Bruins looking for big trade and willing to trade Kessel or Axelsson to get it

With the bruins having alot of cap space to use there has been many teams wanting to acquire the assistance of P.J. Axelsson and young star Phil KesselWith indefinate injuries to both Manny Fernandez and Patrice Bergeron, the boston bruins have approximatly $8-$10 million dollers in cap space to use for a big acquisition. The Bruins have had Kessel on the Market but teams have been asking about P.J. Axelsson who is on pace for a career year in points and he is still one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL.

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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    You guys want Al Montoya?

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    montoya and prucha for stuart and kessel

  3. beleafer89 says:

    I can't see why the Bruins would want Montoya when they have Rask, now if they still had Raycroft…but thats a different story that doesn't need to be discussed 😛

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    oh, okay then why did they pick up Fernandez, if they already had Thomas and Rask, and they also picked up Auld this season. Is Rask hurt or something?

  5. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Because obviously rask is still a prospect, something which al montoya shares with him.  They needed a decent goalie in net who has some experience, Auld played a season for vancouver and was decent, cant say so much for the teams he joined after, and fernandez has been solid year in year out in minnisota.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Nooooo….Montoya is Sather's big money poker chip.  I wouldn't waste him on bringing in Kessel, who I am not sold on, or Axelsson, who is a 3rd line checker. 

  7. wingsfan13 says:

    again with the kessel thing.  i seriously doubt this guy is moveable.

  8. sweepa8989 says:

    Marian Hossa, the bruins need offense and this guy definetly brings a lot with him

    Patrick Marleau, this guy is always being mentioned in trade rumors and would be a good fit on the B's.  They could offer up glen murray, axelson and a pick.

    Tom Preissing,  The B's have a lot of d man injuried right now and he would be a solid pick up

    Marik Malik,  same as Preising

    I also heard Paul Mara but i dont really think he'd be a good fit, i didnt really like him when he was with us the first time

  9. Tachmo says:

    In response to some previous comments:

    First the Bruins do not need another centerman. They need wingers! They have Savard, Bergergon and Kessel locked up for a long time, and the B's drafted centerman Zach Hamil 8th overall in last year's draft.

    I also don't consider PJ Axelsson to be having a career year. He is averaging 0.38 points per game.

    I have heard a lot of Kessel rumours lately, and it upsets me a great deal that Chiarelli is even shopping this guy. It would be a huge mistake and worthy of him being fired and to be quite honest lose the respect of a lot of Bruins fans. Me personally as a Bruins, I have not gotten over the Thornton trade. O'Connel that meat head didn't even get Marleau out of that deal or at the very least at DRAFT PICK. Unbelievable!

    Kessel is only 20 years old, and clearly has superstar skills. He could be the fastest player in the league. He hasn't figured out to be at his best every game and be more consistent. But there are flashes every now and again that take your breath away. Take a look at Zherdev this year. People gave up on him and look now, he is finally clicking and looks to be breaking out. GIVE KESSEL TIME.

    I do not know why Boston gives up on their younger players so easily. Trading Brad Boyes last year was a horrible trade. The B's had him locked up as a RFA for a few more years at pennies. He was making under 1 mil a season. The same thing goes with Kessel, he is making pennies and is a restricted free agent, what is the point in trading him?

    Forget about Kessel. They should break the bank with Hossa. They have cap dollars, so they should be looking to bring someone in, but not at the expense of losing Kessel.

  10. I_hate_LA says:

    U guys want Bochenski back?

  11. mike2slts says:

    As a Bruins Fan, I can really see Kessel being moved. He does have flashes of brilliance every game, and highlight reel moves but only only on the rush!  And half the time he has these highlight reel moves and brings the puck into the offensive zone, he doesn't know what to do with it and turns it over.

    Every game he loses almost all his one on one battles. He also gets knocked around all the time because of his lack of size.

    Yes I do believe he will get better in a few years (especially defensively) but I dont think he will ever get over his lack of size.

    If we can get a better player now for him, I would say go for it. Hossa for Kessel? Maybe closer to the trade deadline if Atlanta doesnt sign him.

    As far as Axe goes please keep him! He is a steal for the money he is making. He's close to having a career year and No forward on the team is better defensively than he is.

