Bruins looking to make some moves

The BostonHerald is reporting possible trade rumors that could involve the Colorado Avalanche or the Minnesota Wild.It is reported that the Bruins have had scouts at both the Wild and Avalanche games of late and the names that are being tossed out as possibly on the go include Jordan Leopold, Brett Clarke and Salei.Chiarelli, Boston GM did not toss around any names but he did mention that he is looking to add some size.

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  1. ncAvalanche21 says:

    And I have also heard Marek Svatos is being dangled in front of the Bruins…
    how about:
    Salei, Svatos, 3rd rounder
    Krejci, any draft picks the Bruins are willing to part with

    Bruins get the size they are looking for in the back-end and a 2nd-3rd line winger. Avs get pieces to help them rebuild.

  2. RossCreek says:

    Keep dreaming. They aren't gonna be trading anything of significance off their roster. The B's mite be willing to move some of these names: D Matt Lashoff, D Matt Hunwick, D Johnny Boychuck, F Brad Marchand, F Zach Hamill, F Vladimir Sobotka, F Petteri Nokelainen, G Manny Fernandez,  and draft picks & other lesser prospects. They will NOT move, Blake Wheeler, David Krejci, Milan Lucic, Phil Kessel or anyone else of significance. PERIOD.

    At one point this season (and maybe even still currently), Krejci was producing the most points per minute played. Why on Earth anyone would think they'll move him is beyond me. No disrespect intended.

  3. frogger10 says:

    Hahaha you think the Bruins are going to trade Krejci? I really don't think their going to part ways with there No. 2 centreman at this point in the season, and certainly not trading him for a winger… The Avs may be dangling Svatos in front of Boston but it's highly unlikely they'll bite. Krejci… I'm still shaking my head at you, have you noticed the amazing season he is having? Krejci's plus 29 is more points than Svatos' 25, nevermind the point per game pace Krejci is on… I'm sure they could get a better package than Salei/Svatos think about it… (before I go I am thinking about it, and your abviouly an Avs fan and bias and very high on your players lol. I am not a Bruins fan for the record. next time look at it from the other teams view… most importantly like i said before, their not going to trade a top centre for a mid winger… )

  4. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I don't understand why the Bruins are looking to add another d-man. Chara, Wideman, Ward, and Ference are obviously top 4 guys that won't be moved. That leaves the 5-6 spots to be divided amongst Stuart, Hunwick, and Hnidy. Granted none of those are great, they can definately hold up their own. All the Bruins would be doing is adding another d-man to scratch from their roster every other night.

    If they are looking to add anybody, they should look into adding a scoring forward, somebody to fill Sturm's void for the remainder of the season. I'd really rather not see them trade for Cole since he doesn't look like he'd fit anywhere. Most of the other players would simply require too much to get, they should stick with some of their youth. Maybe they can bring in Antropov if they can convince him or Kobasew to play Left Wing. Not sure what to trade for him, but I'd imagine the lines would look like this:


  5. ncAvalanche21 says:

    Just because you don't think its logical doesn't mean something of this trade-caliber wont happen. Trades happen all the time that leave people scratching their heads. Huet for a 5th rounder? Thornton for Sturm and Stuart? Boyle and Lukowich for Carle?… In your mind they could all look lopsided, but you gotta think, its not your call, its the GM's. You cant just say "keep dreaming the Bruins wont get rid of their 2nd line center cause hes young" blah blah blah, because your not the GM. The GM may be really really interested in a player like Svatos. Not saying he is, but you really just never know until the day comes. And how do we know that maybe Krejci might not want to re-sign with the Bruins? Maybe hes looking for a big contract since hes scoring left and right and its money the Bruins dont have… maybe they might get rid of him now for assets, players with playoff experience.
    You really just never know. In the meantime, everybody loves to say fantasy trades that they would like to see happen to their teams or whatever. Im sure you thought of some before. So just chill. Its a rumor site. Rumors are just rumors. They arent for sure deals. Just pure specualtion.

    I dont know what it is with people on this site, but everytime I read comments on trades rumors, people just explode. Everyone should just calm down and except that fact that they are just RUMORS.

  6. Bure96 says:

    That is a completely terrible trade for Boston. Krejci could legitimately get 90 points this year and is only like 22 years old, while everything going to Boston is old, or not valuable.

  7. Bure96 says:

    First of all Huet was traded for a 2nd rounder, good trade for both teams. It was Carle, a 1st, top end prospect (Wishart).

    Your right. Krejci might for whatever reason not want to play in Boston next year. That's fine. Then you can give the B's 1st rounder (knowing it could be a top 8 pick too), and TJ Hensick, not a bunch of garbage.

  8. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    ya I dont see the bruins trading kessel, Krejci or wheeler, would love to see the leafs land one of them though at the deadline, I think the one untouchable of the 3 is kessel, unless they are landing lecavailer or Pronger,  wheeler would look good in blue and white, burke type player

  9. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Considering how Kessel has been playing lately, he doesn't look untouchable himself. I honestly think that Krejci is one of the best players in the league at this point. I even think he's better than Savard. There is no way Bruins are going to trade for either Pronger or Lecavalier, I don't know where those trade rumors came from. But at this point, if there was one guy that shouldn't be touched on the Bruins, it should be Krejci.

  10. Tachmo says:

    I agree with Frank the Tank. Bringing in Salei or Leopold or Brett Clarke does nothing for them. As mentioned all it does is make Hunwick, or Stuart, or Hnidy a healthy scratch. They are all capable 5th ort 6th Dman.

    I would love if the Bruins got Chris Pronger. Whatever someone thinks of him, the bottom line is he is just nasty the Bruins could have either Chara or Pronger on the entire game almost. I don't think that will happen as Anaheim will make the playoffs. This would move them that much closer to the Stanley Cup.

    Boston could be in trouble next year for cap space. They are at 43 million and have to resign Kessel, Krejci and they have both goalies as UFA's. Axellson, Hnidy and Yelle are UFA's too. I'm just assuming but Krejci and Kessel are gonna warrant 5 million a piece. That is a raise of 7 million combined. That brings them right against the cap and they don't even have a goalie signed.  ummmmmm…….maybe this means they will be moving someone here before the deadline to make room.

  11. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    It definately won't be before the deadline. They are serious cup contenders and if they trade somebody that's such a huge key to this team before the playoffs even start, they can wave bye bye to that Stanley Cup. I'm sure the Bruins will figure something out, Chiarelli has been really good at manning the front office. Worst case scenario, Kevin Lowe will offer another ridiculous offer sheet to one of those players and the Bruins will get 3 First rounders and a couple other picks too. =P

  12. hockeyhead says:

    spare me.

    you dont think boston learned anything from the thornton trade?

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