Bruins left with a sick feeling

Bruins president Cam Neely stood facing the freight-elevator doors on the ninth floor of TD Garden, probably 20 reporters sardined in behind him. There had been plenty of idle chatter as the press-gallery security guard awaited Neely’s arrival. And when the idolized former Bruins destroyer stepped aboard and the doors closed for the sixstorey trip to ice level, there was silence. A painful, uncomfortable silence, quieter than a cemetery but for the nearly two dozen people almost apologetically needing to breathe.This was Thursday night, following the Canadiens’ excellent 2-0 victory over Neely’s Bruins in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal.The elevator scene was replayed Saturday after the Canadiens had beaten the Bruins 3-1 to take command of the series coming home.There was plenty of thin ice at the Gahden on Sunday, and not just because the rink was covered by a parquet floor for the National Basketball Association playoff opener of the Boston Celtics against the New York Knicks.The No. 3-ranked Bruins are being served their lobster bisque by the No. 6 Canadiens, and it’s not going down well.This city wasn’t so much in shock Sunday as it was shuffling aimlessly with resignation. There is a dreadful feeling in Boston that their blue-collar heroes, whose monumental playoff collapse against the Philadelphia Flyers last season still aches, are about to break their springtime hearts.Again.