Bruins looking at Isbister?

Durring the TSN telecast of the Bruins Isles game tonight, the TSN analysts stated not once, but twice that the Bruins GM Mike O’connell was watching Islanders player Brad Isbister like a hawk durring the pre-game skate. They later commented that it was known that the Bruins wanted to move Mclarren to the Isles. (Where did they get that from?)

I don’t think that the Bruins would move Mclarren for Isbister streight up. It would take a couple of semi-biggish names for Mclarren and lower level Bruin.

It is definatly a sellers market in Mclarrens case. The Bruins have nothing to lose by letting him sit, and they are #1 in the league right now I think. If the Bs move Kyle now, to the Isles, or anyone else, it will have to be a NICE deal for Boston.

What are your speculations on this? Please don’t be insane and suggest that the Isles trade Yashin to Boston. Lets not waste each others time with that one, and I wouldn’t speculate a whole lot on Samsonov either, he isn’t going anywhere.

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  1. titans says:

    I gotta think the Bruins are wanting a d-man for Mclaren. They’re loaded at forward.

  2. slipnaughtyboy says:

    I wouldnt say there loaded at forward anymore…

    they lost Guerin and replaced him with Huml more or less. They have about 6-7 good forwards and the rest are just pluggers (ala Zamuner, Stock, Knuble, Mcinnis…)

    Isbister and a playable Dman would probably do the trick.

  3. JohnFlan22 says:

    I would say Radek Martinek would be the D-man packaged off with Isbister since he seems to be in the dog house being a scratch vs. the bruins. Martinek might not be having a great year but he has upside to be a #4 D-man which in actuality is all Mclaren is at his best. This wouldn’t be a great deal at all fo the islanders since Mclaren doesn’t really put up any points beside penalty minutes. Isbister has upside despite what any body says. I guess the isles just arent the place for developing power forwards (see Bertuzzi). But I don’t see this kind of deal happening unless it is expanded since, sure the isles need a solid crease clearer but they also need someone to step up and score to replace the few goals that isbister puts in. Maybe Marty Lapointe gets in the mix since he hasn’t had a great run in boston and his salary was a thorn in Bostons side for resighning Guerin and may continue to be a thorn when Thornton and Samsonov are up for new contracts. Marty Lapointe might fair a little better with a little more playing time on the island and Isbister could develop properly in beantown. I have no idea what else the isles would include in the deal though to get it done plus that raises the isles payroll alot. But it seems to make some sense for both teams.

  4. nixter says:

    Isbister, Torres, and a pick would probably do it. On the other hand I heard the bruins and flames are very close that would involve Marc Savard.

  5. wayne2 says:

    If i was Boston i would try to get Isbister and Dipietro(both underachievers but worth the chance),maybe throw in Mcinnis.

  6. nskerr says:

    Why not also throw in DiPietro? Cmon, the Isles do like Bruins/ex Bruins but Isbister and Torres and a pick for a good defenseman, but one that never scores and takes a ton of penalties. The Bruins better throw something else into that mix if they want to get it done.

  7. nskerr says:

    This trade won’t happen. One, Milbury wouldn’t want to get embarrassed by his old club if Isbister ever reaches his potential. 2, the Isles are not going to throw extra players or picks into the mix for a defensman who takes a ton of penalties when their main problem is scoring. Now if Samsanov were to be added into the picture, then I can see the Islanders sending Scatchard, or Martinek, or DiPietro because it would solve the Isles needs of stronger D and a goal scoring winger for Yashin.

  8. Forsberg21 says:

    There are two sides to the waiting game coin. If they wait too long this season, nobody will want to bring a defensman into there lineup who missed half the season, just so he can be rusty and make some poor decisions, and possibly get injured.

    What the hell happened to Raffi Torres? Wasn’t he a first round pick a couple years ago. Now he is being rumored to be packaged in a deal, all over the internet. Why have they given up on him already. Does anybody know the answer to this?

  9. MantaRay says:

    I have to agree with Nsker: Milbury doesn’t want another Bertuzzi to be lost to another team.

    But I would think Milbury would also need to get more from Boston for an injury prone, #5 defensemen like Mclaren for a potential 30 goal scorer like Isbister.