  12. Tachmo says:

    Are you in the same Bruins fan club that wanted Thorntons head, and wanted him gone a few years ago? or the Boyes fan club?

    What do you want from Kessel? He is 20 years old and is so raw. He doesn't cost the team very much money. Why give up on him?

  13. hockeyhead says:

    not going to happen.  kessel has been playing much better since the benching in pitt.

    axe…maybe although he has been contributing.

    if PC pulls a MOC…panic trade to try and make the playoffs…he'll be fired.

    unless the b's got a superstar in return…they better not trade major players.

  14. mike2slts says:

    Thornton and Boyes are completely different.  They are more complete players than Kessel is or will ever be. At the time, I didn't want either those trades to happen.

    (right now  though I'm 50/50 for Boyes for Wideman trade, I like what Wideman is doing as a puck moving #2 defense men, and Boyes wasn't getting it done with essentially the same team as this year.  We'll never know  if Boyes would have put up the same numbers this year with Boston. I'd say the Blues and the B's both benefited from the trade giving the Blues the upper hand) I'm just ashamed about the Thornton trade. Anyways….

    I think the Bruins screwed up with Kessel. He should of gone to Providence and learned a more complete game, learned what to do when he doesn't have the puck. Defensively and strength wise he is about the same as when he entered the league. He has great offensive abilities (top six skills) but I don't think the rest of his game is top 6 quality. I think the Bruin's management is starting think the same thing too. Case in point Caps game tonight: 3 times he went full speed to forcheck someone standing still. Hit them, fell on his ass, didn't budge them at all  and they moved the puck out with him still getting up. He gets pushed around way too much and gets out of position. Seriously next game watch him when he doesn't have the puck and Marc Savard isn't on the ice with him.

    I wouldn't want the Bruins to give him up for just anything. I would want someone who is a first line winger right now. Trade the future for now. Thats why I said for Hossa, I don't really see anyone else for them to trade Kessel for. Get Hossa and sign him long term.

    Anyways for the foreseeable  this isn't happening. As a Bruins fan though, I really hope Kessel proves me wrong and he's as good as everyone else thinks. It would be great to have another solid top six forward for all situations. 

  15. mike2slts says:

    They picked up Fernandez because they thought Thomas was a fluke, and they wanted a proven number one.  They would of made a good 1a and 1b combination.

    Thomas proved them wrong this year. I also think that the trade for Fernandez actually help Thomas to become a better player this year. He has something to prove, playing with e chip on his shoulders.

    Rask is in the AHL because he still needs to learn the North American style of hockey. If he was in the NHL he'd be benched as backup to Thomas.  They want Rask to get as many games as he could without the pressure of the NHL. He'll probably be up in Boston next year.

    Auld is with the Bruins to be backup while others are injured or developing.

  16. twal says:

       1st) The B's DON'T have Bergeron and are not going to have him back this season.We can only hope Patrice makes a recovery and comes back in 08/09. That said they need a top center.
     I agree that We need wingers but that is actualy where kessel has been playing as of late.So again,deficient at  center.
     The problem with Phill is he's not willing to get hit,go to the corners and fight for the puck or play in all 3. Of late he's been a little better defense wise but over all makes poor choices in the offensive zone, poor passes on 2 on 1's galore,loses the puck consantly gaining the zone…Last week in the game against the rangers he shot the puck in on lundquist and just skated past him rounding the corners while the team (boston) changed lines,Lundquist throws the puck out to the D and ol phil's the last man back.If you ask me He looks just like Samsanov,tries to be real fancy and comes up real short.

     The B's need to trade Kessel now,His stock is going to fall just like his draft position did and it's all due to his lazy ethics.I agree as well that he's young and will grow but into what I don't think I want to see in a spoked B.

     As For P.J.what games have you been watching? P.j. he's one of the best defensive fwds in the league and has been awsome this year.Granted his succes is from a guy (savy) that would make anyone a better player but the guy reads the game so well.That guy never gets the credit he deserves.It would suck to lose him!

     Kessel and Murray need to go,I like glen but the guy's always injured and getting up there in age ( not a good combo).He's an easy trade,lot's of teams would and do want him for the end of the season run.

     My guess is kessel and murray are gone soon,I just hope P.J. is still around after the trdae deadline.

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