was strggling, Raycroft or Potvin would win a game 2-1, 1-0. When they were struggling, they would win 4-3, 5-4…

    I’ll use this to reply to something Manta just said. “They are still a one line team”. No, they aren’t. Last year in the playoffs, Samsonov was not himself, and hes been great lately. Sullivan has just reorganized the lines that everyone loves, and is working.


    Bergeron-Rolston-Samsonov (have been great)


    about 8 good 4th liners (Corazinni, McCarthy, Donato,Macdonald, Doull, Zamuner, Grosek,…)

    Thats not a one-line team.

    Having that many players gives them a lot of depth if any injury comes up too

  24. MAniac29 says:

    Just heard on ESPN radio that the Burke deal has gone through with the Flyers. I had bad reception and could not hear the parts going the other way. Anyone got the news?

  25. mojo19 says:

    fair enough, i would say hunter also.

  26. MantaRay says:

    I don’t doubt that, but you don’t need a scouting report– all you have to do is watch the kid play.

    He is already light years of most established d-men in his quality of play. He is going to be great.

  27. MantaRay says:

    8 good 4th line players is not much to pin your SC hopes on.

    I like Rolston (former Devil draft pick) and love Sammy, but the majority of their scoring comes from the first line (40% of Bruin goals).

    If you negate the first line (which the Devils did quite effectively) its highly unlikely the B’s second line is going to be able to do enough damage to win a series.

    At strong team ie Toronto, Ottawa, NJD and Philly would crush the B’s third line and I doubt the 4th line gets any playing time come April.

    Hence, one line team.

  28. Bruins4771 says:

    Couldnt agree with the article anymore. You are dead on with all your points. My only thing i think you missed is….BRING BACK PJ! He is still bruins property and is so much better than McCarthy or Doull. McCarthy doesnt fight, doesnt really score…..hes just big. And Doull sucks. Im sorry kid has heart to do what he does, but i havent seen him even come close to winning a fight. If PJ was on the ice Joe wouldnt have had to fight Lindros, cause the B’s would have some who handles that.

  29. LondonK says:

    The problem is that this is what the Bruins do every year. They are nowhere near a complete team. Despite the fact that Boynton was at the all-star game they don’t have a great defensive unit, in fact Boynton shouldn’t even be at the game after the injured players that were filled in. He is not a top 10 defenseman much less a top 6.

    The Bruins have a major questionmark in goal starting now. Raycroft has great numbers but this is around the time when playoff hockey starts to get phased in by the top teams. And with the East as tight as it is, it will not make things easier.

    They lack true depth. And while they need a second line scoring threat, we are still talking about the Bruins and ownership doesn’t like to spend money, especially with the CBA coming up.

    They have a shot with their schedule though, it is either a really tough game, or an easy one. They finish out the season with 9 games against the worst teams in the league, but 12 games against the top teams in the East. They also have a few against the Tampa type teams which can steal games but are still in the lower category a step up on the worst teams.

    I just don’t see Boston as being a threat based on the their team makeup. They could surprise me, but at this point the Bruins will be an upset team in any playoff matchup I see unless they get lucky and finish in 6th.

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