    The thing about it is that Boston is in no hurry to make any deal. They are a better team without Mclaren and can play the waiting game for bids. O’Connell is in a great bargining position.

  10. mikster says:

    McLaren is not worth much, and Isbister isn’t much either. With Boston’s depth, he’d be a good fit for the 3rd line.

    A Bertuzzi type player? Not even close….

  11. Stanajax says:

    Well, I believe McLaren is worth as much as Byron Dafoe…………nothing!!!!!

    So no team will ever give a regular player for McLaren. O’Connell will receive at best a 2nd or 3rd round pick, or an underachiever that could play on the 3rd line or as a 5th-6th D-man at his best. O’Connell can wait as long as he will, he’ll never receive the 1st-2nd D-man he seeks for McLaren!!!!

  12. acebailey says:

    When you make comments like, “well my team could use Samsonov…”, you are letting everyone else see what an idiot you are. No Kidding, lemmme guess, Islanders Fan? Go back to, you are one of the stupidest people on this site. You should be kicked off of this site for even thinking somthing that stupid.


    Hey loser, heres an idea, maybe the Bruins would trade Thornton and Samsonov to your team for a 9th round pick in the 2089 draft, that would help the Islanders.

    Look…. just kill yourself.

  13. acebailey says:

    I see your point, and you are right about everything, however, if the Isle had any inkling to send Martinek to Boston, I feel he would have been on the ice for that game. Also I think Kyle is alittle better than a #4 guy, but that is my opinion.

  14. acebailey says:

    McInnis? Man I dunno. How about Zamaner. He has been a solid player, and proved in Ottawa that he can really play, he just hasen’t found his element in Boston, like Shawn Bates. He might pick it up with a new team. Look at Ozolinch in Fla., he is their best player, and they aren’t as horrible as they used to be. Ozo was invisable in Carolina.

  15. acebailey says:

    For some reason, several people are saying that Isbister is on the trading block. I think that if you look at Spectors site, and the 4th Period, you will see that too. Obviously that doesn’t make it true. But as I just told someone else, some players ust don’t fit into a system.

    Isbister could be one of the best player in the league, but with the wrong team we will never know. If Shawn Bates was still in the Boston system, he would be in Providence, but move him to the Isles, and he gets a chance to shine.

    Has anyone else seen Hlavac in Carolina? ONly 1 or 2 goals, but man he is on fire. That guy is all over the place.

  16. acebailey says:

    They are loaded at forward, but I think they have their most even, consistant blue line in years. It will take a NAME. period. Either an established guy, or on up and coming guy. A deal similar to that Allison and ElorGONEta for Murry and Stumpel deal is what they are gunning for.

  17. NYIchooch75 says:

    How the hell would adding McLaren help the Islanders. Can he play wing? Because if he can, SHIT, I’m all for it. You know why…BECAUSE THEY NEED SOMEONE ON YASHIN’S LINE! THEY NEED TO PUT THE ***** PUCK IN THE NET!

    Kvasha is the biggest piece of shit on skates going. I have never seen a more uninspired player than him.

    I am all for trading Isbister. If he explodes on another team, hey, whattaya gonna do? But he’s doing JACK right now.

    I wonder what Milbury is thinking right now, because he had faith in those 2 guys and they let him, and the team down. He didn’t sign or trade for a scorer, even though he had the go-ahead from the owners to do so. I hope Isbister & Kvasha are lying in bed feeling guilty that it is their sorry asses playing with Yashin and not Amonte. Feeling guilt all the way to the bank.

  18. mebeda says:

    I’m not sure the Bruins would trade McLaren for Isbister straight up. Maybe swapping first round draft picks would be enough to get it done, but I wouldn’t count on it. If he is traded, Boston will trade him for the best player they can get, regardless of what position that person plays. They don’t have any obvious needs at any position and clearly have the upper hand in the situation.

    I think one of 3 things will happen:

    1) In the near future, some defensively-challenged team will put an aggressive package together for McLaren before their season goes down the crapper. Among the candidates: the Rangers, Islanders, toronto, Phoenix.

    2) During the stretch run, some team who thinks they’re one key player short of being a legitimate cup-contender will make an aggressive offer for McLaren. I think this is the most likely scenario. Because he would only be playing a fraction of the season, McLaren would be less likely to get hurt.

