Bruins looking at Isbister?

Durring the TSN telecast of the Bruins Isles game tonight, the TSN analysts stated not once, but twice that the Bruins GM Mike O’connell was watching Islanders player Brad Isbister like a hawk durring the pre-game skate. They later commented that it was known that the Bruins wanted to move Mclarren to the Isles. (Where did they get that from?)

I don’t think that the Bruins would move Mclarren for Isbister streight up. It would take a couple of semi-biggish names for Mclarren and lower level Bruin.

It is definatly a sellers market in Mclarrens case. The Bruins have nothing to lose by letting him sit, and they are #1 in the league right now I think. If the Bs move Kyle now, to the Isles, or anyone else, it will have to be a NICE deal for Boston.

What are your speculations on this? Please don’t be insane and suggest that the Isles trade Yashin to Boston. Lets not waste each others time with that one, and I wouldn’t speculate a whole lot on Samsonov either, he isn’t going anywhere.