Bruins & Habs, front runners for selanne

Sources have told TFP that the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins are the front runners in the Teemu Selanne sweepstakes. The Chicago Blackhawks and New Jersey Devils are also pursuing the “Finnish Flash.”

So much for Selanne staying West.

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  1. mightylik says:

    I’ve read that as well but I also remember right before free agency began that the Sharks pretty much had him locked up. The Stars are still looking to bring in another big time winger, and there is a lot of talk around here that if Amonte does sign elsewhere, that Selanne would be the next choice of the Stars… not Young as many believe. I still think the Stars will sign Amonte within the next 48 hrs, but don’t you guys rule out the possibility of Selanne being in Big “D” next season. Go Stars… and RED WINGS SUCK!!!

  2. IamTeemu says:

    Please sign with Chicago. Id hate to see him go to a drab team like the Bruins, Devils or the Stars

  3. zednik says:

    I was quite content to see that Andre Savard is making a real effort to make the Habs a better team.

    Adding Cherkawski

    Dropping Berzin

    Adding Mckay

    all great moves. I think my fellow Hab fans may string me up for this but Rather then Selanne I would rather see two player fill holes on the Roster.

    I figure for about the money that Selanne wants we could bring back Martin Rucinsky and fill the second powerplay d spot with maybe Bryan Berard.

    Look @ it this way, most Hab fans will tell you upfront we lack two things:



    Randy McKay will help with Grit that is a given but what everyone seems to forget about scoring is that last season we didn’t have AUdette or Koivu for a full season I would say the Top two guys on the team up front. Its safe to say that they can maybe add 40 goals between the two of them? and what about Cherkawski maybe 20 ? McKay 10

    Lets do the Math:

    2001/2002 Goals for

    207 – Aaron Asham’s 5 – Shawn Van Allens 8 -Berizens 2 gives us 192

    192 + 20 Koivu + 20 Audette + 20 Cherkawski + 10 McKay = 262 ish

    which would make us the most offencive team in the NHL

    I know that is not going to happen and the way I came up with that number has a ton of flaws in it, but the team is capable of scoring.

    If they added a Rucinsky who already knows the team pretty well and a Berard on their powerplay I think it would have more impact.

    Berard was removed from hockey for over 400 day before he started getting back into game shape and he came back and score 23 points and be a minus one on a team that didn’t make the playoffs. He will be the steal of the summer.

    Just my two Cents


  4. NewYorkRangers says:

    Your rite about berard.

    Take Rucinsky’s point of view. He can re-sign with a team that has drastically improved, and he even played 1st line late in the season with Lindros and Bure (it mite change but who knows), or He could look at it as the Rangers getting better and he could feel that he may not be used as a top line player. If he goes to MTL, they would probly use him as a second liner or 1st liner, depending on who he clicks with. My gut tells me, that he’s going to resign with NYR. He’s a very gud defensive player and if NYR wants to get better defensively, they wud b smart to keep him. But i feel the same exact way about Berard.

  5. habs_88_4life says:

    Martin Rucinsky should stay out of MTL. The reason he left was to pursue some scoring ability. Rucinsky is no longer a defensive or offensive force. Berard would be an alright signing but he didn’t prove to recover from his injury as planned.

  6. zednik says:

    Fair Enough Rucinsky was a name I somewhat picked at Random, I would be content with Ulf Dahlen anyone who can pot 15 goals or 30 points.

    As for Berard, like I said

    over 400 days away from hockey and he come back to play a full 82 game season, as a Habs fan you know how importent that is ! He had 23 points in his first season back after taking a full year off. his best total in a Leafs uniform was only 34 so he is not that far off and how much can he really want? He is young and has alot of potential and he would be a upgrade on the powerplay.

    My main point is Selanne would be great but in the long run a forward and a offenceive defenceman would be more fruitful.


  7. Slats says:


  8. Stanajax says:

    You’re an Hab fan since when?????

    Every Habs fan hated Rucinsky, coz he showed no heart on the ice and wasn’t scoring anymore. Everyone was happy to see him go, as much as for Berezin, and even more.

    And you want him back?????

    I really prefer Audette, Czerkawski, Petrov and Zednik as top wingers, and try Hossa when an injury occures.

    Berard….well, I’m not that sure. We already have Brisebois and Markov as offensive D-men, and Hainsey is coming. I prefer give them my confidence rather than having a one-eyed veteran….

  9. revolution says:

    Yeah, but Brisebois is terrible defensively. He also has a $4 milllion per year deal, and he scores what maybe 30-35 points per year. Berard would come for maybe 750k-1million and could add maybe 30 points to the lineup. Might be good incentive to move Brisebois.

  10. lrdstanley says:

    I would do anything to get brisbois out of montreal. He is overpaid for what he does. Offensive defensive he is not and he makes way to many mistakes to be a reliable defensemen. If he was english he would have been gone many moons ago. I’ll take Berard in a second over brisebois.

  11. TheDevil says:

    Savard already stated that he is done with FA this year. Sellanne won’t land in Montreal.

    As for going to the Devils – Lamoriello has made a big splash with the Arnott trade, so it is very unlikely that he will sign any of these expensive players.

    If he does, however, my bet is Tony Amonte.

  12. zednik says:

    1982 when I was old enough to burp out the word puck.

    As I stated yesterday,

    Insert winger who can bank 30 points of 15 goals here.

    If its Rucinsky, Ulf Dahlen, Theo Flurey, it doesn’t matter the point is that we are not as weak offencivly as some would think.

    Adding one more 2nd tier winger would only help matters, the point I was trying to make is instead of 8 million on Selanne why not 8 Million on Berard and (Winger X)

    or for 8 million why not:

    Flurey 3.5

    Berard: 1.5

    maybe Slegr for the balance?

    Those three players or any three like them can improve Montreal alot more then one Selanne.

    As for Brisebois and Markov I am not saying burn em but you can never have enough quality dmen,

    Berard is better then 5 of the top six defenders we have and Slegr I think could fit somewhere in the starting six. If we want to win a cup we need to improve when Hainsey is read they we can unload some of these guys but why chance it?

    give me a one eyed Berard over a two eyed Rivet anyday !


  13. zednik says:

    I read the same report yesterday.

    but he has since made an offer to Selanne.

    so I don’t know what is going on in Montreal

    Perhaps making sure our hopes are not to high if we don’t get him.


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