    3) He’ll resign with Boston. I doubt this will happen, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I have no idea why McLaren wants to leave Boston so badly, but I know its not because the team doesn’t want him nor is it a money issue. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that it would be impossible for McLaren change his posture.

    O’Connell knows he’s not going to get Dany Heatley for McLaren. He also knows that McLaren is NOT a #5/#6 defenseman. Because he’s not flashy or offensive-minded, most people on this site have been a little too critical of McLaren

  19. mebeda says:

    They do need someone to play with Yashin, but they need to focus on defense first. They’ve given up the most goals in the league this year and their goalies’ save percentages are horrible!

  20. nixter says:


  21. nixter says:

    Isbister is not even CLOSE to what McLaren is.

  22. nixter says:

    Isbister is not even CLOSE to what McLaren is.

  23. nixter says:

    Your dreaming Pal. Mclaren is a guy who can pick up the whole team and swing the momentum og the game at any given time. Mikey will let him sit a la Eric Lindros. Poor Kyle…he should be ashamed of himself.

  24. nixter says:

    Very good points.

  25. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yeah, but the reason the goalies save percentage is terrible is because Osgood and Snow really suck this year. McLaren is not a good pickup for this team. If they want, go out and resign Van Impe who is a solid D-man.

  26. titans says:

    If they can can get a quarter of what they got for Allison then I’ll be happy!

  27. Justice says:

    This would be a horrible trade for the Islanders. McLaren is not worth the players you have chosen. That would be a big mistake by the Islanders.

  28. Justice says:

    Who the heck wants Mcinnis? The Islanders already had him once, they don’t need him back. No thanks….

  29. JohnFlan22 says:

    Bub, I’m not sure you realize this but if you put Kyle Mclaren on any number of teams the vast majority of the time he would be considerd at best a #4 Dman. Last year on Boston I suppose you could say he was a #2 by default since the B’s overall talent on the blueline was shotty to say the least with there best Defensman probably being Boynton. If he was traded to the isles he would be behind Aucoin, Jonsson and Hamrlik and probably just above Timander (who’s been playing very well) on the depth chart. Now not all but most people see Isbister as still having 30 goal potential (maybe not on the isles) and havent given up on him at all. If you have followed rumors to any extent in the past you would see that just about every GM that has proposed deals to the islanders in the past place Isbister (and Dipietro) at the top of there most wanted list. So, if you look at that and then also look at Mclarens frequent injury history it would actually put Isbister and Mclaren as being pretty DAMN CLOSE in overall REALISTIC value. Now… I havent lived in Boston for awhile so Maybe you boys in beantown have started to smoke a little bit of that dreaded LEAF-CRACK! (It’s been circulating round Ontario) since I’ve been gone. If thats the case, seek help soon and I humbly pray for you.

  30. nixter says:

    Here’s two guys the bruins should pick up. Never mind Isbister. He’s a dud.

  31. sooks6 says:

    The Bruins have plenty of forwards. Isbister for Mclaren is a bad deal for the Bruins. Period.

  32. sooks6 says:

    Yes, Mclaren has been injured more often than not. But, he is still only 25 years old and is a 6 year veteran. That adds considerable value in a trade. Experience is a big factor in the NHL. The Bruins will end up scoring a second line forward, probably Alex Tanguay, to play alongside Rolston. The Bruins aren’t in desperate need for a defenseman. The Bruins defensive unit is one of the deepest in the league.

  33. goldenfox says:

    Here’s one to stir the pot! How about Samsonov and MacLaren for the Atlanta Thrasher’s Kovalchuk. Samsonov is going to be a star, but Kovalchuk and Thornton are the super stars of the NHL future.

    Of course there will be the Samsonov lovers out there who will be blasting me for even mentioning this sacrilege, but keep in mind that the Bruins have been winning without Samsonov, too.

    Obviously, I would prefer to keep Samsonov, but I see no other way to get Kovalchuk.

    Also, the burden of having both Thornton’s and Samsonov’s contracts coming up at the same time would be profoundly changed. Kovalchuk-Thornton-Murray? This is what fantasy NHL is all about!

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